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Tyson's Pigeon Show - Gambling Accusations Fly

3/21/2010 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Animal Planet and Mike Tyson are the target of an investigation after being accused of illegal gambling -- and it all has to do with the boxing champ's new reality show about pigeon racing.

PETA's Miky Tyson Letter: Click to View!

The District Attorney in Brooklyn -- where Mike's pigeon show "Taking on Tyson" will be filmed -- tells TMZ they received a letter claiming the production violates New York's gambling laws ... because it profits off animal racing.

We're told they're currently looking into the claims.

Animal Planet tells us there won't be any wagering on the show ... but a rep for PETA -- who wrote the letter -- claims making any money off animal racing (including Tyson's salary) is illegal, so the point is moot.


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Really? can't Mike get away with anything.

1677 days ago


I think they should move the show from Brooklyn to some other place and be done with it. But....

They have OTB in Brooklyn, I am from there and I know the money that is bet in those parlors, they bet on horses, whether they are running in a Brooklyn track means nothing, they are still making money on it in Brooklyn. They are making money on racing animals why are pidgeons diffeent? do they even fall into the same category as animals? If it were anyone else but Mike Tyson they probably wouldnt have said a word. But right is right, a horse race pays a lot of money in Brooklyn OTB parlors, I dont't care where the horse is racing, he is shown on the TV running the race and you bet on him right there in Brooklyn.

1677 days ago

Jerry Martin    

First! Is Tyson going to bite the heads off the pigeons?

1677 days ago

Allen Ridak    

Don't they have horse racing in New York?

1677 days ago


TMZ, a lesson in the English language.

"Moot" actually means "open to debate" and not "not worthy of discussing" as most people use it.

1677 days ago

chris caruthers    

Where was PETA prior to the advertisement for Tyson's upcoming show. It seems like they had all the informnation about Frank Viola. I guess it wasn't noteworthy that a 87 year old man was participating in this illegal activity. What about that PETA?

1677 days ago



See entry two.

Main Entry: 3moot
Function: adjective
Date: circa 1587

1 a : open to question : debatable b : subjected to discussion : disputed
2 : deprived of practical significance : made abstract or purely academic

1677 days ago


Isn’t there horse races and dog races??? Sorry to say but after PETA complained about the President killing a fly I think PETA is a joke… No support for them at all.

1676 days ago


Does PETA go after people who breed animals and sell the pups too? Does PETA attack everyone who eats meat, drink milk, and owns a dog?

1676 days ago


@flammenberge, post 5:
TMZ used moot in the legal context that it is most commonly used, and they used it correctly. Actually knowledge of the subject in necessary before you go around trying to teach/correct others.

1676 days ago


iron mike, the best heavy weight champ ever!!! let him be

1676 days ago


are you kidding me? bird racing has gone on here in new york for many generations I have never heard of anyone being bother by the law about this before .I know poeple have raced for 40+ years here and never any problems and they are not hiding the fact they have birds or are race them.I think someone has it in for Tyson the guy never get a break .

1676 days ago


PETA is a joke. All the people at PETA are idiots.

1676 days ago


You have to be kidding, right?!!! Pigeon racing has been going on for at least a hundred years, wasn't PETA interested then or is it just that being NY and the gaming laws they figure they can get around it?! By the way technically a pigeon is not an animal - it's a BIRD lol!! Perhaps PETA just wants to rant a bit more for publicity and is using Mike Tyson to vent their spleen on - got to say PETA doesn't know where to draw the line though. Absolute nutters!!! Let's hope the pigeons know where the PETA lawyer's office is and that they visit regularly to crap all over them the way they do the rest of us lol!!

1676 days ago


peta is a joke and the only bigger joke are the IDIOTS that support it.The only reason it exists is because of brain dead celebs.

1676 days ago
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