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'Little People' Star -- Topless Beach Party

3/9/2010 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy and Matt Roloff -- stars of "Little People, Big World" -- hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday for a little fun in the sun.


FYI -- the weather in Maui yesterday was around 77 degrees and sunny ... which is way better than the weather around the Roloff's home in Oregon, which was 48 degrees and rainy.

Sometimes reality shows really pay off .


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17 jellyfish measured on the beach were taller..

1691 days ago


I must admit I watch their show and feel ashamed at times of how much marrow they suck out of life while I sit on my rear as a standard sized person. Their kids seem well adjusted and the couple really compliment each other. Such an interesting life lesson about taking what is handed to you and making the most of it.

1691 days ago

capt andy    

people like that should stay hidden behind closed doors..thats soo gross....their 10 min is almost up thank god

1691 days ago


Gross! They shouldnt be allowed in public! How could anyone love something like that?

1691 days ago


48 and rainy hahahahahaha i dont think so it was snowing lastnight in portland

1691 days ago


Can't blame them for enjoying themselves in public, but it does make for a visually odd photograph. [insert little people joke here]

1691 days ago


Mr. "Perfect" and Stacy, I'll bet my first born you're as ugly on the outside as you are on the inside, guaranteed! And I love my kid... That's how confident I a Facebook Page you want to share?

1691 days ago


Wonder if the Academy Awards would now like to rethink those nominations for songwriter/singer Randy Newman the other night---his rendition of Short People should rank right up there with Al Jolsons Black Face routine. "Short People, got no reason to live"---that sham of a man, now writing jingles for cartoons that now pass as bona fide movies.

Take a look at these "short people" Randy and tell us they have no reason to putz. Maybe you should write about your own Heritage.

1691 days ago


I despise all these midgits. TLC makes it's money of exploiting them on so many different shows. I don't understand the fascination as their just people who happen to be short, WHIPEEEEEE!

I suggest they just allow them to work at the circus, wrestling and fetish porn. I don't care about their lives, it's no more exciting then mine.

If I ever see one of them I'll kick them in the ass and it will hurt because it will be on the downswing of my leg since they are short. Midgits go home.

1691 days ago

Wanda W.    

To "Cranky "........... You obviously have not seen all of the shows . Their "twin " boys barely sweeked by high school , the daughter clearly has some kind of issues with the family as a whole,and the youngest boy Jacob is shaping up to be one hellva brat. They all seem self entitled,and don't fool yourself, their marriage is not what it seems to be. Matt is an alcoholic who has been in more than one alcohol related mess . Amy contiually bashes Matt to get more money, they are heavily in debt with that massive remodel to their home to pay for , and they are drifting apart emotionally .All are in denial about what's going on really. Open your eyes...... THAT FAMILY IS NOT AS THEY SEEM TO BE..........

1691 days ago


They are on the beach in Hawaii and you pathetic people calling them midgets and circus freaks are sitting in front of your computers spewing your hatred. Who is having the last laugh? Cranky is right. Even though they are dealing with physical obstacles most of us can't even imagine, they are enjoying life far more than most of us. Stop the hatred, it's ugly.

1691 days ago


How long did he stay this time, 24 hours?
He's something else this guy.............................

1691 days ago

Grow up Levi    

The TLC network has really gone down hill. They now have multiple shows about little people. Who cares, they are short, so what.
I do not watch these shows.
Now TLC has ripped off Hoarders and Intervention from the A&E network. Can't these networks come up with an original idea?

1691 days ago

capt andy    

another typical reality show,,the first year was okay but after that it went to everyones head and now it sucks,,they get sway from what made the show watchable and now they have a big house,big cars ,bratty kids,,the one midget son will be in prison eventually for sure he has little man syndrome ,,because really lets be honest..what normal girl would ever want to be with him..all he has to look forward to is another werido midget or a fat girl...the dad is an alcohalic and will eventually kill somebody driving drunk..the mom is always angging nagging nagging and you know the old man isnt getting they stay at home and not on a beach where only beautiful people should be ..err like me

1691 days ago


One bottle of suntan lotion lasts them for weeks!

1691 days ago
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