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'Jersey Shore' Cast -- Miami Bound?

3/10/2010 4:08 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Pack up the sun screen! The cast of "Jersey Shore" is headed to Miami.

Jersey Shore

Season two of the popular MTV reality will film in Florida, according to the Miami Herald. The production company behind the show has been scouting locations in Miami since last month, as TMZ first reported.

A source close to the show tells TMZ they will begin filming before the month is out.


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tired of crap    

Good riddens to bad rubbish and the state of NJ can breathe now. They are not even from NJ and half of them are not even Italian, they are Latino, including Snooki the Slut, she is 100% chilean! Stay the f@$k out of Jersey! Put that cow back in the slaughterhouse.

1658 days ago


Now they are going to make my city even more douche like than it was before.The only place these idiots belong is in a cell at the CDC.

1658 days ago


Will someone tell this snookie broad that her mouth looks like it has hemerroids when she makes that face.

Her and Lohan

Bloody gross

1658 days ago


Jersey Shore ... what unbelievable crap :-(

Reality TV is old ... time to flog another dead horse!

1658 days ago


I feel sorry for South Beach. After I said that, who f***king cares?

1658 days ago

CVS Whore    

Ha, my REAL Jersey kids went to school in So Fla, and the CULTURE SHOCK they went through was hysterical! I can't wait 'till these jerk-off's get their asses handed to them. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa......

1658 days ago


Every time I see that digusting little troll Snooki my skin crawls. Is she/it real? I swear its a pig in an Oompa Loompa costume. They are all nasty white trash, but Snooki makes me sick!

1658 days ago

Jerry Martin    

Poor Miami. What did they do to deserve this invasion of idiots? At least they're on the other side of the country from me.

1658 days ago


If anyone see's Ronnie in Miami, let us know. I have a few friends that will fly to where he is to "talk" to him.

I'm sure there are lots of people with the same idea.

Keep us updated.

1658 days ago


i read this on another gossip site almost four weeks ago. way to be on top of it, tmz

1658 days ago

Black Power    

Oh. if only I were a crazed maniac. I'd stalk the whole bunch of these idiots and kill them one by one. They'd never see it coming. The one I'd take my time with would be Snookie. Tie her up and slit her wrists and let the blood slowly drain out. Then I'd toss her out in the street in the middle of the night and by morning she just another hit and run.
Yeah, sounds nice. Too bad I'm not a homicidal maniac. But it is nice to dream.

1658 days ago


They start filming this month...Winter Music Conference/Ultra Music Festival in a few weeks, that's a lot of fist pumping. Actually a perfect place to film this time of year but I hate just about everyone on the show but the Situation and Pauly D...the rest are just on for the ride, Snookie is fugly...if she was smart enough for college, she would be in one of the fat sororities

1658 days ago


They are such a bunch of turds. They stink! Phew!!! What a bunch of losers. Television has lost any form of class whatsoever.

1658 days ago

Boo Hoo    

snootie is a pig in a Oompa loompa costume, now thats funny

1658 days ago

Dumb Surfer Guy on TMZ    

Reality TV was so 2003!!!

MTV u suck now!!!

1658 days ago
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