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Finger Pointing in DJ AM Plane Crash

3/24/2010 1:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The jet involved in the horrific, fiery crash that seriously injured DJ AM and Travis Barker -- and killed 4 people back in 2008 -- was defective long before the pilots got in the cockpit, so allege the people who owned and operated the aircraft.

Global Exec Aviation and ITAS Inc. have filed legal papers against the manufacturers -- Learjet and Bombardier -- claiming the plane had "unreasonably dangerous defects" which caused it to crash and burst into flames on September 19, 2008.

GEA and ITAS have already reached financial settlements with the survivors and families who lost loved ones in the crash -- but now the companies want a judge to make the manufacturers reimburse them for the settlements.

The companies are also looking for more than $1,000,000 in additional damages related to the crash.


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Okay... I work for Bombardier and they always get sued because the people who buy the freakin planes don't even care and can't do the maintenance right and usually blows up in their faces... Beeing that I actually help build them I kinda take it personnel especially when I know that we build them while telling ourselves that our families could be on board!!!! BLAME THE OWNERS NOT THE MANUFACTURER!!!!!

1676 days ago

Elvis Twin    

The FAA has certified these planes and thousands fly everyday without problems. Any alleged defects or problems are the result of poor maintenance and operation. Good luck them getting anywhere with the manufacturer or the FAA.

1676 days ago


Rip Adam.

1673 days ago


Seen and Overheard: Antonin Scalia, Jon Stewart in Michael’s Tete-A-Tete

NEW YORK, NY – Fellow diners were surprised over the weekend to see two unlikely American icons sharing the same table at the popular Michael’s Restaurant in Manhattan: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and faux news commentator Jon Stewart.

“The two were wrapped up in an avid discussion, but I couldn’t tell what it was about,” said one lunchtime tablehopper at the prestigious venue, a favorite of former President Bill Clinton. “They were totally engrossed in what the other was saying.”

But diners at an adjacent table suggested that the two seemed to be giving each other “hiring tips.”

Legal author Franz Schuman at the Observer solved the mystery: “Scalia is infamous for staffing his clerks office with 93% men, despite the fact that this breaks pretty much every federal non-discrimination law on the books,” he said. “And Stewart is the same when it comes to staffing his writing team – it’s 20 men, and only a single female. His discriminatory hiring practices are known throughout the industry.”

Stewart, who anchors Comedy Central’s popular “The Daily Show,” and Alito have declined in the past to respond to criticism of their decades-long discriminatory hiring practices.

But Stewart’s chief of staff, Ben Karlin, recently told the New York Times that it is “impossible” to find women who are “funny.”

Michael’s owner Michael McCartny noted that while his restaurant welcomes a wide variety of guests on a regular basis – “even Fidel Castro has dined here” – he would prefer that Alito and Stewart find another place to lunch in the future. “Our restaurant has a very firm policy of non-discrimination,” he said.

1677 days ago


I'll bite,

Whether it’s true or not I wouldn’t know but I've heard a lot of comedians say women writers are just not funny. Although all of them seems to love Tina Fey & Amy Poehler there is a greater consensus that suggest women writers just can’t cut it.
We can all list off a whole bunch of funny comediennes so I don’t understand why they wouldn’t be able to write funny.

1677 days ago


If this was knowen, they should not have let it off the ground!!!!

1677 days ago


so, they either willing and knowingly used a defective plane, or they were negligent in maintenance/inspection that would have shown it to be defective . . . great legal strategy you got there.

1676 days ago


TMZ has the date of the accident wrong. It took place in August 2009.

1676 days ago


Hopefully these butt buddies will have to drop the lawsuits against the innocent pilots estates.

1676 days ago


Alison, you are wrong, the accident took place September 19, 2008. As for knowingly using a defective aircraft, that isn't true. There is a flaw in the design of the aircraft that Lear knew about and the FAA knew about, but not the owners or the operators.

1676 days ago


Allison, they dont have the date wrong. DJ AM died in Aug 09 of an overdose. He didnt die in the plane crash. There are plenty of pictures of him and Travis together with Travis sporting his burn scars from the crash.

Anyway... I agree with a lot of the posters that it's wrong to go after the manufacturer, considering that it should have been regularly maintained and checked for mechanical issues before it left the ground.

1202 days ago

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