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Jesse James' Co: Cinnabun Is Back ... Again!

3/18/2010 9:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

West Coast Choppers just issued a statement saying Cinnabun did in fact appear missing earlier today ... but all's good because the curious pup was just playing a one-dog version of hide-and-seek.

Jesse James' Co: Cinnabun Is Back ... Again!

According to the statement, Cinnabun wandered into a quiet storage room, throwing the shop into a panic. Thankfully, "she's back in the office and in high spirits."

We reported earlier that the company that tracks Cinnabun's microchip told us the dog has been missing since Monday. West Coast Choppers was mum on this.

Meanwhile, Sandra Bullock is still missing.


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LOL @ That's Wrong... actually as$hole you said 'kill the dog before it attacks someone' .. 'before' ... so the dog is the innocent one. Nice try at a spin though you idiot. The PET is always the innocent one, it's an animal it acts on instinct not on choice, desire or revenge like humans do. So again STFU you double posting fool.

1644 days ago


I always knew he was a piece of **** despite his nice/shy guy act. How the **** could anybody cheat on Sandra Bullock? She's super hot and has a great personality. What a moron. I hope the ugly stripper he banged gave him AIDS.

1644 days ago

Phil Sheridan    

I agree! Who really cares about this guy and his dog anymore? Talk about trying to deflect the real issue at hand... What next? Maybe his car is stolen, or his house is broken into? Anything to try and move the spotlight off of his cheating ass!!!

1643 days ago


dam hoped that sandra stole cinnabun lol
well he cheated on americas sweetheart so he will b one of the most hate people in america oh well

1643 days ago

So he fked some other what.

And how was this dog missing since Monday and found Thursday and in some room. Makes no sense to me.

1643 days ago


First of all poster #5 ANN - blow me. Forget about the dog and get a life - REALLY? You idiot. I suggest putting down your burger flipper and picking up a book - try 'The Outermost House' as it talks about nature and animals. You probably will not get you think you could go to cosmotology school and not do hair but just nails? It shouldn't take you as long and you can basically be illiterate, have a low IQ, have no feeling for others (including animals) and still pass the course. There are lots of places in Simi Valley looking to hire.

As far as Sandra - I hope her heart can heal. I am sure she was stunned and could probably vomit when she heard the news. Poor baby. I feel extremely sorry for Jesse's kids. Obviously a piece of butt meant more than the welfare of a child to Jesse. Of course they can always turn to porn mom that sleeps all day after doing drugs all night....not a lot of choices there.

1643 days ago


57. I agree! Who really cares about this guy and his dog anymore? Talk about trying to deflect the real issue at hand... What next? Maybe his car is stolen, or his house is broken into? Anything to try and move the spotlight off of his cheating ass!!!

Posted at 12:13AM on Mar 19th 2010 by pps

I agree 100%. America hates his guts and all they can come up with is another fake story about his dog. Who cares already? He can move into the doghouse with his dog for all we care. He had the nerve to father 3 kids with a porn drug addict, crapped all over Sandra Bullock and now we are supposed to care anything about him at all? He's good as dead and he can shove West Coast Choppers up his nasty mistresses' butt crack for all we care.

1643 days ago

KATHY =( ^-^ )=    

Sandra glad you got out right away.You stick to your guns. You deserve better.Very sorry that this loser didn't "have" your back. Here's a big hug for you ..Good luck,and congrats again on the Oscar! I live in Long Beach,drop by anytime.My daughter adores you. Take care.

1643 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

The dog was just doing what his owner taught him to do.. Wander Away!

1643 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Ooops.. I meant her owner, (cinabun's a girl, right?).

1643 days ago


Thats great! He needs to take better care of him instead of spending time with the scanks!!!!

1643 days ago


if he really cared about the dog he would have it on a long leash so it would have a good range of movement within the business/work area and wouldn't possibly wander off to be hit by a car

sad for Sandra that she opened herself up and trusted him and now has to go through this bitter disappointment and humiliation even though she has done nothing wrong

admired her for helping fight with him to get custody of his children and taking on parenting with an open heart

she is not your typical "Hollywood gal" and deserved way better than this

1643 days ago


A Flippin Dog? Draggin the bottom of the barell again TMZZZZZZZZZ

Jerks. Cinnabun's Missin Call out the FBI Call the State troopers Union. Get the Helicopters out and go lookin for a damned dog.

1643 days ago


maybe poochie-bun has another owner on the side?

1643 days ago


Am I to believe the dog was in a utility room since Monday??? Abuse! Jesse get a hold of yourself! Your a mess.

1643 days ago
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