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Cops Request DNA from Ben Roethlisberger

3/9/2010 3:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Roethlisberger has been asked to fork over a DNA sample to cops as part of the investigation into accusations that the NFL star sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman.

The Milledgeville Police Department claim they made the request to Ben's legal team and believe Roethlisberger will comply.

Ben's lawyer has already stated that his client is "innocent of any crime."

The Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback has already spoken to police about the alleged incident at the Capital City nightclub in Georgia -- but cops say they want to speak with him again sometime this week.

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capt andy    

I am a freind of hers and here is the real scoop....they went to the vip bathroom to snort some blow and he grabbed her and put his hand in a very bad place and then put it into his mouth and repeated this a few times,,hence the dna sample,,he didnt rape her with his tool..it was not consenual and it was with his finger,,she feels used buy him and now he is in trouble,ben has tried to call her a few times because earlier he had been given her phone number and now she is afraid because he is mad.his lawyer has already offered 500,000 to make her go away..remember u heard it here first

1691 days ago


Why are twenty year olds in clubs? Are they allowed to drink? Kids in VIP sections of bars...nice. Wish I went to college in Georgia.

1691 days ago


Am an avid Steeler fan, but it appears this guy is a real jerk, another athelete without a brain

1691 days ago

capt andy    

kids in vip section hmmmm since when is a 20 year old a kid,I dont see you questioning 20 year old kids fighting and dieing in iraq or afghanistann.

1691 days ago


to 15...that actually seems like quite a plausible explanation of what happened and why he is saying nothing illegal happened. If he did contact her and she can prove it, it can also be evidence of witness intimidation. Good for her for not taking the money. Stick to her guns and then go for it in court. If he sexually violated her against her will, he deserves to go to jail. I don't care what he used.

1691 days ago


By the way...what a pig...too stupid to realize that what he did would leave dna. Uhhhh....you went to college Ben...did you not learn that saliva contains dna too? Idiot. Tell your friend I feel really badly for her. I can empathise with her, unfortunately.

1691 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised either way, But my guess is she got drunk, threw herself at him, they had sex and now she's trying to get money from it.

1691 days ago


I love Big Ben, really I do.. but I'm not going to be one of those people who blindly believes he isn't a dog. Hope this can be proven to be wrong, but I guess you never know. Really unfortunate - someone needs to tell him to NEVER BE WITH A WOMAN ALONE EVER AGAIN.

1691 days ago


Whole lotta charges can/should be filed against everyone, 18.

1691 days ago


#20. If as you say is true,....she should take the money and call it the best night of her life!

1691 days ago


My son met this guy and he is such an a**hole! Thinks his sh** don't stick and is better than everyone else. Instead of being grateful for his success he snubs people. Hope you get what you deserved rapelinsburger!!

1691 days ago


Big Ben - you're doing a GREAT job of representing the Burgh, do you hang with Mayor Luke @ Seven Springs too? Honestly, GROW UP. You're 28 & suppose to be a Christian, yeah I remember your "prayer" session with the TEAM - before the game,when they panned to your MOM in the seats.. Do you remember who Bubbie WAS? Don't follow his foot steps. The WIND DOESN'T BLOW IN FROM THE LAKE.Anyone NOT from Pittsburgh probably won't understand half of this- but we aren't all supporting his "stupidity" up here.

1691 days ago


Well hes rich and plays football and cuz most women are money grubbin h0es he can have ne1 he wants right??? WRONG! Just cuz hes rich doesnt mean he did or didn't do it. You all act like you know him or her! I WOULDN'T F#@K HIM HES IS UGLY! So maybe he did do it maybe he didn't but what if he did? she'd be going through a tramatizing situation right now and u guys are calling her names. Imagine if it was your daughter! If he didn't do it then he didn't do it, but we need 2 stop rushing into judging people when we have no idea who they are.

1691 days ago


#31: Yeah. What she said.

1691 days ago


It does seem strange that this is the 2nd time he's been accused of a sexual assault. What are the chances of that happening ? Just because he's somewhat famous (never heard of him before this story) doesn't mean he isn't capable of doing this. But I have my doubts for one reason and one reason only. If someone is being assaulted in a bar bathroom wouldn't it be awkward for those who are standing outside a bathroom waiting to get in ? I mean how long did the assault take ? Because bar bathrooms are notorious for frequent usage during a heavy drinking evening. Makes me question if its true.

1691 days ago
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