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Joslyn James: Tiger's BFF Arranged Meetings

3/19/2010 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joslyn James is getting ready to unleash another load of Tiger Woods' dirty laundry on her salacious website. This time it's about Tiger's good friend allegedly helping to set up rendezvous for her and Tiger. Sound familiar?

Tiger Woods, Bryon Bell, Joslyn James

We're told Joslyn will release emails -- on -- that she received from Bryon Bell in 2007. One e-mail details an alleged meeting in Charlotte from April 27-May 2. Woods had a PGA event that began May 3 in Charlotte -- he won.

The second alleged trip was in July 2007 to Washington D.C. For that trip Joslyn was in town during the actual PGA event -- Tiger finished tied for sixth.

As we first reported, Bryon -- a childhood friend and President of Tiger Woods Design -- also helped arrange a November tryst for Tiger and Rachel Uchitel in Australia.


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SYD - Sorry to disappoint you and YOUR fantasies. I am a woman and I think this woman is just a prostitute and a whore. So, guess what, you are wrong. Many woman don't condone this type of behavior. Joslyn is an opportunist, an extortionist and.....last but not least, a w-h-o-r-e. So there.

1617 days ago


115. Boy oh boy, the Gay Men For Tiger Team sure hates women!!!!
You can review the previous comments and pretty easily identify all of it's members by their use of the words whore, slut and other derogatory terminology.
These same gay men, as well as the lezzies commenting on the subject, are the very ones praying that old T-man will pick them next to play out his poop and pee fantasies. The ugly green-eyed jealousy monster has reared it's head.
Sad to say, but woodie sure ain't queer, so you boys will have to continue your scat games alone with masturbation fantasies.

Posted at 4:04PM on Mar 19th 2010 by SYD

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LOL! Your post is hilarious!! Thanks for that 'way down deep in the belly' laugh & AMEN! You couldn't be more on the mark with your comment:)

btw-to the poster who commented about 'golf groupies': I didn't even know there WAS such a thing until all this 'Tiger mess'! LOL! Your right. Seems like a very sad, pathetic lot they are, huh?!

1617 days ago


Go back to the hole you came from slut.........Why would you want to hurt Tigers wife and kids you PIG.

1617 days ago


Suggestion: if you want to show moral support for Team Elin, please wear a "Team Elin" button on the weekend of the Masters Tournament, April 8,9,10,11, especially if you are going to be in the Augusta area or have day passes to attend the tournament. Thank you.

1617 days ago

danger baby    

I am not a golf groupie, and certainly not on anyone's side -- Josyln's or Tiger's. But I see nothing wrong with calling someone out on a fraud they are perpetrating against the public, e.g., Tiger representing that as a family man he made a few mistakes and that he is all better now.

The eMails tell a story of someone who has zero regard for women. He had zero regard for his wife, he had zero regard for the dozens of women he led on or peed on. Sure, some of them knew what they were doing, and some of them knew they were with a married man (the one's who didn't believe his lies about how his marriage was on the rocks), but if they were led to believe they were the 'only one', as many of them were, then I just cannot in my heart manage to feel sorry for him.

He has more than just sex addiction (a convenient moniker) to work out. He has morality and VALUES to work out. For some reason, he did not believe he had to be 'real' with anyone. It's just astonishing really, the depth of his deception.

And I am NOT just talking about the kinky sex. Btw, plenty of women have had multiple sex partners outside of marriage, and not once been peed on, choked, or called dirty names. Tiger is NOT representative of all men. That is NOT the norm, as some here claim.

He had this coming and I think bringing the details now can only help.

We're going to know it all before this is all over with anyway, and there isn't really much he can do about it.

1617 days ago

danger baby    

I thought gay men liked women, they just don't want to have sex with them (because they think our genitalia is gross). I'd rather have a rosette than franks 'n beans!

1617 days ago

danger baby    

Or should I have said 'one frank and two beans'? Whatever.

1617 days ago


Joslyn James, SHUT UP!

1617 days ago


Joslyn James, SHUT UP!

1617 days ago


Joslyn James, SHUT UP!

1617 days ago


man, you sure put it to old SYD.
Actually, you more than proved his point. Thanks.
You are indeed one of the fat, smelly ladies she was commenting on.
I certainly hope you are NOT actually mentoring anyone other than other lonely, ignorant wannabe Woodie sperm targets?
We got one word for ya --- dingleberry....
Eat some more tubby.

1617 days ago


Why is it she held these texts for so long and why do all of these women save them? Money!!! How come we never get to see what they write to him? This woman is a pig and she is hurting Elin over and over. She has a child and that child will read this stuff too. What a pity she has no respect for herself so why should we. She must hate him big time to want to get even that bad. Well, what comes around goes around.

1617 days ago


Thank you for your great sense of humor, and superior intelligence.


1617 days ago


Tiger was wrong for his indiscretions. But at the same time where was this woman when the alleged affair first started? Also, if she is so distraught why is she constantly in the news. Obviously she cannot get a real job and do something constructive in society. She is getting way too much coverage for admitting to having sex with a married man regardless who he is. Elin should be getting more coverage if anyone, not these groupies who have sex with married men and expect kudos and fortune in return for reporting it.

1617 days ago


At first, I was really angry with tiger for what he did having relationships with these kind of skanky women but i'm beginning to see the reason why. I'm in no way condoning tiger's action, but it seems to me that tiger engaged with these women because they were willing. Yes he did play around, it was wrong, and very disrespectful to his wife. These revelations tell more about these woman than they do tiger. No women in their right mind would be satisfied with just being a mistress. It was perfectly fine to them that tiger was married and they were more than willing to be with him just to be his side dish. I can't believe this porn star has such low self-respect that she allowed tiger to do those things to her. Tiger didn't force these woman to do anything against their will, they were consenting adults. These skanks/whores are so dumb and conceited that they think sharing these details gives them confidence that people look up to them as special for tiger choosing to be with them. HELLO SKANKS/WHORES WAKE UP TIGER CHOSE TO HAVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH YOU BECAUSE HE KNEW THAT YOU ARE DUMB ENOUGH AND SLUTTY ENOUGH TO ACCEPT WHAT HE WANTED TO DO TO YOU SEXUALLY. Everyone deserves a second chance. I'm willing to give tiger a second chance to redeem himself even though he showed his true disgusting colors. I hope that he can recover from this not because i'm rooting for him but because i'm rooting for change. I hope that this guy can change for the better because his family who had his back this whole time deserves A BETTER HUSBAND, FATHER, FRIEND, SON, ETC. GOOD LUCK TIGER BECAUSE I'M TELLING YOU THESE SKANKS WILL NEVER MOVE ON AND WILL CONTINUE TO DEGRADE THEMSELVES FOR THEIR GOD "MONEY".

1617 days ago
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