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Jesse James' Alleged Mistresses -- #3 Surfaces

3/25/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She claims to be Jesse James' third mistress -- but says her relationship with Jesse was much more of a flash in the pan than the other two.

Brigitte Daguerre: Click to launch

Brigitte Daguerre -- a Los Angeles photographer -- claims Jesse hired her in 2008 to do styling work for a West Coast Choppers photo shoot. She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex four times before she cut it off.

Daguerre has 195 text messages between her and Jesse (the cell phone numbers sync up) ... many of them extremely graphic. Among the milder, Jesse says, "I'll be your monkey."

Throughout the exchanges, Jesse repeatedly asks Daguerre to send pictures and set up rendezvous. In one exchange, Daguerre complained that Jesse wasn't letting loose. He explains, "I'm texting you in secret."

We could not reach James' rep for comment.


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Howard Stern better start getting ready for the next mistress contest.

1583 days ago

greed for attention, but I wouldn't say no to her :D

1583 days ago


She definitely better looking than the other two. I wonder if JJ will break Tiger's record. Unlike Elin, Sandra has a career that depends on good PR. I seriously doubt she'll stay with JJ.

1583 days ago


Hey Sandy,
I'll be more than happy to comfort you in your time of need. I'm faithful and very caring. I'll take real good care of you. You deserve better than JJ and that's me.

1583 days ago

Christina G.    

Where's her tats? I thought he liked girls with tats. She must have a tramp stamp under that outfit. I do hope Sandra doesn't have a Jesse tat where the sun don't shine.

1583 days ago

who dat    

You gotta know tiger is down on his knees thanking his personal god for this.

1583 days ago


Not terribly surprised..BlindGossip had this when #1 went public: This story is going to sound very familiar: A supposedly really nice famous guy cheats on his beautiful and classy and loyal wife. People are appalled – nay, shocked! – that he could do such a thing. Just wait, though, because this story is going to get much better (or much worse, depending on how you look at it). This wasn’t the first time this happened to this television reality guy. Expect more girls to come crawling out of the woodwork within the next few of days. And, just like in the case of that famous athlete, they will be the exact opposite of his wife. For example, there’s definitely more than one p*rn star in the mix. Don’t feel too sorry for his actress wife, though. She knew exactly what she was getting when she married him. She was not exactly blind-sided by the news. She just never thought he would embarrass her so publicly. Oh, and it won’t matter how many times he apologizes. He’s a dead man.

And there you have it..look for more..He is like a F*ing pinata, every time you whack another skank and scandal drops out.

1583 days ago


Men, men, men are big dogs. No matter who they are. And it is such a joke when they use the excuse they need therapy for sex addiction, lol

1583 days ago


Ok. Why get married if you're going to have a constant affair? This is what women discover about men. All they think about is their penis. What they can get it in. For how long. How often. And where they can find something that makes their penis feel even more like a warm apple pie than the last thing they tried.

Men are disgusting.

1582 days ago


[She says the two emailed and texted each other for a year, but claims they only had sex 4 times before she cut it off.]

Good wording choice, TMZ.

1582 days ago


Good one 21...or ME

1582 days ago

a john mayer mugshot    

quoting 'by Three&Counting'

- And there you have it..look for more..He is like a F*ing pinata, every time you whack another skank and scandal drops out.

YOU totally stole this line from 'Big Love,' trying to play it off as your own clever little whit.

that's funny.

1582 days ago


She say's they did it 4x's then she cut it off ! No wonder all these bitches are down on him. Even his dog has split the warehouse.

1582 days ago


I am just stunned. I think some of these women never were with him but simply want some media attention of sorts. I do think he was alone a bit too much and left to his own desires. I certainly wish he would have given his hand a kiss at night. It would have been much better. I feel the worst for his kids. Heartbreaking! His oldest daughter and son are probably really getting barraged with crap at school. Isn't that just horrible? I still like him but he surely does have some significant probs.

1582 days ago


I wonder how this happened all these ladies look like real classy, respectful women how was he lead astray I wonder???

1582 days ago
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