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Debbie Rowe/Michael Jackson Estate Legal Fight

3/18/2010 7:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Debbie RoweThe stage is set for a dogfight between Debbie Rowe and the Estate of Michael Jackson.

Rowe's lawyer, Eric George, filed legal papers asking the judge in the estate case to order the estate to pay Debbie Rowe's lawyer more than $175,000 for legal services in connection with the appointment of a guardian for Michael Jackson's three kids.

In the end, Katherine Jackson became guardian. But in his legal docs, George claims estate lawyer Howard Weitzman promised to "reimburse [George's firm] on Ms. Rowe's behalf." George says in his documents that MJ's kids benefited when she reached an agreement with Katherine on guardianship and visitation, and that's why he asked Weitzman to have the estate foot his legal bill.

But Howard Weitzman begs to differ, telling TMZ, "I had discussions with Mr. George about his request that the estate pay his fees on behalf of Debbie Rowe, but no agreement was ever reached."

George is asking for a total of $177,975. If the estate isn't ordered to pay ... George's only recourse is Debbie.


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sue from tampa is dumb!

Posted at 10:38PM on Mar 18th 2010 by grammar 101

Read more:

I agree Sue form tampon is the dumbest poster on here.

1679 days ago


Those are MJs children,Debbie has gotten enough and shouldn't be asking for the estate to pay her legal bills.

1664 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

182. 169. Annie are you Ok?

Posted at 1:01PM on Mar 19th 2010 by Leo


Posted at 1:20PM on Mar 19th 2010 by astabasta
Me 2 - LOL!

Could someone tell me why when MJ sang his "Smooth Criminal" song, the part when he asked "Annie, are you OK". It sounds like he was saying "Annie, are you woking". Why "Woking"? Does anyone know why?

1678 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

245. *** STFU Susie you are a bitch

Posted at 8:18PM on Mar 19th 2010 by Tellit

Well, what can I can say? When you turn your back or leave the room the bad unruly undisciplined children will always act up?

Hope you know I wouldn't say any such thing to you susie. Ever.

Good nite to you also...but you'll probably be waking up pretty soon now Good Morning.

1678 days ago


I distinctly remember that interview
and MJ'S comments.............
I never thought Debbie had Prince
and Paris for the "m o n e y" She
did it because she LOVED Michael and
still does .But the situation from day
ONE had been extremely intimidating for
her and since MJ'S death 100 fold....
Can you imagine going up against The
Jackson Family....
I commented before that The Jacksons
need to leave the door wide open for
her..She has a beautiful story to tell
her children (although not conventional)
That's the beauty of it........
She'll chose her own time, I just hope for
her and the kids it's sooner rather, than later


1678 days ago


If you happen to be near Somersville Towne Center in Antioch this weekend, just look for the ride topped with yellow lollipops. The carnival is set up next to Macy's.

Butler isn't the only owner of Jackson Neverland items.

An East Bay rancher says he also stumbled upon the Neverland garage sale at Jackson's famous Neverland Ranch.

Inside a Castro Valley ranch are dozens of items.

Co-owner Chuck Moore said he didn't buy the stuff because he was a Jackson fan. He just needed things for his equestrian center and yearly pumpkin patch.

Here's a partial list of the loot:

* A dozen life-like mannequins
* Several bags of youth riding gear
* A red four-wheeler ATV
* Neverland golf carts with the MJ name plate inside and a Batman logo
* Turtle ride

In all, Moore spent $40,000 and bought more than he ever imagined he could get for that amount of money.

He knew he had something rare, but the find increased in value when Jackson died of heart failure.

Butler wants to keep its find. Moore is open to sell.

1678 days ago


Nice try, Proof Positive, but no cigar. The MJ you are trying to compare these kids to is the post plastic surgery MJ, the surgically altered MJ. The only way to make a true comparison of him and his so called children is to post a photo of MJ pre plastic surgery alongside photos of his children. Considering the age of the children, I would like to see photos of them placed against a photo of MJ when he was around the age 12.

1678 days ago


I find the videos to be both selective and deceptive anyway as its creator picks and chooses what images of MJ to show and they also give bare few second glances of an eye and an eye, a forehead and a forehead, etc.

Post comparison photos, MJ fans. And please, no post plastic surgery photos of MJ. What are you afraid of? Ooops...We already know.

1678 days ago


I think the photo on the back cover of j. Randy Taraborrelli's book Michael Jackson The Magic and the Madness would be a good photo to compare the three children against. The back cover photo from the original book that is. I haven't seen the updated version of this book and can't say what cover photo is on the back of that one.

1678 days ago

danger baby    

The photo comparisons are completely unconvincing. I found them laughable in places. Prince's jawline is nothing like either Klein's or Jackson's, it's distinctively oval, not square.

I read that Rowe said neither her eggs nor MJ's sperm were used, that anonymous donors were used and the fertilized egg was implanted in her uterus (in Paris). She has said several times over that she was 'just a vessel'. What is wrong with that? Nothing! I don't know why people insist MJ was the biological father. The children will probably have DNA testing done when they are older, at that point we will know.

The only child that I think may be MJ's biological son, is blanket. I do not believe for a second Bhatti is his son. For one thing, he has his own set of parents (Norwegian).

1678 days ago

danger baby    

As a matter of fact, you are wrong.

247. 236. I could be wrong, but I think Debbie Rowe is a shrewd, clever, and good friend to MJ.

Read more:

1678 days ago


by Romy
Those pictures do say alot,they are Jacksons by blood you can see the strong features and Omer's mother is the only from Norway,Riz(his step-father) is from the middle east

1678 days ago


by Proof Positive

Excellent videos people need to wake up!

1678 days ago

danger baby    

More delusional thinking by MJ Fans who see what they want to see. There is little to no physical resemblance, other than in Blanket. In fact, I find the comparisons hilarious. I don't fault MJ at all for having children by anonymous donors. Who cares? They are still his children, biological or not.

As to Bhatti, what is your point? He and his parents deny he is MJ's child. It doesn't matter whether the Mother is from Norway and the Father is from the Middle East. He is still THEIR child, not MJ's. Look up articles by Roger Friedman, one of the top entertainment reporters around. Does he claim Bhatti is MJ's? NO. And MJ did not claim Bhatti as his own either. He would be appalled that you people are trying to pin an illegitimate child on to him.

Again, I don't know why some people want to believe that he is MJ's child. Is this because you think it proves MJ was not a pedophile? I don't get it. The boy has his own sets of parents, and yes, they became part of MJ's life. MJ took in a LOT of young kids who showed an interest in dance and entertainment. Brett Barnes, Wade Robson, Bhatti, and on and on. He enjoyed furthering their careers. Try not to make more of him than it is.

Just because fans say it or believe it doesn't make it so.


259. by Romy
Those pictures do say alot,they are Jacksons by blood you can see the strong features and Omer's mother is the only from Norway,Riz(his step-father) is from the middle east

Posted at 12:08PM on Mar 20th 2010 by Leigh

Read more:

1678 days ago

danger baby    

If Michael had never had plastic surgery (kept the broad nose, no cleft in chin), had never straightened or dyed his hair (kept the Afro), never had Vitiligo (so he was black), but HIS MUSIC AND EVERYTHING ELSE IN HIS LIFE REMAINED THE SAME, would you still be a big fan?

Here's what he may have looked (unaltered). I think there is one that is better than this, but I can't find it. Anyway, you get the idea of what he might have looked like if he had aged naturally w/o surgery and vitiligo. Be honest in your answers:

1678 days ago
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