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MTV Tells 'Jersey Shore' Cast to Pack Their Crap

3/20/2010 1:29 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Jersey Shore" Season 2 is about to take off -- we're told MTV has instructed their cast of meatheads and divas to pack their stuff and get ready to destroy the innocence of another city.

Sources say MTV camera crews will start paying visits to the homes of Snooki, The Situation, DJ Pauly D, Ronnie, Vinny, Jwoww, and Sammie this coming weekend to tape them as they attempt to cram their giant egos into carry-on luggage.

We're told the cast is supposed to fly out to Season 2's mystery location some time next week.

No word yet on whether Angelina made the cut ... if anyone actually cares.


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Can't wait to see some more entertaining episodes of Jersey Shore. The show gets me more excited than split infinitives.

1644 days ago


I can't wait for season 2, rage! Angelina would make a good gimmick for the show.. like keep her around for 2 or 3 EPs and drop her. I'd love to see the tension between the cast, and her! Well, after watching season 1 -- possibly it's a good idea for her to stay far away from the rest of the "jersey shore cast", for her own sake..

1644 days ago


Gosh darnit,'re a real hoot.

1644 days ago


So... It's "Jersey Shore" Season 2... Except it's not in Jersey? That's almost as dumb as "Reno 911!: Miami"...

1644 days ago



1644 days ago


TMZ is the "BEST"!!!!!!!! Thankyou!!!!!!

1644 days ago

Jerry Martin    

I hope someone punches out that snookie creature thing again. That was funny and she needed it.

1644 days ago


See what I mean about the idiot media outlets - newscasts, articles, blogs etc, their headlines are usually lies (and stupid, obvious, bad lies to top it off!) or a twist on the meaning/tone of a word - like this headline was written as if it was negative, like MTV got rid of the Jersey Shore cast - and why, why do they feel they need a spicier headline to make us read it, we would read it if they titled it honestly, example - MTV and The Jersey Shore cast are packin up for their next adventure or whatever??!! The fans will read it as they want to know the scoop - so why use a phrase that is used 99% negatively - pack your crap is slang for kicking someone out, getting rid of them etc so now they look even more stupid as the story is completely different. Oh well, I guess they think the readers, viewers and fans are just stupid and gullible - that they can be easily suckered....and obviously the public doesn't mind looking like idiots as they just read away without ever saying a word.........follow the leader, don't think for yourself, believe everything you're told......

1644 days ago


I wonder if anti-Jersey Shore residents of Miami will try to disrupt the show. More than likely the locals don't care and would rather let the cast make asses of themselves on their own.

1644 days ago

Nasty Nate    

And this is the reason the USA is looked down on as a bunch of backwoods hicks. This pack of fools needs to be shipped off to Iraq to play in the streets. We would at least have entertaining IED disposals as they could save the lives of soldiers by walking in advance of convoys.

1644 days ago

J C    

MTV is ghettovision

1644 days ago


If anyone see's them while filming, let people know. I know a few people that would love to fly to them, and kick the crap out of Ronnie, and Mike.
I'm sure if i know a few people that are waiting to find out where they are...others may be thinking the same thing.

1644 days ago


hmmmm anyone else wondering if garbage bags will be a form of luggage this time?

1644 days ago

Dirt Burger    

These Jersey Shore losers are so overexposed I don't think any one will want to watch their show. I mean how many times can we watch Chicked head "The situation" lift his shirt and show his 2 pack? It's time for these low lifes to climb back in their hole.

1644 days ago

Dirt Burger    

I know a few MMA trained guys from the gym that would like to run into tough guy Ronnie. But it won't be 1 punch kid! more like Ronnie beoing chocked out in 25 seconds

1644 days ago
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