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Charlie Sheen -- Plea Bargain Hang-Up

3/15/2010 3:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen The prosecution in Charlie Sheen's Aspen case is not looking for jail time, but wants Charlie to either cop a plea to a felony or stand trial ... sources tell TMZ.

As we first reported, Charlie is more than willing to plead guilty or no contest to a misdemeanor with no jail time. And we're told Charlie wants the case dismissed outright at the end of the probationary period.

So the hang-up in cutting a deal is not jail time -- it's whether Charlie pleads to a misdemeanor or a felony. Charlie's position -- prosecutors in Aspen routinely accept misdemeanor pleas for these cases.

But we're told the Aspen D.A. believes Charlie has already gotten one free bite of the apple, because in 1997 he pled no contest to misdemeanor battery in a domestic violence case involving then-girlfriend Brittany Ashland.

We're told the Aspen D.A. feels -- given Charlie's prior -- a felony is appropriate.


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um, no thanks    

Pleading no contest to a misdemeanor is not a free bite. It's a conviction that says with him for life.
Have the charges dropped would have been a free bite.

1646 days ago


misdeamenor, felony, who cares. If it was me I would do what the people in charge want and go on. I am not going to stand around any longer than 5 minutes with anyone much. Maybe the pope, or your kids. I would give them 17 minutes.

1646 days ago


So will Neil Fifer replace Charlie on the show while all this goes on or what?

1646 days ago


he is guilty as sin

1646 days ago


Some people are just not meant for marriage. I think these two shouldn't be married to each other or anyone else for that matter.

1646 days ago


I like Charlie, I love his work. BUT give me a friggin break dude. You did the crime, now do the time. Any non celebrity folks (Regular Joes) would be dealing with it and forced to face things head on. Your not special and need to grow up and be accountable. Guess you should think before you act. I think your time to pay has arrived. And we aren't talking money.

1646 days ago


pathetic. I cant believe the DA can even live with himself. Lets try to get money or press off someones misfortunate evening... really? The guys wife doesnt want to press charges, she is over it... what the heck gives the city the right to pursue it? How does it effect/make them a victim again? Oh thats right...


1646 days ago


A castration and prefrontal lobotomy would solve a lot of problems for Sheen.

1646 days ago


I really cannot believe some of you people. He is just basically asking for a slap on the wrist for a serious crime. Years ago, my husband and I got into a squabble(no alcohol and drugs involved) and I was charged with domestic battery because I admitted I grabbed his wrist to get my car keys out of his hand. I had no priors but it was still a pain in the a** and I went through more than Charlie has. I know Charlie seems like a likable enough guy but thats what you see on tv. None of you know him personally. He sounds like a typical mean drunk and druggie. Think of how many times he has been faced with charges or allegations and you can tell he hasnt learned his lesson. I mean he shot his then gf Kelly Preston, assaulted past gfs, assaulted his ex wife Denise in front of their children, and now, his wife Brooke. I know she is not an angel either and is in need of rehab but putting a knife to your wifes throat and threatening to kill her is a serious thing. Whats next? Another OJ in the making. OJ had been charged with assault and stalking too but no one wanted to do anything about it and we see the end of the story. Trust me, he didnt have to go anywhere but his own mirror to find the real murderers he claimed he would find. Maybe the DA in Aspen just dont want to be responsible for letting him go easy then have the blood on their hands when he kills someone in a drunken or drugged up fury.
A felony would guarantee some serious jail time if he does this again and it might make him think twice about his actions.

1645 days ago


i hope charlie works things out in personal life and stays on two and a half men its my favorite show he is so good hope he and wife get back together think of twins

1588 days ago



I adore your website - nice job!

1387 days ago
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