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Bush & The Tush Shape Up

3/8/2010 4:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian soaked their ridiculously hot bodies in the Costa Rican sun this weekend.

Life's just like a walk on the beach for these two.


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opefully some militia group down there will kidnap them and we wont have to hear about non humans anymore!

1661 days ago


Oh boy nothing like seeing another talentless Kardashion. When are they going to just go away. Run Regie run.

1661 days ago


Are you nuts? Ridiculously hot bodies you say? Where? I think they're both gross. He's so gross and overly muscular looking it's nasty, and she's never been anything to look at, unless you like huge cellulite lower body fat. Nasty, both of them. He looks just like something, I won't say it, but he does.

1661 days ago


comment #1 just to let you know Costa Rica is not known for kidnaping! We dont have militia groups, we dont even have an army. Just so you know.

1661 days ago


These 2 have amazing bodies. Reggie is jacked and not gross looking jacked but NFL running back jacked and shes got curves in all the right places.

As i was flipping through the channels last night i came across the Kardashian e! True Hollywood Story on them. I never knew she had a business of re-doing celebrity's closets. I thought she was just around celebs because of her dad & Paris Hilton but apparently she was friends with Hilton because she re-did her closet as well as many other. That surprised me because i always thought she never worked and lived off of other people's money until she could live off her sex tape money.

Either way, i'll admit it, i'm jealous of them. They are young, rich, famous, he just won a Super Bowl, they have great bodies, get to travel wherever they want, and can do things i'll never have the chance to. I wish i were him.

1661 days ago


Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck! Yuck!

1661 days ago


Racism and jealously at it's best. Monkey? For real? Is that the most clever racist slam you could think of? LMAO...LAME. I am so glad your kind (ignorant) is a soon to be extinct breed on this Earth

1661 days ago


It's sad how jealous some of you people are on this website. You struggle to pay your bills and have an obese life partner, so you sit on TmZ making nasty comments on almost every article you can find to make yourself feel better.. then a picture like this comes up and it just eats you up inside. You're very sad, lonely humans. If a simple picture of 2 happy people on a beach can bring up such hateful feelings from you then I really feel bad for you and anyone that even has to look at your throughout the day (probably not friends those are non-existant, but you know, people you work with and are forced to be around you). If TmZ cared about your life (they dont) we might see your suicide articles up here soon. Or you may be the person who will go on a shooting spree in their tiny office cubicle. TmZ comments = sad/lonely human gathering. Enjoy your chocolate cake fatties.

1661 days ago


Maybe they made a sex tape while they were there. Kim's 15 minutes are about up and she will need a encore otherwise she'll become another fat, disgusting reality star with no talent other than staring in sex tapes. Oops, too late.

1660 days ago


I think he looks good:)

1660 days ago


#12 - I totally agree with your statement!

1660 days ago


I think they look great... take it from someone who actually takes care of her body! I would imagine the people making mean remarks are in no physical shape to even judge, because there is nothing wrong with these 2 people. What would you say infront of a person who was a little over weight? Do you judge everyone so harshly and rudely or just the people who are successful and don't know you? Do you walk up to every person you see critisize their looks on the street? You people need to grow up asap. :), jess!

1660 days ago

Capo Flynn    

You gotta love the haters!! All these white trash people on here with their loser lives talkin bad about these 2 and don't even know them! Hate all you want, doesn't stop either one of them from getting their $$!!

1660 days ago


Anita you are just as dumb & ignorant as the first poster. Race always seems to find a way into most of the stories on this site.

1660 days ago


simple description is accurate and appropriate. if this "thing" looks like a munkey with disproportionally long arms so as to invite comparison to zoo animals swinging from trees, what are we supposed to say? he is apeishly disabled? differently advantaged? or can i just say he looks like a munkey?

1660 days ago
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