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Corey Haim's Last Movie

3/10/2010 5:36 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a clip from Corey Haim's last movie -- that has yet to be released.

Corey Haim's last movie

Haim shot the scene -- from the movie "Decisions" -- last November.

In the movie, Haim plays a corrupt cop who gets involved in the lives of 6 troubled kids.

We spoke with Executive Producer Zenon Kesik, who said, "Corey was a professional and had no sign of any drug abuse at all."

Kesik says he did not require that Corey submit to a drug test, because, "He was straight. He didn't appear to be on any substance whatsoever."

Kesik says the movie is due to be released mid-April.


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Dirt Burger    

Just last week I mentioned on several boards here the 2 Corey's are ready for a comeback, they just needed the right roles. Well now that will never happen. I even mentioned License to Drive 2, where they would have teenage kids who are getting their driver's license. The 2 Corey's go away for business and when they come home the kids have a huge house party, and the next door neighbor would be Leif Garrett, I'm telling you this would have been gold!

1627 days ago


"Eden it's totally like River Phoenix. The only difference is River was 23"

I am all for speaking well of the dead but the difference here is River could act!!

*no confirmation of what this man died of yet

1627 days ago


Jesus, did anyone ask the producer if he himself was on drugs? Awful..

1627 days ago


Thankyou comment no.29. This is a clip from an unedited film, therefore it has not been edited, music and sound effects added etc. I'm not saying Coreys acting was great here, but most academy award winning scenes would have a similar feel to them if you take away the sound etc and just leave the bare film.

1627 days ago


i love bad acting, bad directing and terrible films.
I can't wait for this one.

that's a real art. it's not that easy to be this bad.

1627 days ago


Wow.... listen to all of you. The Toxicology report isn't even in and you are all saying that he overdosed. It is quite possible that he had a heart attack, or another stroke. The dizziness before he collapsed is a possible indication of that.
Also, why are you all sitting in bad judgement of a 2 minute clip from this movie? It's possibly in its unedited state.
I love how most of you commentors totally talk crap about someone when they die. You don't even wait for their bodies to get cold. Judge not less ye be judged. You are very pathetic people.

1627 days ago

Dan da man    

He blew it..Corey should have died young and leave a good looking corpse!

1627 days ago


I popped pills in my early mid teens and had that "top of the world" euphoric feeling that you see foolishly ozzing out of Corey during the humorous but creepy "Me Myself and I. It all finally came crashing down on me in mid 20's (OD) and it took another decade to figure it all out and how I was aloud to become so arrogant, reckless and disrespectful.

If that had been my son in that video, I would have snagged him cash cow and all out of Hollywood and took him back to reality. Were were they during this most critical developmental years? You can't let a drug addict 14 run wild at this age or it takes decades to recover from.

I blame his parents the most of all.

I don't blame Corey. I can relate to him, and God bless his sole.

Sometimes you die shortly after detox because the shock to your system

1627 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

I dont really think of this case being anything like that of River Phoenix -

River Phoenix died REAL young, and had the potential for a spectacular career AHEAD of him in his adult life that never was

Corey Haim was a child/teen actor, and lived in depression for most of his adult life without many career prospects in the future

two VERY different stories...
also, I doubt he had anything in his system that would cause this tragedy, its a sad story

1627 days ago

Jeff Ewing    

Corey Haim too young to die...

1627 days ago


We didn't need no stinking drug tests, we looked at him and he didn't look high. Duh. There are functioning addicts, hell with prescriptions it's when you don't take them that you can't function. What a stupid statement.

1627 days ago


WOW, I hate to say this cause he died but thats the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen. I am a indie filmmaker and if I had shot anything like that I would never let anyone see it. Who did he con the put up the cash for that? but R.I.P anyway

1627 days ago


If the drugs didn't kill him the reviews of this movie would have....just saying...

1627 days ago


Dude can't act his way out of a paperbag! He got lucky with Lost Boys and Lucas, but the rest of his career sucked a**! I think his drug problems helped him forget what a lousy actor he really was!

1626 days ago


The trailer for his last film. Let's not be too harsh on Corey folks. You're making judgements on a few seconds of raw un corrected film footage. The trailer is linked below!/video/video.php?v=100532706652364

1625 days ago
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