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Jesse James' Alleged Mistress -- Webcam Model

3/19/2010 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michelle "Bombshell" McGee -- the woman who allegedly came between Jesse James and Sandra Bullock -- can be yours ... for just $7.99/minute.

Jesse James

McGee was a model for something called -- a chat site with "bikini models, sexy schoolgirls and topless glamour models." For the fee users can go on "cyber dates" with the girls and even have "cyber girlfriends."

Oscar-winning actress or "cyber girlfriend" -- which would you choose?


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1615 days ago


ew she seem like a 1 nite stand not no reoccurring bitches

1615 days ago


Why not both? Don't try to tie the man down! Porn stars! Webcam girls! Sandra freaking Bullock! He deserves it all! He makes motorcycles for God's sake!

But seriously, what did Sandra Bullock see in this guy?

1615 days ago


If he is willing to pork sub-humans like this, you have to wonder if Cinnabuns ran away to quit being used like a sheep in the south. Sandra must have taken one look at this "thing" her husband cheated on her with and laughed her a$$ off.

Sandra...dump him, pay him off and let him go back to sewer hunting for his next lay. This is far from him "cheating", this is a case of him still having too much of the "trailer trash" in his blood. get out while the getting is good and find a new and classier man.

1615 days ago


For some reason I have "Dude looks like a lady" stuck in my head...

1615 days ago


I thought Jesse may be different and be a man who can handle having a wife that is more successful than you. Obviously not for him at all. Really, Jesse, Really!!! She has a freakin' tattoo oh her ugly ass forehead and looks like she has many diseases! Couldn't be happy in a stable relationship with a woman who bonded and accepted your kids and even went to bat for you to get custody! Jesse James you are a pathelic disappointment and far from being a real man!!!!

1615 days ago


I've seen most of Sandra Bullock's and Jesse James' public woek and personas.

This is just plain sad.

1615 days ago

Reality Check    

Jesse is a nice guy and just because this skank says she had an affair with him does not make it true. Let's see how this all plays out, the truth will reveal itself eventually. If it's true then shame on Jesse if it's not true then shame on everyone for condeming
an innocent man. What a mess.

1615 days ago


Those are professional photographs and she's still butt ugly and skanky as all get out. $7.99 per minute for what? To look at a butt ugly looking dogface! His dog Cinnabun is cuter. Woof!! I'd rather spent less and rent a great Sandra Bullock movie.

1615 days ago

Just Sayin    

Once a dog always a dog!

She is an disgusting WHORE!

1615 days ago

Malibu Barbie    

Oh wow Jesse was it worth it....and your slut gf...does it feel good about your 15 minutes....enjoy it looser

1615 days ago

The Truth    

This guy just did Sandra the biggest favor of her life... dump this loser!

1615 days ago


I feel bad for Sandra. I never understood that connection anyway (not that I ever put much thought into it). But from her interviews she believed in him and thought he was the best man who ever came along in her life. I hope she can find strength and kiss his ass to the curb. Too bad that her loving relationship with his kids has affected them too. His ex sounds like she travels in the same circles as this one. Goes to go show you can't change the spots .... or the ink. Bless you Sandra,

1615 days ago


I don't think there's enough antibiotics, bleach, Listerine, etc. in this world that a man could use after being with this "thing" to make me even consider letting him touch me again. RUN, SANDRA, RUN!!

TMZ - WHY jump on the bandwagon of giving this skank the publicity she's seeking?

1615 days ago

Jessica Deol    

i was talkin to comment #10 idiot.

1615 days ago
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