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Tiger Woods -- Master of Inflated Ticket Prices

3/17/2010 3:08 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods Tiger Woods' return to golf is hitting tournament-goers where it hurts most -- because ticket prices for the Masters have gone through the roof.

Four day Masters Badges -- which ordinarily go for $200 each -- were listed for resale at $1,950 on GoldenTickets.com last Friday ... even before Tiger announced he was going to play.

Yesterday ticket prices skyrocketed to $2,400.

Golf hasn't seen this much buzz since Happy Gilmore.

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Tiger and Elin wearing head to toe nike. Let that be a SIGNAL to buy any other brand!

1681 days ago


. Who really cares about Tiger Woods???? I mean he cheated multiple times on his wife, was a snob, disrespectful to fans, other golfers, caddies, and sponsors so why would you respect or even want this man back in golf????? I know there are far more important things going on in todays world than this idiot trying to make a comeback into golf. And also trying to make money for his sponsors who I refuse to use their products because of their association with Tiger Wood!!!! Really can we PLEASE MOVE ON!!!

Posted at 12:36AM on Mar 17th 2010 by who cares
WTF are you talking about? How did Tiger disrespect the game of golf or it's people? What he did had NOTHING to do with the game or the people in it. If you don't like the guy that's fine but Tiger has done nothing to dishonour the game..only himself.

1681 days ago


Tiger, hope you get APPROPRIATE sponsors this time:
condoms, toilet paper, whale sh*t cleanup, sewer cleanup, etc.

1681 days ago


Tiger = Corporate Greed = "Lambs to Slaughter" Fans

1681 days ago


Tiger = Nike = BUY ANY OTHER BRAND!!!!!

1681 days ago


I see that common sense whined to TMZ and had Sarah's comment removed.
That says something for Woodman's supporters. Love Woodie, or keep your mouth shut is a little too dictotorial for this American's taste.

1681 days ago


Prediction: A significant number of golf fans at the Masters will walk away from the hole Tiger Inc. is playing.

1681 days ago


I just had to comment on this one... especially as a resident of Augusta, GA. Tiger Woods has had no effect on Masters bagde pricing. Master's tickets are one of the hardest to come by in the world! This is not a ticket that someone can just
"purchase". People are on waiting lists for their entire life just to be eligible to receive tickets. The only way you are getting in that tournament is if badges have been in your family for years or you buy them second hand for thousands of dollars. Sorry TMZ- this one is a bunch of bull.

1681 days ago


This scandal is getting hairy! Now a court order prevents Elin from attending masters...probably better for Tiger. And leaked reports from his therapist and advice given about the Masters tournament? Is that for real, shazeel?


1681 days ago


In the 1970's Henry Ford II had an infamous affair. At a shareholders meeting, in response to a question regarding the affair, he said "Never complain, never explain." Attendees (typically aging businessmen) responded with a standing ovation.

Perhaps those paying a bazillion dollars for a Masters ticket are some of the last surviving members of that "Never complain, never explain" society? They will be dying soon.

This might be their last fling where they can celebrate the "good old days" where men got drunk on whiskey, abused women, knocked 'em up, and bragged about it in front of a large audience. Hoo hah. Rest in peace, idiots.

1681 days ago


Response to "Mr. Common Sense": Tiger won't last. Rail all you want, Tiger won't last. He's an arrogant, sociopath creep. If you adore that type of freak, it's time you found another hero. No-one can blame the millions of golf fans who were shocked by the bastard being revealed from behind the illusion. Some can't deal with it due to their own incapacity to deal with emotion, but that doesn't change the fact of what Tiger Woods is.

1681 days ago


Masters tickets are always scalped at ridiculous prices. Real patrons are the only ones who get their tickets for $200, and I have never heard of anyone selling their badges for face value. My family has been Masters patrons for over 50 years starting with my grandparents and now my parents. My dad gets calls every year from people who know we get tickets and hope we will sell them. Trust me the offers are always more than $2,400 a badge. It was this way before Tiger and will be this way after Tiger.

I'm sure most of the people forking over thousands of dollars for tickets are doing so because it is the Masters. Not because it is Tiger's comeback.

What makes me sad is this year the Master's will not be about who wins the green jacket. It will be about Tiger coming back no matter how well or poorly he does.

1681 days ago


Soon rapists will request to be placed in a therapeutic rehabilitation facility after they are caught. They will claim they have a "sex addiction" just like Tiger claims to have. What a bunch of BS.

1681 days ago



1681 days ago

Mr Common Sense    

Response to Kim and PolarBear,

Get a pen and paper and write this down for future reference. Most men with two testicles spend a lot of their lives chasing women. After they are tired of playing games and getting rejected so on and so on , they finally meet someone that they can tolerate and they settle! They settle because they have been worn down by the chase!Imagine if the tables were turned and hot women started CHASING THEM! Welcome to the life of a rich and famous celeb! If your husband had these options, he would take it! Men are only as faithful as their options and it's been this way since the beginning! David Letterman, Gov. Mark Sanford, Gov. Spitzer, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, Bill Clinton! Should I go on or have you been educated enough already by the master of simple COMMON SENSE and not emotion? Here is your homework assignment: Google all of the high profile sex scandles in the past year and see what they all have in common. If you find yourself hating Tiger Woods more than these other men, well you know what you are!! I doubt you two were as angry with these other people!

1681 days ago
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