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Armed Cops

at Jackson Estate

for Burglary Call

3/6/2010 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Armed LAPD officers swarmed around the Jackson Estate tonight on foot and in the air, but it turned out to be much ado about nothing -- the perfect ending to a crazy week at the Encino home.

Around 9:00 PM PT, at least five officers entered through the front gate of the compound with shotguns drawn -- while an LAPD chopper circled overhead. Cops tell us they were responding to a burglary in progress call. 

But everything was fine once they got on the grounds. We're told the emergency call -- which came from outside the house -- was a false alarm.

No word on exactly which Jacksons were home during the raid.

L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services investigators have been at the Jackson home all week over that whole stun gun thing with Jermaine's son Jaafar.


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For people who wants the children with Debbie, just remember that SHE SOLD HER CHILDREN TO MJ!!!!

She is not a good person!
She has no moral to keep this children in a good way!!!

Give the children to Janet, she is the most normal of all of them.

1661 days ago

danger baby    

nice memory, msmojo. thank you for sharing.

the below poster lives nearby, so we have it on good word that things have changed at hayvenhurst since Michael's passing. why all the bodyguards now? is this connected to la toya's fear that harm may come to other members of the family? how does one make a 'mistake' about a 'burglary in progress' call?

the more i hear about Jermaine, the unhappier he makes me. he abandoned his children? no wonder they are acting up.

i finally got around to watching an episode of the jackson family dynasty, or whatever it was called, and of all of them, jackie did seem the most grounded. good for him that he visits with his mother every week.

mj was so different from them all -- his mannerisms, and well, class. he could be, and often was, an understated and classy guy. in one of the reality show clips, i enjoyed tito, who made an hilarious comment about jermaine ("he'd sing all the songs and backup and everything else if we'd let him"...or words to that effecct). it was just funny. i do think jermaine is talented. loved his singing voice when he was younger, and he was cute then too. i have no explanation for his hair these days. no one else on the PLANET has hair that looks like that.


11. I didnt see or hear anything and I'm 1/4 block away. Not on the 10 pm news at all. Maybe it happened when I took my shower, but doubt it.
Yea, lot of activity over there all this past week. I tell you true, Mrs. Jackson is a lovely woman, she loves to drink this mint/cranberry tea, but do not know what happened to her except she is more angry than greiving about her son, unless some of those body guards are controlling things-She used to have only 2 guards, real nice gentlemen, now there's about 8 to 10. Mr. Joe is a sweet man, full of the devil may care attitude-They used to throw small impromptu bar b ques twice a month-very humble family years ago. Since Mr. Michael is gone, things have changed for the worst over there. Pray for Katherine and Mr. Michael's children. the other children were in fact abandoned by Mr. Jermaine, he hardly comes around anymore, Randy shows up about once every 2 weeks. Mr. Jackie seems to be the one who visits every week on Sundays without fail.

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1661 days ago

Alice(from Romania)    

Spike Lee On Michael Jackson

L.O.V.E to MJ and MJ3

1661 days ago


I hope the police will be able to trace the call back to whomever placed it. They should be able to find out who placed the call unless it was made from a pay phone.

1661 days ago

danger baby    

yes, it is just you.


10. Is it just me or maybe a poor quality pic but the roof and surroundings of that house look run down?

Posted at 2:00AM on Mar 6th 2010 by just sayin

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1661 days ago

mmmmmm hmmmmm    

A BIT OFF TOPIC, BUT this photo struck a big memory. I remember sitting outside that house, during the Thriller days, before the gate was blocked and you could see into the yard. We used to leave gifts for him at with the gate guard; teddy bears, flowers, poems home baked sweets... One day the guard called me over and gave me a personally autographed pic from Michael thanking me for my devotion. It was the Human Nature pic, you know where he is wearing the yellow sweater and white button-down I will never forget the time I saw Michael and Janet playing on a penny-farthing bicycle. One trying to hold the bike so the other could climb on it, laughing, giggling, falling over onto the Benz and the Rolls. Such a contrast, the antique bike and the luxury cars, the King of Pop playing like a child. It was such a candid, special moment between a brother and sister who carried the weight of the world on their shoulders he always loved to do. Regardless of what goes on there today, whenever I go by or see the Encino home now, I remember those warm summer nights just watching him live his life and I still leave something special for him every time... always the same thing. Always a tear :(


1661 days ago


Metatron Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MRNJ) today announced that it will release the appMovie “Michael Jackson HIStory World Tour Live” concert on iTunes, Android and Blackberry under license from Soul Legends Ltd and Darryl Payne Productions Inc.

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Joe Riehl, CEO of Metatron said, “Michael Jackson is the most successful entertainer of all time and his music and videos continue to be top sales performers in all formats. This concert video is exclusive to our subsidiary i-Mobilize and has not been released in any format in the United States until now. We are proud to be the first to release this incredible video from one of the world’s truly great all-time performers.”

SET LIST: Intro Scream They Don’t Care About Us In The Closet Wanna Be Startin’ Something Stranger In Moscow Smooth Criminal You Are Not Alone I Want You Back The Love You Save I’ll Be There Billie Jean Thriller Beat It Blood On The Dancing Floor Dangerous Black Or White Earth Song We Are The World Heal The World History

No word on pricing or availability.

1661 days ago


Michael Jackson was an entertainer and he did so for four decades and he features in the Guinness World Records as the “Most Successful Entertainer of All Time”.

He boasts with 13 Grammy Awards, 17 number one singles and sold around 750 million records world-wide.

Also as an artist the King of Pop contributed directly and indirectly to the creation of numerous jobs in the US, UK and other countries in the world through concerts, records and memorabilia sales but also through his accomplishments.

Michael Jackson also gave back to the needy and during his life he raised millions of dollars for the Heal the World Foundation as well as countless other charities.

A couple of months ago while on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Brad Pitt was asked by a viewer what he would do if for one day no one would recognise him.

His reply was that he would break down the walls around his house and watch his children play in the street.

The downside of stardom is far greater than any normal human being could ever successfully grasp.

When has it become vital for people to see how a celebrity looks without make-up?

Or what personal troubles a celebrity has?

Why do we have an infected hunger to know a stranger’s insides?

It doesn’t matter if you still think of Michael Jackson as “Wacko Jacko”, the name the tabloids gave him, nor does it matter if he is and always will be the King of Pop to you.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and after seeing photographs and reading the articles published about him in the later years, one can not help but wonder if some of the things written about him could be true or not.

The reality is that Michael Jackson, the person, has died and this truth will leave those who justly loved him with an inconsolable void for years to come.

But his music, the only aspect of him that we do have a right to judge, will live forever.

1661 days ago



1661 days ago


Sorry for the long posts ,but i think it must be posted.
Smokey Robinson said, “Michael had the talent of someone years his age.” Which Michael at the realm, the Jackson 5 attracted television and record deals. Like many child stars, however, Michael was forced into world that God never meant for children. Michael never experienced a childhood. He was busy making money for his family and for the record labels. He was a moneymaker. Despite the claims from those who say they loved him and showed genuine concern, he was a music moneymaking machine. The self-worth was solely based on that. If he stopped producing, they stopped caring.

In 1979, the record ‘Off the Wall’ was a solo act without Michael’s tyrant father or his brothers. Quincy Jones was the man behind the project. Together, Jones and the 20 year old Jackson produced the first ever album to generate US top 10 hits including blockbuster songs like “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” and “Rock with You”.

The man was only 20!

At 20 years old most people are in college, partying, studying for college exams, or thinking of their careers. Michael remained what he was since he was 10, a money making machine. Not a man with feelings, not a man with a spirit, and a human being. He was money making machine, the darling of the media, a man with billions of dollars, yet no life.

At 24, Thriller was released. It’s the greatest album I have ever purchased. For Michael, the arrow had reached its peak and is now failing.

Energy Released – His deal with Children
It’s little wonder why Michael had that special relationship with children. He wanted to be around them, especially young male boys. Why? Because he was never allowed to experience having a ‘best friend’, or play outside with friends after school, like normal kids do.

It’s just human nature to make up for lost experience. It not unusual for teenage moms, as soon as their children are grown, to dress up in sexy garbs, hang out at bars, and date younger men.

Michael’s inner demons were not demons. They were yearnings. Yearnings to have the God given right to a normal childhood.

Did he molest young boys? I’m not sure, but then I wonder why an innocent man would pay the family of one of his so-called victims $20 million to keep their mouth shut. I don’t know the details, nor will I speculate.

His Career Revived in Death
In years to come there will be speculations if Michael did actually die? The same theories floated around about Elvis and Jim Morrison. Elvis and Jim Morrison made more money in death then they did alive.

Will that happen to Michael? Most likely yes.

The greatest gifts Michael left us his music. He is the ‘King of Pop’ and the greatest entertainer since Elvis and the Beatles. More important, for those who wish to live their successful through their children, look at Michael’s life and where it went.

He became a lost soul with billions of dollars. As it was mentioned in the Bible,

What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul? – Matthew 16:26

Rest in Peace Michael and thanks for the music and the lessons learned

1661 days ago



Michael is gone so now they have to find another Jackson to mess with?! GTF outta here. LEAVE THEM ALONE.

1661 days ago


Michael Jackson’s death has left a huge dent in Bollywood. The legendary king of Pop and a performer par excellence inspired numerous actors and musicians the world over, including Bollywood. Be it his trademark fashion sense, his groovy dance steps and his attitude-all of them caught the frenzy of Bollywood.

* People like Mithun Chakraborty and Govinda were the ‘desi Michael Jacksons’ in the early part of their careers thanks to their dance themed films which had moves that were lifted from MJ’s videos. Michael Jackson in a way, had contributed to the career graphs of many Bollywood actors who emulated his style and moves.

* Michael Jackson’s visit to Mumbai,in the year 1996 was met with a super reception. None of the international performer in India have been able to replicate and whip up the frenzy which Michael Jackson had created.

* Michael Jackson inspired Bollywood comedian Johnny Lever to create numerous parodies on the musical genius. In fact, Johnny Lever’s best act is a take off on ‘they don’t really care about us’ from MJ’s album-History

* The video ‘Thriller’ which has won numerous awards and is easily the best music video ever(without special effects, mind you) inspired quite a few horror scenes and horror sequences in films, both Bollywood and Hollywood. Thriller went on to become the biggest ever music album with records that cannot be surpassed.

* The song ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us” with its thumping beats and procession based video inspired numerous songs and videos in Indian films. For example, A.R.Rahman’s music and the video of ‘Maro Maro’ from the movie Boys (Telegu film) is a tribute to ‘They Don’t Really Care About Us”

* The song ‘In the Closet’ which is easily the sexiest song of Michael Jackson featuring Naomi Campbell was copied in the form of ‘Ding Dong Bole’ for a Tushar movie ‘kuch toh Hai’

* The song ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ was an absolute ‘tapori’ song that has been replicated in numerous Bollywood and South Indians songs with the same moves.

* Hrithik Roshan was the last big Bollywood star who had last met Michael Jackson. He had met him in the US while shooting for Kites. However Hrithik though mesmerized by MJ’s aura, could make out that the man was frail by ill-health

1661 days ago


12. Either this family is being harassed or someone on the property is looking to garner attention for this family. I wish the Jacksons well.
Posted at 2:25AM on Mar 6th 2010 by Ana

I totally agree with the harassment assessment. I'm sure this harassment has to do with the Murder trial coming up. Either to draw attention away from Murray, or to discredit the entire family, and thereby discredit any family testimony - Prince in particular.
After all, the police were called by someone OUTSIDE of the compound!!! Someone or some people are trying to discredit the family.

1661 days ago



1661 days ago


What life do those children have in that household??Something must have triggered the alarm, one of the 20 people who live there must have done something to start it. Things can't continue like this. MJs kids will end up with behavioral problems very soon.You can imagine the stress they go through on a daily basis by living with some many people, in a chaotic household.
Debbie shouldn't spend any more money starting new dialogs with Katherine who has proved to be of bad faith towards her, she should put all the money to good use and get the custody. This way this whole circus will end for ever. She spent over 100K in legal fees last August for something that turned out to be a big hoax from katherine

1661 days ago
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