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Corey Haim/Andrew Koenig Connection

3/11/2010 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In an ironic twist of fate, Corey Haim was fired from a movie in late 2008 because of an alleged drug issue -- a movie that also starred recently deceased actor Andrew Koenig.

Corey Haim/Andrew Koenig

Haim was cast as one of the leads in a movie called "DaZe." Executive producer Miller Uwanawich tells TMZ, "Corey's drug problem became too much of a problem" and he was fired as a result.

According to Miller, Corey would show up for table reads and be "all over the place, definitely showing signs of being on drugs."

Miller says he went to Corey's home a few times to try and help him with the apparent drug problem, but was unsuccessful. A.J. Llamas was recast in Corey's role.

It's also the last movie in which Andrew Koenig -- the "Growing Pains" star who committed suicide last month -- appeared.


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I'm starting to see that apparently celebrities aren't allowed to have prescriptions.

1686 days ago


It is hard to understand and so tragic. May both men be at peace.
My their families find the strength to carry on. Prayers to both families.

1686 days ago


How exactly is this "ironic"? One died of suicide by hanging; the other apparently via an accidental overdose. Maybe your writers need to learn the definition of irony. It is mere coincidence that both were middle-aged actors and both are dead.

1686 days ago


You need new sources!! I found this from, I cut and paste this directly from the website.

With breaking news that Corey Haim was pronounced dead early this morning, a source on the set of his last film tells ET about his recent drug tests in relation to the project.

According to the source, Corey was completely drug-free during the production of his most recent movie, 'American Sunset.' We're told that he was tested for insurance purposes because of his public battles with addiction. Testing showed he had no illegal drugs in his system during the four week shoot last May, 2009.

Additionally, the source says the Canadian-born actor was tested again this year. In January 2010 he was allegedly drug tested so he could keep his Visa to stay in the U.S. -- we're told those tests also came back negative.

1686 days ago


Advice on addiction, protect our youth from meeting such tragedy with this advice:

1686 days ago


i'm guessing prescription drugs wouldn't show up on an illegal drug test. and that film clip was the worst thing i've ever seen. i learned in my high school video production class that you shouldn't have the camera's shadow in the shot!

1686 days ago

Rick Flair!    

How is that ironic?

1686 days ago

Rick Flair!    

Sorry, King. I just realised that you already tackled that one.

1686 days ago

a guy    

I don't see how you guys don't see the irony. Maybe you're just stupid. TMZ is right on this one. NOT ONLY THAT, they both died at their own hand, one intentional, the other not. Both were 80's icons. The third one in this is Michael Jackson. Who was close to Corey Feldman. Yes, there is a LOT of irony in this.

1686 days ago

Rick Flair!    

That's not irony. You clearly don't know what irony is. It's something that is commonly confused, though, so I mean it's actually quite normal for it to happen here. I'm not offended or anything...I'm not like an English language nazi, I just noticed that this situation cannot correctly be categorised as ironic.

1686 days ago


Even if you understood what irony means—which you do not—Koenig was no icon: he was a recurring minor character in a bad sitcom. And your Jackson reference makes no sense at all. I conclude, you are dumb.

1686 days ago


The connection between Haim and Koenig (and also Michael Jackson) is not the way they died, but the fact all three of them were child stars. And this is sad, very sad. Child stars tend to have a tragic end and die young more often than not. I think Hollywood should address this issue and protect children more instead of exploiting them.

1686 days ago

Elizabeth from England    

Ok, so it might not be ironic, unless there's some suggestion that Corey Haim's death was also suicide, but it's still very sad. They were both so young: 38 and 41 isn't middle-aged! They were in the prime of their lives. They still had time to turn things around, to achieve what it was they wanted to achieve and to be happy. That's what's so sad.

My thoughts are with them and their families.

1686 days ago


Corey who?

1686 days ago

toeknee gee    

You people from TMZ are the best reporters in anything does not make any sense at all aside from being so corny. You excel in everything that is nonsensical and inane. You always try to make up something that has nothing to do with any given subject matter. Why do you do that?

1686 days ago
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