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War Brewing over MJ's 'Thriller' Musical

3/23/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson is coming to Broadway, whether his estate likes it or not ... at least that's what the most famous Broadway family says.

Nederlander Presentations has filed a creditor's claim, but it's not asking for money. Nederlander wants the probate judge to tell the executors they have no choice but to honor a contract Michael Jackson inked in 2008 for a musical stage play featuring music from "Thriller" and "Off the Wall."

The production hit a major road bump last year, when John Landis sued Michael Jackson, claiming MJ couldn't make a deal for the musical without his sign off. Landis directed "Thriller." That suit is pending.

Howard Weitzman, legal guru for the MJ estate, tells TMZ, "I've seen their creditor's claim. I don't agree with their request."


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Daphne Lorincz    


Does anyone know who the person was that was hired as the nanny for the kids at the time of MJ's death?

I have looked and looked for who this person was....why can't I find it??????????????

Posted at 12:07AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Chico

Chico, I found this on the net just now - an excerpt from an article:-

"It also emerged that Jackson’s brother Jermaine, a Muslim, employed a woman from the Nation to look after the children in Michael’s final weeks".

I remember reading that this lady was an elderly lady, but I didn 't get the name. It was an elderly lady from the NOI.

Posted at 1:29AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Daphne Lorincz

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1677 days ago

I want ya back!    

Off the Wall - certainly is!! :)

1677 days ago


Oh he is so damn ugly it hurts to look at him why did he do this?

1677 days ago

Daphne Lorincz    

343. 341. Hello everyone,

The kids had also a teacher.
I never find anything about that person.

Posted at 1:49AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Yelena

I found this on the net. An excerpt from an article as per Grace Ramaramba's interview:-

"Michael always got angry. But what was most shocking to me is that the children don't even have a teacher. They can't play with other children and don't have a teacher to help them learn about the world."

How trustworthy is Grace, I don't know. I heard she became rich after MJ's passed away.

Posted at 2:02AM on Mar 23rd 2010 by Daphne Lorincz

1677 days ago


please Michael come back

please Michael come back

please Michael come back

1677 days ago

Linda Lovelest    

The stiff stiffed somebody again.

1677 days ago


If it was Michael's wish to have Thriller on Broadway they should honor it. "Knowing" Michael, he would probably love it.

1677 days ago


A contract Wacko Jacko signed might actually get honored??? NOW THAT IS A NOVELTY!!!

B.I.H. (Burn In Hell) MJ.

1677 days ago


My guess, OhWell, would be two weeks.

1677 days ago


good morning daphne, i dont know about grace i dont trust any of those woman that were employed by mj, i have always said that in my gut i feel in the end there will be a woman tangled in this mess of lies and that nurse cherylee or whatever her name is?? she is first on my list. they all seem shady to mj- sue from tampa

1677 days ago


The production company probably offered him $50, a bottle of Demerol, a peter pan sticker, and some jolly ranchers.

Seriously, I hope the production company wins because SOMEONE has got to make MJ honor the contracts he signs and pay the people he owes. I am sure MJ got $$$ for allowing the company to produce the musical with his music and with the thriller video concept (which is why Landis is mad).

1677 days ago


John Landis, a multi-multi-multi-millionaire holding them back cause they didn't get his permission (I.E. pay him) ...exactly when will these greedy dirtbags have enough money and power?

I don't know who would go see it except the fanboi tards and the "we have to go to get our picture in the paper and to show we are hip dudes and dudettes."

I couldn't give a rats a$$ about MJ, but it is awfully sad to see such a sea of leeches coming out of the woodwork to make a dime off of him.

As far as I'm concerned, give each of his kids 1 million to cover them until they reach 18 and another million upon reaching 18...other than that screw them and the rest of MJ's parasite family members...throw them in the street and make them earn a living like everyone else does.

Now if you'll excuse me, there is a John Wayne film Festival know...A REAL star!

1677 days ago


Yes, an estate can be held to a prior contract. However, the legality of the contract came into question when John Landis sued (and he had every right to as MJ was again trying to screw him out of money as the 50% owner of Thriller), If Landis wins his pending case, the contract is null and void, and both the estate and Landis would have to sign off on the project.

1677 days ago


by Raise The Curtain
you are the one who will be B.I.H.

1677 days ago


Landis owns 50% of Thriller. It was MICHAEL who has been screwing him for years and why Landis sued him for back royalties and why he sued to stop this contract. MJ had no legal right to sign a contract on his own for anything to do with a Thriller production.

I guess if you owned 50% of something, you would just sit idle when you haven't been paid for years while someone else decided to take all the money on their own. Your statement is ridiculous. It was MJ that was the greedy dirtbag.

People in their idol worship just seem to forget how many people MJ screwed along the way out of royalties, income, their wages.

25. John Landis, a multi-multi-multi-millionaire holding them back cause they didn't get his permission (I.E. pay him) ...exactly when will these greedy dirtbags have enough money and power?

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1677 days ago
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