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Corey Haim -- Vicodin, Valium, Soma Found

3/11/2010 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimTMZ has learned the four pill bottles found in the apartment where Corey Haim collapsed yesterday included the generic versions of Vicodin and Valium ... and the same doctor prescribed all 4 powerful meds just days before Haim died.

Law enforcement sources tell us the pill bottles retrieved in the apartment of Haim's mother are hydrocodone (Vicodin), diazepam (Valium), haloperidol (an antipsychotic med) and Soma (a muscle relaxer).

We're told all four meds were prescribed by a prominent Los Angeles psychiatrist. Sources say all four meds were prescribed the same day -- several days before Haim died.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office would not comment on the specific meds found, nor would officials say how many pills -- if any -- were missing from the bottles.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Haim died from an accidental overdose of meds, though nothing is final until the Coroner's toxicology reports are in.

There have been reports Haim admitted in the past to taking as many as 85 Valium pills a day.

Haim collapsed in his mother's apartment early yesterday and was pronounced dead 2 1/2 hours later.

Remembering Corey Haim


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To Alan C:

Prescribing to a known addict is a violation of Health and Safety Code 11153:

"(a) A prescription for a controlled substance shall only be
issued for a legitimate medical purpose by an individual practitioner
acting in the usual course of his or her professional practice. The
responsibility for the proper prescribing and dispensing of
controlled substances is upon the prescribing practitioner, but a
corresponding responsibility rests with the pharmacist who fills the
prescription. Except as authorized by this division, the following
are not legal prescriptions: (1) an order purporting to be a
prescription which is issued not in the usual course of professional
treatment or in legitimate and authorized research; or (2) an order
for an addict or habitual user of controlled substances, which is
issued not in the course of professional treatment or as part of an
authorized narcotic treatment program, for the purpose of providing
the user with controlled substances, sufficient to keep him or her
comfortable by maintaining customary use.
(b) Any person who knowingly violates this section shall be
punished by imprisonment in the state prison or in the county jail
not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding twenty thousand
dollars ($20,000), or by both a fine and imprisonment.
(c) No provision of the amendments to this section enacted during
the second year of the 1981-82 Regular Session shall be construed as
expanding the scope of practice of a pharmacist."

and 11156:
"(a) Except as provided in Section 2241 of the Business and
Professions Code, no person shall prescribe for, or administer, or
dispense a controlled substance to, an addict, or to any person
representing himself or herself as such, except as permitted by this
(b) (1) For purposes of this section, "addict" means a person
whose actions are characterized by craving in combination with one or
more of the following:
(A) Impaired control over drug use.
(B) Compulsive use.
(C) Continued use despite harm.
(2) Notwithstanding paragraph (1), a person whose drug-seeking
behavior is primarily due to the inadequate control of pain is not an
addict within the meaning of this section."

1690 days ago


Corey Haim forgot what it was like to live without drugs and by the looks of his behavior he only understood his life when he had drugs. He was a hardcore addict if he took 85 Valium a day and someone should have known he was in big trouble with his addiction and did not know how to ask for help because he was too fragile. In his addictive state, Corey always knew how to leave the door open to get high "one last time." His loved ones, friends, doctors and his associates were aware of his problems and did not take action to have him committed for an involuntary hold, which could have saved him. As a result Corey who did not know how to help himself anymore, lost his battle with addiction. In the end, this was Corey's choice and we must learn that the blame lies with the addict. We have to want sobriety and we have to make sacrifices that we don't like. It is the price we must pay to get well, otherwise we end up in mental hospitals, in jail or dead.

There is one ethical question however. What is a psychiatrist thinking when he prescribes NARCOTICS to an addict??? There are non-narcotic solutions for addicts IF we need them.

1690 days ago


And to think for the last 2 days I thought it was professor Plumb in the library with the candlestick...I cant believe drugs may have had something to do with his death.

1690 days ago

Nasty Nate    

As a former pill head, I can say that 85 a day is not feasible. He would have been dead long ago if he were to have taken that amount. 30 to 40 puts you in hospital unconscious. 85 depresses your respiratory system far too much to recover if taken all at once. We have no idea how many were prescribed, we have no idea how many were remaining or the last time he took anything just yet. People need to sit back and wait to hear all the facts.

He also had a heart condition, that even a small amount of any drug could have upset. Just let it go and remember him for what he gave to so many.

1690 days ago


Vicodin and Valium ...are ending the american People, just a tought

Vicodin and Valium ...are ending the american People, just a tought

1690 days ago


These drugs are a toxic combination. Let's hope the LAPD and District Atty goes after this quack doc.

1690 days ago


The doctor should be held accoutable. Corey was an addict and any doctor shouldn't have given him as much as asprin, much less all that other stuff.

1690 days ago


I wonder what the dosage/instructions were?

Regardless, the doctor knows better than to hand over that many meds to someone who has dealt with addiction for so many years.
Just tragic.

Hold these doctors accountable please!

RIP Corey


Justice for these people!

1690 days ago

London not England    

"In a high Pitched voice"

Oh Goodie....Boys, Boys, boys and more boys to play with!!!

I just wish he was a little younger, or that iit was my little friend the OTHER Corey.....

Heeee Heeee!!!!!!!!

1690 days ago

Sad sad    

"85 Valium pills a day" Jesus.

1690 days ago


how is a psychiatrist prescribing muscle relaxers and pain killers? get6 his license pulled now

1690 days ago


OMG HE'S DEAD?!?!!?!

1690 days ago


vicodin + soma = same effects as heroin

1690 days ago

capt andy    


1690 days ago


So sad!! My heart goes out to the family!

1690 days ago
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