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Hopper Divorce

Here Comes Peter Cottontail ...

3/9/2010 9:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dennis Hopper's divorce is epic nasty ... and now we've learned Dennis' lawyer has pulled out his most potent weapon -- a chocolate bunny rabbit.

We've learned Victoria Hopper's lawyer, Sorrell Trope, fired off a letter to Dennis' hired gun, Joe Mannis, demanding the return of various items, including a toothbrush, dog bowls and coffee mugs.

According to official documents obtained by TMZ, Mannis sent Trope a gift basket filled with sardonic goodies, including a chocolate bunny rabbit, dog bowls and a Spiderman toothbrush.

Lawyers bearing gifts are frowned upon, so today in court, Trope came to court -- gift basket in hand -- and said thanks but no thanks, and left it in the courtroom hallway on top of the trash can.

Take that, Spidey!


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Re: #15
Someones got a lot of anger!? Someone out there in LA-LA Land has an axe to grind with these folks .... this is personal for this poster. It is someone close to them? Perhaps one of them? When TMZ finds out it'll make add more drama to this story!

1696 days ago


The press has made it sound like his adult daughter has been behind the sudden divorce. Sounds to me like the wife and mother in law are gold diggers. What kind of people wake up a guy with cancer in the middle of the night to find out what she is going to get when he dies? And to tell him he should leave the property to the wife? He had his wealth long before she came along and he should be able to leave HIS money to whomever he wants. I guess when she woke him up he smelled the coffee. She's only in it for the money. No one should feel sorry for this woman she brought it on herself. What a bitch.

1695 days ago


#15 Wow, that's some strong feelings you have towards Hopper's gold digging ex wife to be lol!!
#17 She woke him up in the middle of the night to find out how much he was leaving her when he died?! Whatever she get's it's bound to be alot more than she ever had working as a waitress lol!! Sickening abuse of a cancer patient if true though! Is he sure the kid is his - did he have a DNA paternity test done?!

1695 days ago


Dennis Hopper is dying from terminal cancer, so why are some people bagging on him? As for the wife, she needs to be left NOTHING!!!!! To wake a dying man up and ask how much she is going to get when he is deceased is ruthless to say the least. I hope her kids hear that someday, to see what kind of human she truly is. His lawyers need to put a lien or whatever you call it on his assets, and leave it all to the kids to receive when they are 18, and she getNOTHING

1666 days ago


Somebody saidhe should "pee on her toothbrush"...NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! - How about using it to clean the toilet with? The cat-box?? The gutters out front in the street??? C-mon, people, there must be some other creative places we can think of that are chock-a-block full of bacteriia!!!

1475 days ago
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