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Michael Lohan's Ex: He Used a Tracking Device

3/11/2010 9:09 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Muller says she found a GPS tracking device attached to the undercarriage of her car two weeks ago ... and Erin tells TMZ she believes her ex Michael Lohan is the one who put it there.

Muller claims her dad found the device -- which can track the whereabouts of her vehicle in real time -- while he was checking for an oil leak.

Muller says when she showed cops the device, they told her it's the same kind they use to track their own vehicles.

According to Muller's lawyer, cops are investigating the situation as a felony eavesdropping case -- and, as a result, Erin says she's so paranoid that she's going to have her apartment swept for bugs.

We spoke to Lohan, who told us Erin is "full of crap."


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I don't know much, but I know he created a ginger. Ergo: he's evil.

1687 days ago

Allen Walton    

Wrong, TMZ.

The tracker he put on her car doesn't necessary have to be a real-time tracker. For all we know it could have just been a GPS logger, meaning he'd have to get it back to find where she's been. It could have been an active tracker, meaning he can put it on a schedule or locate it whenever he wanted. A real-time tracker is when you can actually log in from an iPhone and watch the car move around using an application like Google Earth.

Furthermore, it is highly unlikely that the tracker he used is the same kind the police department uses. The tracker he used would need to be battery powered, while the tracker police departments use is hardwired to the vehicle for power. Their also have the ability to remotely turn the vehicle on/off, lock/unlock windows and doors, as well as honking the horn.

You know, just FYI.

1687 days ago

Allen Walton    

Oh, and one more thing. GPS trackers don't have any markings on them whatsoever, so it's kind of hard (impossible) to track since you don't know who made it or where it came from.

1687 days ago


We've all seen her credibility go up her nose previously. I think he's done with her and she just can't cope with that. No doubt he pursued her for a time but I think that's over. He's moving to the West Coast with a new woman. That's probably angered this one. One thing is clear. She is a coke head.

1687 days ago

Allen Walton    

PS - It isn't necessary a 'felony eavesdropping' case. The GPS tracker he used doesn't do anything that a private investigator (or any other person) can't do, it just makes it easier.

PPS - She is wasting her time and money having her apartment swept for bugs. A bug detector only finds wireless signals, which is he doubtfully using unless he's constantly sitting in a van across the street from her apartment.

1687 days ago

Christina G.    

The paparazzi put those under cars to make it easier to find their "celebrities".

1687 days ago

Eldrick Woods    

And just remember...this is the father who helped create along with the equally unique former wife, Dina the bizarre, walking talking, no talent, train wreck...Lindsay Lohan. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

1687 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Well Erin, that's what you get for picking an psycho ex-con, crotch kicking, drunk, junkie loser. What part of Lohan did your stupid asss not understand? Deal with a Lohan and be prepared for pain and humiliation.

1687 days ago


Geeze Eric..Maybe you should work for TMZ since you think you know everything..

1686 days ago

oh jeez    

Of course he was tracking her. He is a sick, sick, sick man.

1686 days ago

oh jeez    

He isn't ever over anyone in life. I wouldn't put anything past this sick man. I hope the police can trace it back. He deserves what ever is coming to him. Time he takes accountability for what he has done to his family and to this girl.

1686 days ago


This dude is the biggest douche bag EVER. He will do ANYTHING to keep his name in the press. Good bad and UGLY.. Which he is two out of the three of those and GOOD does not count. LOSER, and he wonders why his family wants NOTHING to do with his.. Kate Minor will get hers too. We are going to eventually hear from her and how he screwed her.. Its only a matter of time.

1686 days ago


ERIC,,, how the hell do you know what kind of tracker it was? Are YOU actually Michael Loser Lohan? Sure sounds like it. And if the police said its the same kind THEY use then its pretty certain THEY ARE RIGHT AND YOUR WRONG. You just made yourself look like a total TOOL.

1686 days ago


Her best choice of action is to NOT go anywhere, then he can't follow her.

I know my response is stupid, but this entire story is dumber than dumb.

1686 days ago


Not trying to plagerize anyone but I totally agree with everyone here. Yes, of course he did it and Yes, KKK Eric must be a psychic to know that the POLICE are wrong and yes, he will do ANYTHING to keep his name in the press. My question is WHY? All you are famous for is having a drug addicted, alcoholic bi-sexual daughter who can sort of act. Certainly I do not see any Oscars coming her way in the future, just rehabs....Maybe.

Sorry Michael, you are less a celebrity then your daughter and that is saying a LOT!!

1686 days ago
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