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'Bachelor' Winner Vienna -- Beaver Shots Emerge

3/6/2010 3:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It was only a matter of time before beaver shots of "Bachelor" winner Vienna Girardi came out ... we just weren't expecting them to be like this.

TMZ has obtained behind-the-scenes pics from Vienna's bikini-clad calendar photo shoot from '09.

We're told the calendar was made for clients of a Florida tree selling company ... hence the stuffed beaver that's featured in most of the photos.


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"Florida tree selling company"

ummm "Nursery" is the word you were looking for.

1629 days ago


Sorry. She is not pretty. Does any thin,young girl willing to get into a bikini to sell trees (????) get to call herself a model?

1629 days ago


She has a horse face and that tattoo looks so stupid!

1629 days ago


And the beavers? What's the catch with the beavers?
Mark @school grants

1629 days ago


Oh for pete's sake, Vienna has a pretty face and the assets to boot. She's young and should enjoy her time while it's here. Some of these nasty comments just aren't necessary. Vienna and Jake, enjoy yourselves and each stage of your lives...only pass this way once. Ignore the naysayers and vitriol some are flinging your way. Some just don't have a life or enough to do. Live it up in a responsible, sensible, and safe way and you'll look back some day rocking in your rocking chair with some sweet memories.

1629 days ago

Jamaican Sam    

Lady, that ain't no way to hold your beaver.

1629 days ago

happy day    

Wilber can I have some more HAY. what di the bartender say to the horse when it walked into the bar? Hey whats with the long face, hahahahahaha BUTTERFACE, get that nose and chin out of the way.

1629 days ago


She is not pretty, she is bizarre looking. Horse face is pretty accurate. As I understand it, Jake is not tall and dashing either. He's a very short man and looks quite odd in person. The coupling makes sense now.

1629 days ago

happy day    

I would have to turn out the lights with Her for sue, wheres her water trow

1629 days ago



1629 days ago


I don’t know if anyone every told you this but …
Your Beaver Stinks!

1629 days ago


Why all the negative, mean posts about her? Have you all honestly gotten to know the real her from watching this tv show? Wow, what suckers you guys are! Regardless if you like her or not, why are you all so mean when you express your opinion? Even if you don't like her or don't think she is pretty why do you get so nasty and call her names? Seems there must be some issues of your own that make you this pissed off over someone you don't know - that is pretty pathetic and immature!! It's so easy to sit behind a computer and spew nasty names at someone that you don't even know or really feel that way about!! And what's funny is these people will argue back and forth and lose themselves in an online battle with strangers over a celeb who is out enjoying real life, not even knowing what you think of them - and there you sit in front of your monitor defending yourself, writing insulting, hurtful, cruel comments about someone you don't know and who doesn't know you or care about you! That is so hilarious yet sad.....but it obviously makes many people out there feel like they are important, that they have real lives when in fact they are letting life fly by! Good times! Keep up that hate and ignorance!

1629 days ago


I agree with the comment that trashing Vienna's looks is cruel. People that make such remarks should post their own pics so that we can comment on their looks too. As for me, I think that Vienna is very sexy with great hips and legs. That is likely why Jake chose her. BTW, I don't think the guy has a lot of depth.

1629 days ago


I always find it amusing people get all up-in-arms about people trashing reality TV participants. It's been going on for ages. If you're gonna be on a reality show, you are putting yourself out there to be noticed, examined and picked apart. These people choose to be in the public eye. It happens to everyone in the public eye. So, try not to feel too sorry for them.

1629 days ago


When TMZ asked Vienna about the party pics..She said "I was having fun on spring break." She made it seem like it was years ago. She never mentioned it was last year! These pics are also from last year. But she's ready to "settle down and have a family." Jake picked the wrong girl. He went with "heat" as he calls it over classy.

1629 days ago
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