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Dr. Drew's Alleged Stalker Charged

3/5/2010 5:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charles Pearson, the man accused of stalking Dr. Drew Pinsky, has been charged with one count of stalking and five counts of making criminal threats -- all felonies.

Pearson will be arraigned this afternoon and prosecutors will ask for bail to be set at $400,000.

Pearson was arrested on Wednesday after he allegedly sent Dr. Drew threatening messages over the Internet -- including one in which Pearson said he would kill Dr. Drew's children and make his wife eat them.

Pearson has been in custody since his arrest, held on $150,000 bail.


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Wow..."kill Dr. Drew's children and make his wife eat them"..what a sicko

1692 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Animals taste good.

1692 days ago

The Seer    

What's more sick than that is the fact that someone could post bail for this guy. He should be held without bail.

1692 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to Me!!!.. Me Me Me and who? .. ME!!!! I'm the greatist star.. I am by far .. but no one knows it.. ME!! ...

1692 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Do these blow up shoes make my butt look FAT? ..

1692 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to us! Were more important.

1692 days ago


He needs help..he's a sicko!! Maybe he was hoping Dr. Drew would help him.

1692 days ago


I saw Dr.Drew talking about this guy last night and took a very 'therapeutic' approach to it. I found it kind weird because sick or not if someone threaten to kill me kids and feed them to my spouse they would have to tear me off of them.

1692 days ago


He went to our middle school/high school and that is definitely his name!

1691 days ago



1669 days ago

ronald babuka    

everyone knows he was at the high school, behind the bush, stalking her, he said he wanted to put his finger in her ear.but the police got him, made him pull up his pants and go to another school

1654 days ago

Conan O'Brian    

Leave My brother alone, he just needs a celebrity hug!!

1654 days ago


I periodically read TMZ. They get a lot right and a lot wrong. They captitalize on our insatiable need to know and to know right now. I am among thousands of U.S. Citizens and Europeans who are being stalked in a way that most citizens can't even imagine. So, trust me I agree that there is no cir***stance where stalking is "justified". I'm still a little fuzzy on the cir***stances of this guy's stalking of Dr. Drew and the reported accusation of the accused that Dr. Drew implanted a chip in him. Well, I doubt that Dr. Drew did this.

Okay, I am completely sane and not a conspiracy theorist. But please don't make fun of this guy or discount what he may have said even though it may have been misdirected to Dr. Drew.

Many Americans, like myself, were going about our regular lifes, not drinking, drugging, stealing or the like. But, we have now become targets of physical and mental directed energy attacks from perpetrators unknown to us. You can't begin to imagine the number of people that are experiencing this. Some unfortunately really have become unbalanced. Many are experiencing attacks that include suggestions to do some crazy, crazy things. The perpetrators of these devilish acts get away with it because national, regional and local law enforcement pretend not to know that these crimes are being carried out.

Many theorize that the government (CIA and the like) have targeted random individuals in all walks of life and ethnicities for experimentation. Others believe that this is the work of ex contract workers like Blackwater who are working as mercenaries for extremist hate groups or the government. All of this could be true, cause some of these folks are very creepy.

In any case, human experimentation without the knowledge of U.S. citizens is very real. I didn't realize all of this until after I started experiencing all of these attacks of directed energy on my person. So, I didn't read this stuff first and then incorporate it into my scenario. Project such as MKULTRA, Project Monarch. President Clinton convened a committee to investigate human experimentation in 1995 That was not that long ago. All the do***ents were destroyed at the direction of Richard Helms the CIA director who is now deceased.

Not saying that the CIA is involved. But, I am saying that I am certain of what is happening to me and I'm not on any medication, except vitamins. But, I have a suspicion that many more people are being targted remotely and have no idea, especially celebrities. Check out the website of Freedom from Covert Harassment and Su;rveillance. Even if you don't really believe it don't discount it. We'll keep reaching out to President Obama and any legislator who will listen. We need the same type of investigation that uncovered MKULTRA, Project Monarch and other government led human experimentation abuse projects.

1644 days ago

Keasha Diann    

Wow.....I'm speechless

1642 days ago

Someone who knows    

Last week, Mr. Pearson was psychologically deemed incompetent due to some sort of brain injury, and will remain in a State Facility until proven otherwise. Everything he said was un-true about Dr. Drew, and he was clearly a threat to society and unaware of his wrong doing. He will not be using the internet for any further threats against the Pinsky family.

1640 days ago
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