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Tiger Woods Wife Does Disappearing Act

3/19/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Call it coincidence, but Elin Nordegren has been completely absent from the family home in Isleworth, Florida, where Tiger Woods is living -- MIA for the last two days.

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Elin had been a regular at the house until Wednesday. No one is saying whether her absence is connected to Tiger's text messages to Joslyn James, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist ...


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These are some moronic comments. I especially love the ones where you guys talk to the people in the article - "Elin: get out while you can!". So stupid.

So much speculation here and you guys really know nothing at all. She's likely hanging out at home and, because she hasn't actually gone outside in 2 days, it's reported that she's not at the house. Regardless, who cares? You people need to get a life and worry about yourself and making progress in your own lives, rather than sitting around all day bashing on celebs who are more accomplished than you will ever be (at this rate). Get your acts together and stop wasting time participating in virtueless acts online because it makes you feel better to chop down at those who tower above you. Find your self satisfaction elsewhere.

1677 days ago



You can control your actions but you can not control the
consequences of your actions.

1677 days ago


Brandy #45 --- TMZ just reports on what people do ..... they didn't "destroy" Tiger's life. The bimbos he laid with didn't either. He did it to himself. He is a grown man, not an naive, innocent adolescent.

1677 days ago


Nothing says "I love you" like a good old piss & choke!

1677 days ago


Those whores are just trying to wreck his marriage.
He was an idiot but I still hope Tiger and elinh can salvage their marriage.

1677 days ago


These whore's just will not go away! I think Elin is going to have to get a skin of leather to cope with this unending media! These details are disgusting to say the least. My heart goes out to Elin not knowing she married such a sick man!

1677 days ago

Politico Pablo    

He should've gone ahead and payed that witch off, and saved himself a whole lot of grief.
Everyone hates to be extorted for money, but now she is out to seek revenge for him not paying up.

1677 days ago


Exclusive photo of Tiger practicing for the Masters today!

1677 days ago


"travcm" #47 post
Sorry but Tiger doesn't tower above me. He has no morals and is low as a snake. As for people posting their opinions, it's just entertainment and distraction , at least for me.

Besides, what do you expect in a dumbed-down country like this is where politicians don't listen to or represent the average working person? Do you expect us to discuss politics, art, literature, history, or what on TMZ? What do you expect when we're immersed in pop culture, gossip, sleazy scandals, etc.? You're here reading this stuff, so get off your judgemental high horse.

1677 days ago


Everyone knows Tiger cheated on his wife,....but not everyone knew that Joslyn James was a whore.

Now we know.

1677 days ago


The hooker has accomplished what she set out to do Thanks to the media this is never going to die down Wounds will never heal ONLY perverts are reading the the hookers text EW should leave but not because you keep cramming everyone down our throats Now the reporting is going to destroy a family

1677 days ago


when elin married tiger she had to sign all sorts of things. she knew she was entering into a business/marriage and as for her staying now, more of the same thing. she is part of a business and she can not just walk. i believe they will stay together because this has become a business arraignment. does anyone other than me wonder why they took family pictures of babies days old and straight out of the womb, it looks like tiger was never home and this was the only time she could lock him down. i believe she knew alot of this stuff was going on but not to this degree but as long as he kept it secret out of her face and she remained Mrs.Tiger Woods, wife of the worlds best golfer, most beautiful, blond haired, blue eyed white girl and be treated like the catch she is purported to be she was willing to look the other way. Perhaps something could be wrong with her too. i think the whole thing is halarious, this is why sports stars like white women, they let them get away this kind of stuff and put up with alot more than a black women ever would. Tiger hates being black and it shows. He has never even taken a picture standing next to a black women in case she might like or speak to him. LOL Guess what tiger you are black and this is what white people do to black people.

1677 days ago


It looks like most people do not want to hear ANYMORE about the whores or what tiger said or who JJ did. So why is the reporting still giving free advertising to WHORES. Have they rebuilt Chile yet? Honestly the husbands deserve the reporters up their butts however the wife & kids get killed in the cross fire. Assassins!!!
STOP giving free advertising to WHORES.

1677 days ago


Why is it when a married man cheats many feel most of the blame goes to the women he cheated with? Tiger brought this on himself, he got involved with these sluts. Its quite amusing reading the comments of people defending Tiger while blasting these women. Yes they are sluts, home-wreckers, whatever you want to call them, but tiger is responsible for his own actions, and all this fall out is because he caused it. HE IS NO VICTIM, and he has obviously done a great job convincing many that he somehow is one now. Elin will do what is best for her and her kids, and it's no ones right to tell her what she should and should not do.

1677 days ago

tiger'smomaphonytoo's Tiger Slimefest......and soon The Masters in the South, beautiful Augusta, Georgia...oh the history and decorum.....but first...

THE WHORES parading in their finest, sporting spicy texts from Tiger. Tears (?) streaming from their faces, hide the children, close the churches...

Tiger Woods is coming to town!

1677 days ago
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