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Sandra Bullock, Jesse James Lawyer Up

3/23/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources tell TMZ reps for both Sandra Bullock and Jesse James have been interviewing divorce lawyers.

We're told Sandra's reps have been in touch with several high-end divorce lawyers. Our sources say Lance Spiegel, who handled divorces for Charlie Sheen, Heather Locklear and Michael Jackson, is the frontrunner.

As for Jesse, we're told his business people have contacted several lawyers as well, but he will not be initiating the divorce. We're told his reps are asking the attorneys "if they'd be interested in taking the case" if Sandra files.

As for whether a divorce petition will be filed, one source simply said, "Something's happening."


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Sandra I too am a Virginian and you are the funniest actress on the screen. My husband had 26 affairs before I finally wised up and left. Life will go on, you can't cut your love off like tap water and you will always have a place in your heart for Jesse. But you are so talented and beautiful, you will make it through, there will be tears and heartache but they do lessen with time. Trust me. I was married for over 30 years. I always thought of you being with Keanu Reeves after seeing Speed. You two had great chemistry. I know he is taken but when you flash that big smile you make men fantasize. I often wondered what you saw in Jesse but we all have mates and we do not look like a match. Take care and remember you have A LOT of fans standing behind you to catch you if you fall.

1672 days ago


She is so much better than this creep...dump him ASAP and get on with your life, Sandra!

1671 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

First off I would like to say that there is always two sides too every story! It turns out that Sandra really did cheat on Jesse with her boss Jeff. Also, she has over 5 years of smut and very inappropriate shit all over this internet.
The people who knew her best turned out to be right, she was a drug addict with a dunk Indian boyfriend when Jesse took her out of that nightmare and provided her with new homes, cars, ect. ect. for 13 long miserable years.
According to her web traffic she has had multiple affairs on Jesse during their marriage, this will surely make the custody battle over their child interesting. Also, the fact that her boss who she had the affair with is more than likely going to lose his pathetic job!
Oh she didn't tell all of you little Sandra want 2 be's that she had their neighbor take nude pics of her while Jesse left the city to go to work until she could come down. The best part is she told Jesse that they were for him. What is even funnier is the fact that the old pervert who took her pictures daughter in law is all over the pron sites with Sandra. Not to mention all of the filthy disgusting blogs and message boards she is on. You know the best part of it all is the fact that it turns out she is the piece of shit in their marriage, ironic isn't it. I suppose all of you want 2 be Sandra's ought to feel like some real winners, or should I say real wieners! It has been rumored that Jesse said he is disgusted with that tramp of a lying wife and wants nothing to do with her ever again. He also stated that he should have listened to her mother years ago when she told Jesse that she would always be a lying and living a life of secrets and shame. The very sad part is the beautiful child that will forever suffer from her damage that he will eventually learn. I suppose it is just too late to feel sorry for her, she made her bed and now she will have to sleep in it! One really important thing that Jesse did report was the fact that he felt as if people have been following him, his exact words were if one more of those pricks follow me he would chase them down and confront them, harsh words but I can surely understand his frustrations, after all he wants this marriage to work. That was until he found out the real truth about his little internet whore who slept with her boss and has lied about it like it never happened. Jesse did say that he recalled her making a statement that she just likes older men. More power to ya sweetie, I think your headed for a worse mess than you tried to convince everybody you had. The public just cant figure out how you can go 13 years without the police ever being involved, or any type of physical abuse at all, and within a two week period be a raging psycho. I think a good mental health check up is in order for our lovely Sandra, wouldn't you agree?

I suppose in the end what does it really matter right, I mean it is just a little boy who is going to suffer, the parents will get over it. Oh well that is our society today, it is easier to say you have irreconcilable differences and move on to another mess. To bad for the child and the two step children that Sandra abandoned, It her that has to lie down each night and live with her life that has been nothing but lies to everyone that cared about her.

1666 days ago

Reggie Wagstaff    

Sandra, baby, it wasn't one time and it wasn't twice. The final number of Jesse's gal pals will curl your hair. Your way to work it out? Make a movie and star as a woman who is betrayed by the man she loved. We're talking Oscar number two.

1671 days ago

Jesse are you kidding ?    

I felt so bad for Sandra, it feels like a bad dream, I was happy that she won the oscar, and now this ! Sadly, I liked Jesse, and not I think that he is a lose ! All he has had were women that were no were even close to being that of Sandra. He just lost a good / no great person., Sandra, you need to lose this guy, he has cheated with more than one person., was she not enough ? and if not, is a nazi, what you really wanted ? A nazi, Jesse, you are raising kids, let alone you hurt someone you said that you loved., where is the responsibility in that, to show to your kids, let alone to human nature / kindness. The right thing to do, the moral things was to leave Sandra, if you were so unhappy, why do people not do the right thing, the moral thing., so sad, really so sad, So sorry for Sandra, great, person, kind person, just wanted to be loved by someone true., Why Jesse, Why., thought that you were cool,, not cool., not cool at all

1671 days ago

Jesse are you kidding ?    

A comment that was left earlier, stating that Sandra should of know better., are you kidding., this guy, Jesse came off as a good guy, a guy that has changed his ways, and he piled on the charm to her, and like most women, she fell for it., Sandra does know better, but you have to admit, there is something sexy about him. And she is beautiful, who does not want a sexy guy, who is good looking man., But he did not need to treat her this way, He needed to have moral., for heaven sakes he is raising kids., would he like it if someone did this to his kids when they get older., I bet not !!But it is ok to do it to others., He has a responsibility to himself, to his kids, and to Sandra., Jesse you did a mean, immature thing,to someone who loved you, you need to grow up., you were cool., but this was not cool, not at all !! If he was 21 or 29 I would get it., you are immature, but you are not 29 yrs old., sad, so sad, because I liked Jesse, and I love Sandra., playing with someones emotions is just not cool.,

1671 days ago


Go to the rehab. Sit across from him and let him know exactly how this has effected you. Let him know how he ruined your theory on true love and the commitment to marriage. He knew what he was doing. He did this out of insecurity. Stand tall. We love you. Look him in the eye and let it rip. Bastard! I believe you may end up together...first you gotta give it to him.

1665 days ago


i don't know what sandra bullock like about jesse james he look like he ain't no good he just look messy and evil

1665 days ago



1674 days ago


Yes! But WHAT ABOUT THE NAZI PHOTOS w/Jesse James?!?!?!? And Hitler really should come back and take care of Simone, Kooky, and every other loser who types "first" in their messages.

Wastes of flesh.

1674 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

Totally support Sandra in this.

If you don't have your own biological kids with the man... leave.

Also, it's really creepy that after she tells the whole world about her love for Jesse in her Oscar acceptance speech, that he was STILL texting the other woman the week after. That's so callous.

Sandra, be strong. Halle Berry is happy now... give her a buzz.

1674 days ago


He has betrayed his vows to Sandra big time. You will never be able to trust him again. He is not worth it and of all people to betray her with is a tattooed freak Nazi lover. Grosses me out.

1674 days ago


Elin -- take note. This is how you deal with a serial cheater. And this was just one hoe, not fifteen! I guess Elin you are under Tiger's trance, or your vision is being affected by the STD's from your mans unprotected sex with porn stars.

Sandra is way smarter than Elin because she knows that there is no place to go than out the door and into a new better life.

A life with Tiger will be an ongoing hell. remember that when a sociopathic liar is saying he's sorry.... he's still LYING! Duh!!!

1674 days ago


Can't blame Sandra one bit. She's smart to laywer-up. He betrayed her trust. One incident can MAYBE be forgiven, but 11 months, no way! Sandra deserves a wonderful, kind, caring, trustworthy man who will treat her the way she deserves to be treated!!!! She is kind, loving & funny. She should have that in return and more!!! KICK HIS BUTT TO THE CURB Sandra, heal...& eventually move on!!! There are many people that support you in this situation. Praying for you!!!

1674 days ago

This is so, so weird, celebrity or not.
The kids are already affected and 'afflicted."
I've never been moved to respond to celebrity weirdness, but this just so common a horror for celeb kids with conflicted, immature parents.

How in the world are these hugely funded/ sadly overarched/under-guided kids supposed to be---they become actors. And mostly fail. Cuz acting isn't just for peers, usually. It makes a HUGE impact for peers, but it can't quite get you there. ALMOST. 99 percent more than most. But not all the way.

1674 days ago
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