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Kelly Clarkson

Takes Pee Break

During Concert

3/7/2010 2:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Some people can hold it. Kelly Clarkson is not one of those people.

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly was performing in Germany on Friday night when she mysteriously disappeared from the stage during a song. The band covered for her for a bit before she finally returned. She finished the song and then admitted, "I'm really sorry, I had to pee."

Such a lady.


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At least she didn't do it in her pants, as some performers have been known to do, number 1 and 2.
It would be hard to try and stay hydrated and to judge when one will have to go.

1693 days ago


Pretty sure the stern-faced humorless Germans just stared down their noses at her like a piece of vermin. She might have thought it was cutesy, but they didn't.

1693 days ago


No class from start to finish. Hard to believe people still pay money to go see her.

1693 days ago


Hey, ya got to pee when ya got to pee, nothing wrong with that!!

1693 days ago


What do you mean "no class"? She LEFT the stage and used the bathroom! FERGIE didn't! When you gotta go...

1693 days ago


Either she does that or she pulls a Fergie. I think she made the right choice!

1693 days ago

WhataFat Cow    

What is she, five? My god, what a train wreck like all the other no talent American Idol losers. Couldn't figure out when to go tinkle huh? Why anyone wants to buy a recording of anything this classless cow has to moo is incredibly asinine!

1693 days ago


Totally unprofessional. Which I guess is why she "won" her fame and didn't earn it.

1693 days ago

Not a hater    

Kelly Clarkson is probably one of the best singers of this generation...I dont care how you feel about her being "classes" or what not, she's an brilliant singer and you cant deny that.

1693 days ago


Shut your pathetic mouths. She was hardly racist, abusive or rude. She had to go to the toilet. Get off your high horses and take a look at what you're saying. It looks absolutely ridiculous. Get over yourselveds. Thanks.

1693 days ago


Kelly Clarkson is the meaning of 'class', she's down to earth, true to herself and true to her music.
She's not false or pretentious, she doesn't claim to be anything she's not and she doesn't sell out anything for anyone.

So she had to pee, she had the pee, get over it. If that's not having class then you clearly don't know what class is, or indeed, isn't. As many people said, she has two choices, that or pull a Fergie. These things happen when you're on stage - okay, there's probably better ways of getting around it but Kelly doesn't hide behind smoke and mirrors and props unlike alot of what you may consider 'classy' singers, because she doesn't need to... so there's not much chance of hiding her disappearance either.

Don't take it too seriously, that's the fun of it all. It's live.

1693 days ago

Politico Pablo    

She must be on the water mellon diet.

1693 days ago


hahaha that was funny!

1693 days ago


"Such a lady"? Hey, I'd rather see her run off the stage and go, then to piss in her pants like the lady like Fergie did. Give me a break, this is news?

1693 days ago


It's hard to hear her singing with the sound of her flabby arms flapping around.

1693 days ago
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