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Jesse James' Alleged Mistress -- Webcam Model

3/19/2010 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee -- the woman who allegedly came between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock -- can be yours ... for just $7.99/minute.

Jesse James

McGee was a model for something called -- a chat site with "bikini models, sexy schoolgirls and topless glamour models." For the fee users can go on "cyber dates" with the girls and even have "cyber girlfriends."

Oscar-winning actress or "cyber girlfriend" -- which would you choose?


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$7.99/month? And someone would pay that much for this ugly thing? Ugh, honestly I could not even get excited looking at something so repulsive.
btw.. she is a big liar too, saying she came from Canada and was Amish; there are no Amish in Canada. And guess what, a town/school claim her... here is the link.

1679 days ago


Michelle must have gotten her tats by someone who was just practicing and drunk. They look like they were done by a person who scrawled them on her in a hurry . It's not even that she has a lot of them, they ALL are bad . It's her skin, let her walk around with it vandalized. Maybe it makes her feel special.

1668 days ago


Trying to work through the tmz-eze here: If she was a model for the chat site, doesn't that just mean she was in the pictures they claimed were representative of the potential "dates"? If it was a chat site, could have been anybody doing the actual "cyberdates". Somehow the Married With Children episode comes to mind when Peg's visiting mom (the one never seen but only described in horrendous detail) turned out to be the "hot girl" on the other end of the 900 phone line for one of Al's buddies....

1678 days ago


Jesse, now that Sandra left you, you can bring your girlfriend to your house, perhaps move her in. You can compare tattoos. It's for sure Sandra is not coming back to your sorry a$$. I feel so sorry for your kids because they are now left with a father with really poor judgement and they may be forced to go back to their mother. For your kids' sake, I hope they can at least keep contact with Sandra.

1678 days ago


How many kids do these people have between them. TMZ, I'd like to have their children referenced in EACH AND EVERY article, so we can remember how many little hearts are broken along with the grown-ups' hearts. What a pig of a man. You don't deserve to be called anyone's father.

1678 days ago


I think she used to work for back in the day - umm.. in case my wife reads this, I read that somewhere :)

1678 days ago


while i agree that it's despicable to enagage in an extramarital affair..and i love Sandy!! I hate to see women with tattoos get a bad rap..We should be judged by our actions and deeds not what we have on our skin.. Some of us are decent, hardworking, good people, then you have michelle.. one bad apple ruins the barrel..

1677 days ago


McGee, you are freaking me D:>

anyone wanna to hook up with this girl? D:>

1677 days ago


Ok. This THING is NASTY!!!!!! Am I the only person that thinks she looks like a female Marylin Manson!!!???? She is just plain FUGLY!!!!! WTF was Jessee thinking!!!! Is this what he wants around his children!!???? I guess trash flocks to trash!!!!! I cant imagine what Mrs. Bullock must be feeling right now. And the only reason Miss TRASH OF THE MONTH came out with her HUGE STORY is because she is a money grubbing HAGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1676 days ago


I know her personally. She's alright...met her in a class at Mesa College in San Diego. Little freaky but nice...she had plans of going to mortuary school.

1676 days ago


this women looks like the trashy women ever. i cant say anything about her cause i dont know her but from the pics and the fact she knowingly slept with a married man makes me believe she is one of the biggest sluts out there trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. i cant get over the fact that some people are saying she is hot and is not to blame. i wish really bad things for her

1676 days ago


Hot. This woman is nothing less than incredibly sexy hot. James just screwed up by marrying a chick-flick she-bozo. He was prolly blinded by the stardom, but he came back to the flesh. You'd do the same. You're only as loyal as your options.

1675 days ago


This women looks like she hasnt showered in years. Flithy,dirty,skanky....I wouldnt let my dog screw that.
Cant wait to see her at 60 years old.....ewwwwwwwwwww.

1675 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Tattoed freaks are mental cases 100%.
Sandra must be really lousy in bed for Jesse to go for this skank.

1680 days ago


Let's see the meatflaps!

1680 days ago
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