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Roethlisberger Party Dubbed 'Ben-a-Palooza'

3/14/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Most of Ben Roethlisberger's ill-fated party weekend was thoroughly planned out weeks in advance -- minus the whole alleged sexual assault part -- and TMZ has learned the festivities even had a name ... "Ben-a-Palooza."

Ben Roethlisberger

The Palooza is a tradition that Ben and his pals have put together for the past several years in which the Steelers quarterback and a group of his friends celebrate Ben's birthday together.

This year, Ben-a-Palooza began at Roethlisberger's home near Pittsburgh, where the group -- pictured above wearing customized Palooza shirts -- boarded a party bus bound for Ben's lake house in Georgia.

After the bus arrived to the home, several members spent one of the nights on a bar crawl in Milledgeville where Ben was later accused of sexually assaulting a 20-year-old woman in a nightclub bathroom.

Nothing spoils a Palooza like a criminal investigation.

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I think it is hilarious that people think he is guilty of anything other than perhaps bad judgement for celebrating his birthday in public.

Anyone who thinks he committed a crime is insane. The facts show that he didn't do anything wrong. As a previous poster stated... he has yet to be charged with any crime by any girl. So far, it is all girls just trying to make a buck at his expense.

1650 days ago

cotton mouth    

The respect and accolades we give these athletes is an all-out atrocity to humankind. We as humans (I won't dare single out Americans on this f*ckery) deify these guys. So it serves us right that they're paid in millions (more than you guys will ever make in 3 lifetimes) and continue to be a menace to our society. (O.J., Kobe, Tiger, Ben, Rocker, Tyson, Strawberry, Arod, Vick, Iverson.........

1650 days ago

Here's an idea    

In Pittsburgh dads high five each other when Ben has offered a ride home on the back of his motorcycle and their daughter has turned this creep down.

1650 days ago

Here's an idea    

Isn't providing shots to those under 21 contributing to the deliquency of minors?

1650 days ago


When, and if, he is charged then we'll have something to discuss. If there was any proof he did anything... he would have been charged by now. So... I think this is a whole lot of drama for a whole lot of nothing. But time will tell.

Until then... everyone should just shut up and quit critizing.

The funny thing is how many fans of teams that haven't won superbowls are the ones who think he is guilty, haha... THAT is funny.

1650 days ago


It's common in a High Profile case of she said, he said, with a celebrity who can pay a Big Bucks criminal atty,,, for Authorities to do a complete and thorough investigation before pressing charges.

They wait till the DA says there is sufficent evidence to indict someone. Stuff that will hold up in court even when a celebrity can pay Big Bucks for lawyers and high priced PI's that can get any guilty person off.

For the average Joe Blow, they would arrest on Probable Cause.

For Mr Ben Looser who was hanging out with the local cops before the incident.... it's a whole different story.

1649 days ago

Here's an idea    

You'd be surprised,some season ticket holders of the Steelers don't back this guy anymore!

1649 days ago


#61: Yeah right. First of all... you are a Bengals/Browns/Ravens fan not a Steelers fan. Quit pretending.

2nd... if you aren't supporting him anymore. You must believe he is guilty. If you believe he is guilty you are basing this on what? If you are basing it on an accusation alone (which is all you could possibly be basing it on since there are no FACTS that say he did any crime) then you are exactly what is wrong with the country today. Wouldn't want you on a jury... you've made up your mind without any evidence. That is scary.

1649 days ago

Here's an idea    

I am a Troy fan, even a Randall El fan, my young son has a signed Roethlisberger jersey from a charity breakfast he attended years ago, he can wear it to school and get lunch all over it, I don't care!

1649 days ago


Is Ben guilty of bad judgement? Sure... he is famous. he shouldn't go out in public. I agree he should stay away from moneygrubbing girls and since that is a large population of people in bars... he should stay away from them.

The 2nd gold-digger wouldn't have done anything if the first one wouldn't have ruined his reputation already.

If you truly are a fan of the team... then you should wait until he is convicted of something before convicting him yourself. If you aren't... then carry on because even if he is never charged you'll believe he is guilty because you want to believe he is guilty.

1649 days ago


I read this wrong and thought they were going to "Midgetville," which is infinitely cooler than where they really went.

1649 days ago

Here's an idea    

As a Steeler fan, I respect your belief that Ben is innocent, I, also believe the first suit is suspicious and that the woman is looking for a huge pay day. I wish I felt the same way about the second girl, sadly I don't. Honestly, I do hope to be proven wrong, I really do.

1649 days ago


TMZ, you need a proofreader. Ben-a-Palooza isn't spelled that way. It's spelled A--hole-a-Palooza.

1649 days ago


Hey Realist, sounds to me like you have already made up your mind that the alleged victim has made the whole thing up, so don't you dare slam anyone for pre-judging your hero Big Ben.

1649 days ago

Brute Reynolds    

He wants to be like England's Big Ben and "do time".

1649 days ago
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