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Corey Haim's Last Movie

3/10/2010 5:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a clip from Corey Haim's last movie -- that has yet to be released.

Corey Haim's last movie

Haim shot the scene -- from the movie "Decisions" -- last November.

In the movie, Haim plays a corrupt cop who gets involved in the lives of 6 troubled kids.

We spoke with Executive Producer Zenon Kesik, who said, "Corey was a professional and had no sign of any drug abuse at all."

Kesik says he did not require that Corey submit to a drug test, because, "He was straight. He didn't appear to be on any substance whatsoever."

Kesik says the movie is due to be released mid-April.


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Jama K Shabazz Martin    

He died yeeeeeears ago

1689 days ago


Wow....poor kid...I feel so bad....
This is not even a "movie"...its like ...idk.. home made...
I wish things could have been different for both the Corey's...
I hope Corey Fieldman gets his act together and I hope he lives a long happy life. I think he could do so much more!

RIP Corey....:(

1689 days ago


His acting is dreadful- and so is the films quality. I hope it's not released, I somehow doubt it will be the tribute that many of his fans are longing for.

1689 days ago


So sad...It was like his body was there but there was no one inside. No sparkle left. He looked like he was under the influence of something then with the slurred speech. Either way very sad to watch.

1689 days ago


That is so sad about Corey. Sounds like another sad story...River Phoenix. Very, very sad. RIP Corey...

1689 days ago


That was brutal to watch. It's obvious Corey's past drug-induced stroke still showed signs when it came to his annunciation of words. He only appeared drunk, because his face had become "heavy". He labored just speaking. Strokes deteriorate muscles in the face. He couldn't compensate for that even if his acting was even kinda sharp at that point. Awful.

1689 days ago


Always sad when someone who should have many years left dies.

1689 days ago


Wow,love him but that was really hard to watch. Horrible acting. I also hope they don't release it. Lets all remember him for his acting in Lost Boys and Lucas. Eden it's totally like River Phoenix. The only difference is River was 23. I really would have loved to see what he would have done. He was truly a gifted actor.

1689 days ago


oh that was awful! i'll just watch lost boys again so i can replace this with a better memory of the cute Corey....

1689 days ago

London not England    

in 1989 I GAVE Corey Feldman's Slick, Greasy, Sheister father $100.00 for his "LET'S MAKE YOU A STAR"..program (remember that folks) when his dad was desperately trying to make $$$ off his son's fame from "Goonies" and his daughter's fame from the Mickey Mouse club.....
I realized that it was a typical scam..and I was much much younger I gave him only half of the $200 he asked for to "introduce" me to Talent Agents and such...
As for DEAD Corey...ya know what...I'm working a low wage job AFTER owning an International television Broadcast station in the Netherlands Antilles....F-UCK HIM....
He took his opportunities and decided to put it up his nose and in his veins.....I HAVE NO SORROW for someone who squanders their good fortune, while the rest of us wonder if we'll have a roof over our heads tomorrow....and have NOT CHICK NOR CHILD to support....

1689 days ago

capt andy    

hey you dummies miss the whole idea..he was playing a burned out det that acted like this was just great acting...the slurred speech,,the dead look in the eye..its just great acting you morons...ehhh yeah

1689 days ago


Sad to watch. The writing is dreadful as well.

1689 days ago


not sure what previous posters are talking about when they say he has slurred speech etc. not saying this movie will win any academy awards or anything, but he seemed coherent to me. I dont understand why everyone always has to pick apart every little thing someone who recently passes away from a speculated OD. He obviously had demons and issues that were probably never properly dealt with, at least now he can rest in peace.

1689 days ago


Yeah keep telling yourself that- along with 'it was the flu' that killed Cory.

1689 days ago


very sad, I had a huge crush on Corey back in the 80's, he was so good looking back then, its been known for years that he had a huge drug problem, I saw an E True Hollywood Story about him not too long ago, its so sad that its now a common thing when a celebrity dies from a drug overdose, something needs to be done about this prescription drug abuse with these doctors handing these addictive medications out like they are candy or else the list of celebrities that died from drugs is going to be so long that it will cover the whole state of CA, RIP Corey.

1689 days ago
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