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Tiger Woods Wife Does Disappearing Act

3/19/2010 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Call it coincidence, but Elin Nordegren has been completely absent from the family home in Isleworth, Florida, where Tiger Woods is living -- MIA for the last two days.

Tiger Woods, Elin Nordegren

Elin had been a regular at the house until Wednesday. No one is saying whether her absence is connected to Tiger's text messages to Joslyn James, but it doesn't take a rocket scientist ...


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Tiger is a Massive Tool.

1681 days ago


Elin is so pretty! What the hell was Tiger thinking, fooling around with all those women?

1681 days ago


I feel badly for Elin. The reality is that the work to keep their marriage together has only begun. Tiger is going to have A LOT of skeletons coming out of his closet, and his wife is consisently and constantly going to be getting it hit upside her head. If they survive, it will take YEARS and YEARS of consistent positive behavior by Tiger. What a mess.
Hang in there Elin.

1681 days ago

AM Hood    

How do we know the messages were or are from Notorius TIG. May not be, for all we know.If I were his wife I would ignore the press and all the stupid S$$$. Be with him or without him. This skank is CRAZY and still looking to make money off this families back. Go get lost some where, we are tired of all the lies. Just trying to keep your name out there. You have not yet gotten any offers from Hollywood and looks like you will not so STOP TRYING. It is over the gig is up!! You are old news and a old lady. Go get a make over and try again with Jessie James or someone else. Actually I am surprised she did not come out to say she had been with Jessie. HER own mom said she was a liar, why should we believe anything she says. GO AWAY OLD LADY.HIDE YOUR UGLY FACE IN SOMEONE ELSE PANTS. I NEVER BELIEVED SHE WAS WITH TIGER. TRYING TO MAKE SOME MONEY DOING NOTHING.

1681 days ago


I don't know why Elin would bother to try to keep a so-called marriage like that together after what he's done. He even told his mistresses that their marriage was a "sham". If I were her, I'd have been out the door in a flash and it would be over.

1681 days ago


Msfaye, I agree with most of what you said. I think this was a marriage made in the bank, not in heaven. Tiger made Elin sign a prenup, and maybe they had other agreements too. Perhaps it was understood that he was going to F'around, and Elin knew what she was getting into, but when the kids came along her attitude changed. Bottom line, Tiger was messing around royally right from the start, so that proves he didn't give a damn about Elin or his marriage (aside from the image he wanted).

1681 days ago


How does TMZ really know that Elin has been "gone" for two days? Is this info based on another one of their vague "sources"..?

1681 days ago


I would like to start by saying I lead a solitary life so I don’t know nothing about anything take that however u would like. I don’t make a habit of following others lives religiously but it’s hard not to know what is going on in tiger’s life. Secondly I want to say sorry if I offend anyone that is not my intention but it just seems to happen. So if I do offend you all I have to say is this ohh well s**t happens. now I don’t know about the rest of America but I’m so tired of hearing about Tiger Woods sex life he’s not the only man to cheat on his wife and face it ladies we cheat just as much. People this is the modern age where cheating really isn’t that uncommon. Grow sure there are better things to discuss like how f**ked the government is now. They are like squabbling children. Back to the topic. What I want to know is when Tiger and Elin got married did they marry the paparazzi and you all as well? Or was it just between them if so then yall need to back off. It’s no wonder elin disappeared. This is between them let them work it out. Tiger, what the heck? I`ve seen some of your "mistresses" and I can’t help but think "WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" your wife is HOT and no I’m not a lesbian I have a son to prove it. My point is some of your mistresses obviously have had too much plastic surgery they look like Barbie dolls all different shapes and sizes. But plastic none the less. Then again perhaps that’s why u like them. Now “mistresses ” When I say Barbie it’s the nicest word I can think of.1 they are pretty and always smiling widely 2.they are always fashionable. 3 they are every girls dream come true. Just not mine, I wouldn’t want to be one, I’d rather be myself. Besides u ever wonder why there are more Barbies than kens? I know the answer, do you? Barbies are always good for getting down and partying hard literally. While I am talking about mistresses some of them have said they were paid money to sleep with u so why the hell are they not in jail? If they have accepted money that means they are prostitutes and should be arrested like any other American rather than getting richer off of tigers growing defamatory. I don’t have a problem with prostiution you got to do what you have to in order to survive. But a good prostitute is someone who knows how to please while keeping their mouth shut. One who does not kiss and tell on clients rich or poor ugly or pretty. Kissing and telling is not right. I also wonder how many of these mistresses threw themselves at him. People will do anything to gain fame like screw a golf star. Tiger, Elin why did u marry each other? What attracted u to each other? Can u make each other happy? Can the other make you happy? But most importantly can u still be friends for your child’s sake. If u can make yourself and the other feel good than work it out if u can’t than split up but remain friends. You two alone need to make the decision don’t let the paparazzi or anyone else tell u what to do. This is your life live it and tell the paparazzi and everyone else to f**k off. Maybe then they will give u some space. Elin I will tell u this if u are willing to forgive and forget then learn to kick some ho ass. If u don’t know how than start taking karate it’s as good a place to start as any. but u need to fight for your man make sure all the Barbies know he’s yours and if they still want to go after him then don’t be afraid to get a little bloody, and kick their butt. That’s all I have to say for now and once again sorry if I offended u S**T Happens So Live With It.

1681 days ago


She had 3 hour meeting with her attorneys and now she is missing. She may have had it and no one can blame her. That porn star gal reminds me of "fatal attraction" movie. She is very scary.

1681 days ago


If Elin stays with Tiger, it is clear that she is a GOLDDIGGER and she deserves what she got. If she is stupid enought to think that he wont do it again, and if she has no self-respect and stays with him then she is a dil-dette. Tiger is a grade A a$$hole and deserves to be heckled because he is a phony two-faced liar to EVERYONE. To present yourself as a good, moral, cerebral family man when you are the EXACT opposite??? How can any company stay with him with respect to endorsments? He has NO CREDIBILITY and he is slimy.

No more NIKE for me, or any other crap he wants to push on us. I'm fed up with people saying, 'well, he said he was sorry, so now it is time to forgive him." I decided whether or not to forgive someone, and I'm not going to let the media tell me that I have to. I'm sick of forgiving these 'celebrities' who are not truely remorseful, but sorry they got caught. They dont deserve fame, they don't deserve respect, and they did not EARN my forgiveness. If Elin forgives him, she is a DING DONG and deserves to catch a venereal disease.

1681 days ago


....i know, she had to travel to go see her divorce lawyer... but can you blame her?

1681 days ago


This is how a mystery writer would end this: Tiger gets angry at the release of factual information that makes him look like a diseased rodent. Nike doesn't like it, panics, calls Tiger. Tiger freaks out, hires henchmen to kill several mistresses. People in the porn and entertainment security business find out, sidetrack the henchmen on the day of duty, Tiger finds out, Tiger tries to kill them personally, gets close, but then Tiger is shot dead by a hooker who already had an abortion via Tiger, and then the PGA declares a national golf holiday and everyone has a new highball called "Jesper's Revenge", with a tiny Green Jacket stir stick and everyone's happy. The End.

1681 days ago


It ain't over for Tiger until the Judge declares, "...Divorce Granted."

1681 days ago


MESSAGE TO ELIN: Elin, no matter what sort of a horrid experience Tiger is, and is trying to dump on you, you have more powerful options, and you are MOST CERTAINLY in charge or your own life, and the life of the kids. You must act independently to improve the situation and everyone is on your side. Choose the path of dignity, health, respect, good living and please realize that a thorough enjoyment of life is yours again very very soon if you commit to the correct path and know you're on it. You will then be immune to Tiger Woods and be free of him in your life. He's evil. The kids will have their sane environment back. Spend no more time listening to the snaky whining of Tiger, his lawyers or Nike's reps or any other snakey business rep. The tide not only changed, you now know it's nothing but a totally destructive tsunami and YOU have no intention of being swept out to sea with Tiger Woods where you and the kids would essentially be destroyed. Life is for living. So get to it! 50 pushups! Call the divorce lawyer! Cheers!

1681 days ago
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