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'Curb' Star

Rips Jay Leno:

He's Got No Character

3/16/2010 1:04 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Curb Your Enthusiasm" star Jeff Garlin says he wouldn't be caught dead on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" ... because he says Conan's nemesis "has no character."

Jeff Garlin and Conan O'Brien
During an interview with Jimmy Baron from 92.9 Dave-FM Atlanta this weekend, Garlin -- a long time friend and former roommate of Conan O'Brien -- claims NBC was "stupid" to replace Leno with Conan in the first place ... but says Leno derailed Conan's chances for success by doing the 10 o'clock show.

Garlin goes on to rip Leno by saying he has "no character" -- and says he won't be caught dead on "The Tonight Show" now that Jay is hosting it again. 


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Fred Farkel    

Oh my. What's this?? Another Conan fan from the ZERO GENERATION who is throwing a tantrum over Jay Leno???

Poor Jay.

I'll bet he's crying himself a river...

1681 days ago


Jeff Garlin looks like afterbirth and his efforts to get noticed by assaulting Leno is his only chance for attention. LENO HAPPENS TO BE A SUPER INDIVIDUAL WHEN YOU ASK PEOPLE AROUND BURBANK WHERE HE SPENDS A LOT OF TIME TALKING TO EVERYONE AND SMILING AND JUST BEING A NICE HUMBLE GUY. That said Jay is a gentleman and a gentle man with a great show that he never intended to leave and that when he did with the lousy unfunny Conon and his flab fella Andy As in never funny Richter but still fat lost all their ratings and only picked up when Conon was thrown off NBC. CONAN WAS THE WORST AND NOT THE LEAST BIT FUNNY BUT AN IDIOT. RICHTER IS A MISTAKE AND OLE GUY SLEEPING WITH HIS STAFF LETTERMAN .. Will someone let this fat ass unfunny and not known until today afterbirth kinda guy, big lips Garlin that we won't remember we ever heard of him and we don't want to see him on Leno either. He's nobody who tried to climb on the bandwagon and fell off zero nobody Gatlin. What a creepy slob this pig is .. ugh!

1681 days ago


It's okay, Jay has stellar guests anyway, like tonight's visits from bald-headed cornball Terry Bradshaw and the American Idol judge that nobody cares about! Who's next, Pauly Shore? I can't wait!

1681 days ago


Leno has class? He took back a show that he had nothing to contribute to, just for a paycheck he doesn't need. Conan gave up his dream to preserve the integrity of the show. He pays his employees out of his own pocket, and is doing a tour for no pay just so he can keep his writers employed until he can get them a new job. Conan has way more class than Leno. Leno just has newspaper typos.

1681 days ago


I agree. Jay Leno is sooo boring! They need to bring Conan back on the air! Nobody can compete with the god of late night.

1681 days ago

Chuck D    

Not only who is Garlin, but who cares if he appears on the Leno show? What a classless thing for him to say anyway.

1681 days ago


Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Leno does NOT NEED you!

1681 days ago


"wouldn't be caught dead on the Tonight Show" .... LOL. Yeah, like they're all pounding on his door to make an appearance on their shows! Sheeeesh!

1681 days ago

Tiger's Help Sucks Too    

Don't worry Jeff, we won't miss you on "Leno". Nobody knows who you are or gives a crap what you think. Go sob on Coco the Clown's shoulder.

1681 days ago


If Leno is so amazing and Conan sucks why did Jay's show do WORSE than Conan's? Jay couldn't bring in the funny at 10 but at 11:30 he's a genius? Jay's an a$$ wipe loser. All you people that think this idiot is funny must be at least over 50 and live in the mid-west. Jay's monologue is some of THE lamest crap I've ever seen. He's probably still making Monica Lewinsky jokes.
I cant tell you how much I can't stand Jay. They should give the show to Craig Fergusson as he's the only really funny guy out there. Too bad he's not an "real" American as I think he's recently just gotten his citizenship papers .

1681 days ago


wasn't aware people were lining up to book this guy on talk shows.
If Leno had so much clout with NBC, why did they take the TS away in the first place? Conan is a multi-million dollar whiner.

1681 days ago

sparkys nemesis    

Enuf free publicity for Conan. Leno wouldn't have Garlin on his show anyway. And Leno's show is as funny as ever...something Conan failed at -- miserably.

1681 days ago


Leno will always be my favorite, Conan didn't get the ratings....

1681 days ago


who is this loser? you must be kidding. This is JEFF GARLIN - one of the funniest people in the world. I agree with him - Leno sucks! Hey Jeff - get Larry David to bring back Curb - we miss you and Susie.

1681 days ago


Team Conan, Leno sucks and his set looks like someones basement in 1974.

1681 days ago
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