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Oscars Dolphin Flasher Causes Mobile Tidal Wave

3/10/2010 2:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The guy who flashed the "Text Dolphin" sign at the Oscars nearly broke the organization he was trying to promote -- after a tidal wave of text messages almost took down the group's mobile server.

It all went down when one of the stars of "The Cove" tried to get some promotion for the TakePart dolphin-saving organization by flashing the sign during the Best Documentary acceptance speech -- it lasted two seconds before they cut away from the sign.

But TMZ has learned those two seconds of exposure triggered so many text messages -- the group's mobile service provider nearly went down.

The group claims they've doubled their membership in the two days following the awards.


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Who cares if it was against academy rules. Save the Dolphins is worth some publicity. So "SUCK IT" Academy

1689 days ago

Cali MJ Fan    

The dolphins deserve our help. And so do the whales.

I couldn't watch the clip on Sunday but I sure as hell will help!

Already sent "Dolphin" to 44144

1689 days ago

Stan's the man.

1689 days ago


Ric O'Barry, the man who held up the sign is regarded as a hero, and deservedly so. Shame on the producers for cutting to the audience. It's an amazing film and a must see! If in 2 seconds the servers went down, the word got out, and that is the goal to try and stop the horror that is going on with the Dolphins in Japan.

1689 days ago


Ric did the right thing with the sign. We need to get Japan's big Secret out the and breaking rules is what you have to do sometimes. Congrats on the Oscar, it was well deserved!!!!!

1689 days ago


Oh yes with the shape this country is in the first thing you should worry about is a fish. WHAT A JOKE JUST MORE ANIMAL RIGHTS FREAKS.

1689 days ago



1689 days ago


6. Oh yes with the shape this country is in the first thing you should worry about is a fish. WHAT A JOKE JUST MORE ANIMAL RIGHTS FREAKS.

Actually, dolphins are mammals.
The more you know.

1689 days ago


Yes I know they are and I do not care.You know what I mean

1689 days ago


I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad he got those 2 seconds!

Remember back in the (I think) 70's when subliminal messages were all the talk? How long does it take those fraction-of-a-second messages flashed on the screen to embed into your head? Too late, they're already there.

Break the cycle - SAVE THE DOLPHINS!!

1688 days ago


I'm glad he held up the sign and hopefully people signed the letter at the URL in the txt message that they send back to you ( I think it's ). Japan is slaughtering numerous dolphins and whales every year and flaunting the slaughter. They pretend that they kill whales for "scientific purposes" and next thing you know, the whale meat ends up in the grocery stores and in school lunches. I'm boycotting travel to Japan because of this!

1688 days ago


Yeah Steve, our country is in trouble usual, so let's just say screw everything ... except of course whay 'you' think is important. Cracks me up that some think caring about anything that is more than a mile out of their personal space is a waste of time or money.. guess what Steve, your are more than a mile out of my personal space and I couldn't give a crap what you think is important.. I'd rather give my money to helping dolphins. After all it's MY money.

1688 days ago


so what is your point #6? we can't be bothered to worry about things like the slaughter of thousands of dolphins since we have other problems? so your just saying what?.... Support Japan??, let them do what they want? who cares?? Sorry you lost me somewhere between sticking up for Japanese slaughter of dolphins and whales in international waters and thinking that some how caring about this issue will hurt America.

1688 days ago


Believe it or not, killing Dolphins is our business. Especially when fisheries are passing off there highly mercury contaminated flesh as other seafood. It will affect us, but you enjoy that extra ear and over-sized head.

1688 days ago


I love how arrogant Americans think their culture is superior to others. Unless your're a vegetarian, it is likely the food you eat comes at the expense of a horrible death of another animal. More people are murdered in CA annually than dolphins are killed in the village in the film. Fix your own culture and country before you start telling other peoples how to live their lives, you myopic, self-centered wankers.

Commenter flipper, You're not real right. True, Dolphins are mammals. But, Mammals are animals. You know... the more you know. Arrogant ass.

1688 days ago
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