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Corey Haim -- Vicodin, Valium, Soma Found

3/11/2010 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Corey HaimTMZ has learned the four pill bottles found in the apartment where Corey Haim collapsed yesterday included the generic versions of Vicodin and Valium ... and the same doctor prescribed all 4 powerful meds just days before Haim died.

Law enforcement sources tell us the pill bottles retrieved in the apartment of Haim's mother are hydrocodone (Vicodin), diazepam (Valium), haloperidol (an antipsychotic med) and Soma (a muscle relaxer).

We're told all four meds were prescribed by a prominent Los Angeles psychiatrist. Sources say all four meds were prescribed the same day -- several days before Haim died.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office would not comment on the specific meds found, nor would officials say how many pills -- if any -- were missing from the bottles.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they believe Haim died from an accidental overdose of meds, though nothing is final until the Coroner's toxicology reports are in.

There have been reports Haim admitted in the past to taking as many as 85 Valium pills a day.

Haim collapsed in his mother's apartment early yesterday and was pronounced dead 2 1/2 hours later.

Remembering Corey Haim


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normal people don't keep Vicodin, Soma, and Valium on their nightstands.

Sounds like he was abusing his mother's cancer medication (DUH)

When are people going to wake up and realize that mixing prescription medications like that will kill you.

More people are addicted (and died) from RX abuse than illegal drugs.


Posted at 3:44PM on Mar 11th 2010 by chromeheartsgirl

You need to WAKE UP!
Sounds like you may be addicted! Did you not read the article?
It said the meds were prescribed to Corey all in the same day by the same doctor!
How in the world did you come up with meds from his mother's cancer?
That’s just crazy!

1654 days ago

danger baby    

Someone says "85 pills a day" and readers here take that as truth? That's scary. The drugs were stronger than he was. R.I.P.

1654 days ago

London not England    

#60-i hate this idiot


How's DAT FO FUNNY!?!?!?!?!

Stank Baaaaaaastard!~!

1654 days ago

Baby's Mama    

please take a second to vote for this cute baby

1654 days ago


It was his apartment. His mother was staying with him while she was receiving her cancer treatments.

1654 days ago


To #66 (Sue)= Same here. MANY people do for LEGIT pain. It's the abusers / addicts who over do it.
["I take all of these everyday and so does my husband for pain and spasms. So do millions of people."]

1654 days ago


Could someone please tell me who is gonna be paying for all these drug addicts prescriptions when the Health Reform Bill passes? YOU & I ARE!!! I know the so called rich people, not that I think Cory Haim was "rich" but surely he had health coverage? Or at least paid for his scripts/doctors visit out of his own pocket - are probably not on government provided coverage BUT when it becomes mandatory & government provided - who's gonna pay for all these drugs for the millios of people that CONSTANTLY abuse them??? How many of those currently on welfare/medicaid/medicare do we pay for now? SURELY 100% of those on pain meds (or valium or soma or all the other crap everyone seems to take to get"high" off of) currently provided by or covered under government medical care/welfare/aid are NOT necessary --- if you think it is abused now - WOW - just wait!! Even is some addicts wind up getting it off the street or buying it from someone with a "legit" script, at some point MILLIONS of our tax dollars are gonna ultimately be spent providing these types of "medication" to HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people who dont and never did need them - much more of your tax dollars are gonna be spent just so these ADDICTS can stay high!! Probably more money than the goverment will ever spend on education!! WTF????!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????????

1654 days ago

Corey Haim E! THS    

If anybody bothered to watch his E! THS yesterday you would see him explain how he would take 10+ vicodin, 10+ valium & 10+ somas at once. He also said after mentioning soma, "which were the killer for me."

85 2.5/5/10 mg valium a DAY is not unheard of. Valium is the weakest of anti-anxiety medications and taking 20 every 2-3 hours is at the most going to just make somebody go to sleep. With his tolerance he could take loads of pills and be fine. His liver is what was probably ruined.

1654 days ago


With or without the meds Corey was a junkie on a destructive path, look at his face, that's addiction at its finest, especially when we saw how good looking that he used to be. And unfortunately for junkie addicts whether a doc prescribed stuff or not, junkies find ways to get drugs and he would have with or without the prescription.

1654 days ago


yeah - maybe so, the with or without a prescriptions addicts will find the drugs but in the case of LEGAL controlled substances (as opposed to heroin or meth) a doctor had to write a prescription for a patient in 99% of the cases, at some point, before they can ever get on the streets for 'junkie' to 'find'. Not blaming the doctors really just wondering how they can write them so loosely & wondering what's gonna happen when tax $ pays for it all???

1654 days ago


@tg... yes, taking that many pills will indefinitely ruin your liver and kidneys... It depends on the person about the stomach lining...

1654 days ago


These doctors are ruining it for people that really need these kind of meds... I am one of them... I have to take pain killers everyday cause of past injuries that give me pain... I work outside and use my back as well... It kills me if i don't have pain killers and my job performance is hurt in result of not having these meds... I would like them to use a method that would rule out the junkies from the ones that need them...

1654 days ago

Christina G.    

I gotta get my one of those Hollywood doctors. I can't get an Rx for baby aspirin from the docs in my area.

1654 days ago


I happen to have vicdin, a sleep aid and a muscle relaxer also...prescibed by the same doc because i am in constant pain and need them. It doesnt mean he was abusing them at this point in his life. RIP COrey.

1654 days ago
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