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'Little People' Star -- Topless Beach Party

3/9/2010 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Amy and Matt Roloff -- stars of "Little People, Big World" -- hit the beach in Hawaii yesterday for a little fun in the sun.


FYI -- the weather in Maui yesterday was around 77 degrees and sunny ... which is way better than the weather around the Roloff's home in Oregon, which was 48 degrees and rainy.

Sometimes reality shows really pay off .


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to al back stabers of the roloffs

you people need to stop taking bad about the roloffs they are a realy family. I have a dissibiliy to and seeing you people say bad thing like you do is not right. unless you know thw roloffs keep your bab coments to your self and let the once that love the roloffs enjoy in peice. i am rely tire of hearing bepole say bad thing about people with a dissibility. maby you sould seee what it is like for use to live a daily life with a dissibiluty. you people on the internet that put this stuff o n about the roloffs or any on that has medicale probloms are what ever alse need to keep your coments to your self and the roloffs show is reall just edited. there are two youtube videos of mat and amy talloing about the show and saying it is about there family and there daliy lifes. they would not be telling veiwers thast it is just there daily lifes if it was not. the editing make it like different. us as veiwer don't see the before and after just the inbtween. so you bashers need to get a life or get of the internet. Your Bad coments about people that you don't even know are rally getting old. maybe the police should get involved in the coments that you people make. the roloffs sould report you people that bash them becouse that is there lifes that you are talking about.

1652 days ago


I enjoyed the show for a while but after the 2nd season it just got boring so I no longer watch it. They seem like very decent people who are raising there kids very well but I am hoping they are not doing like Jon and Kate and flying threw all the money they make off there show, the fact is there reality show is going to come to an end eventually

1652 days ago

Wanda W.    

So what if I misspelled a word or two.......... big woop ! So what if I spelled s-w-e-e-k-e-d instead of s-q-u-e-a-k-e-d ! That family is F-A-K-E, F-A-K-E ,F-A-K-E ! Gee, DID I SPELL THAT CORRECTLY "Ironic " Look up F-A-K-E.......... or even phony, both apply .

1652 days ago

I Heart NKOTB!!!    

@ Wanda W If you're going to get huffy about people correcting your spelling and nonsensical verbiage, then maybe you shouldn't be leaving comments on a PUBLIC forum! You leave yourself open to being corrected and people pointing out how uneducated you are.
If you are so sensitive, maybe you should try Google Chrome. It has an automatic Spell-Check, therefore making it almost impossible for you to make embarrassing spelling mistakes.
Suck it up, Dummy!

1652 days ago


Where does Matt get all his money.

1652 days ago


matt gets money from the so and from selling safware why dont you wach the show and mabe you would find out. he has said it meny times on his web site

1652 days ago


and as for i heart you need to apoligize to wanda for saying that stuff about her miss spelling I do it often every one makes the broly even you so apoligise to her

1652 days ago


hay I heart I miss spelled some words are you going to critesize me to bring it no man you think you are so tough

1652 days ago


The cruelty on this board is unbelievable. It is also hilarious that the haters are watching the show and hanging on to every detail. The Roloffs are not perfect. They are a Christian family though, so when they are in Heaven they will have brand new perfect bodies. I can not imagine what it must be like to have so much hate for people that you do not even know. Very Sad!!

As for the one screaming about spelling mistake----YOU DO NOT GET IT!!! YOU WERE CRITICAL OF THE KIDS CALLING THEM DUMB. YOU CAN NOT SPELL, HAVE HORRIBLE GRAMMAR, AND HAVE TROUBLE MAKING COHESIVE SENTENCES. I am betting no one would have said a word about your crazy vocabulary/spelling if you had not been calling out kids for their schoolwork. You probably still don't get it. Oh well.

1651 days ago


OMG people...I am ashamed at some of the comments about the Roloffs. They are human beings..I guess they should just stay in their house and not be seen publicly. What a shame. They didn't ask to be born as little people..they have a right to live a normal life just like everyone else. God does not look down upon them in disgrace so neither should other people.

1651 days ago


For those who are so critical of the Roloffs, shame on you. You should do half the stuff that they do and with a disability. God bless the Roloffs for being an inspiration.

1651 days ago


Wait, are they saying that the midgets are "topless" because they aren't big enough to have a top half? Or is it just a shamelessly misleading headline?

1651 days ago


hay Jill who are you talking about on the miss spelling me or who? I was just the protector of the one that "I heart" was bashing about the spelling. So I hope it is not me you are talking about

1651 days ago


I find all your nasty comments horrid. These people have done very well for themselves and most of you are jellous. They have a show, money, take vacations etc. Your reaction to them is disgusting. I hope you never have any disabilities, hard times, and find yourselves on the down tract. It would serve you right though. Always remember "that what goes around, comes around" and you could be sucked into a bad situation because of you attitudes, voices, and life. You should be so lucky as to have the brains, family, money, and life that they have now.

1650 days ago


hay fran

can you be more specific on who you are saying your post to. I am protecting the roloffs. It is the some of the other poster's that are being nasty not me.

1650 days ago
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