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Tiger Woods Practices for Masters

3/25/2010 3:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods hit the links today near his home in Windermere, Florida, with his trusty stuffed tiger covering his driver.


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Stupididy at its best    

Lastly, @ZR-
"Wake up (America) you are no longer the envy of the world !!!"
You're an f-ing idiot. America is and most likely forever will be the envy of the world. Anyone who says other wise is a hater who wishes they were either born or lived in America. (I'm a Canadian saying this)

That is all.

Read more: http://www.tmz.com/2010/03/25/tiger-woods-practices-golf-isleworth-florida/3#comments#ixzz0jDpxtquy
Oh really I don't care about what you think stupid idiot !!!!! Have you ever visited foreign countries to stipulate that the US are still the envy of the world. Obviously not.
I did and I can tell you Americans are hated everywhere. You must be pathetic to support such a disgusting country while you are Canadian. I'am a woman and I live in Europe. I visited a lot of countries around the world and I am open minded. That's the problem with guys like you who know nothing about this world.
By the way Elin is not married to you and she doesn't need anyone's advice or support. She's an adult and she HAS THE RIHT LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE TO LIVE HER OWN LIFE AND MAKE HER OWN CHOICES.
Who are you to judge her ? Her friend ? No so shut up and go back to your studies and your job - if you have one - don't you have anything else more interesting to do than trashing people you know nothing about !!!!!! You seem to be soooooooooooo perfect wawow you must give us some advice. We don't need your stupid comments.
What people do in their private lives is nobody's concern .

1671 days ago


Yeah, I agree Tiger is putting on weight. Nothing to do anymore but eat. No more bimbos to exercise with, at least for awhile anyway. He's going to be a fat man in 10 years, homely, no one to love him but the porn stars and prostitutes.

1671 days ago



1) Sarah Palin caught trying to deny she or anyone like her offspring or their gay husbands banged Tiger Woods at the Anchorage Legs Open. Also denies her Bering is Straight. Russian military consistently agrees, has photos.

2) citizens of Augusta encouraged to collect dog pee and deliver to the Augusta National golf course, for Tiger Woods bleacher bitch sections,

3) WayOut Showerheads of Chicago has just released the new Golden Shower Pee-Saving Showerhead - several spray patterns including high-loft, mist, arc of the coveted, gulfstream and the OFF position where you stick body parts into the showerhead.

4) Jesper Parnivek visits doctor to get his blood pressure reduced 3500 points during the Masters and promises not to take any high tech radar-guided Swedish "Double Eagle" bazookas out on the course if Tiger makes the cut.

5) Nike realizes that if Tiger misses the cut at the Masters, they'd rather purge their "Tiger Woods" golf stock ASAP than be subject to Tiger's sick affairs any longer, and have rigged his golf bag with dynamite so the stock in warehouses sells out quick during the "celebrity sudden death emotional fan spending spree" (see John Lennon solo CD sales records for more information.)

6) Childhood photos of Hootie Johnson recently showing him with white hairs. Aliens land at Masters to explain time warp can happen from perverted sex, point at Tiger then leave.

7) Arnold Palmer hints that he hasn't stopped laughing hysterically since last November.

8) Jack Nicklaus still avoiding the paparazzi and Tiger Woods questions. Starts using disguises and going to extremes to avoid detection by paparazzi. Last seen trying to drive over to the Augusta National golf course dressed incognito, or so he thought, as Rod Stewart (also a blonde guy). In a bitter twist of fate, Tiger Woods drives up at the same time, sees Rod Stewart (any blonde will do) and asks him out. Nicklaus ready to kill, calls in air strikes. Understandable. Parnivek finds out, makes a call to Swedish military.

9) Elin signs promotional deal with Puma, entire Masters gallery wearing Puma shoes, shirts and hats on weekend. Nike stock drops 29% on the following Monday. Nike claims Tiger is already dead and off contract (see above), signs new Masters champion, who was last year's champion, one of the few guys out there who can focus.

1671 days ago


You see that look on Tigers face? Its the look of a man who is starting to understand that fame isnt all its cracked up to be. He's starting to understand that you dont have to be locked up to be in prison. The media does it better than the warden.

Which is a shame, its like all these gossip sites took their business model from Courtney Cox's DIRT series.

1671 days ago


Re: #52 AIDS - As an HIV+ person, I find your question insulting and frankly rude.

1671 days ago


Am I wrong or does he keep skracting and rubing him self? *its just weird

1671 days ago


Hey post #60, Wil, There is nothing rude about wanting to find out if a guy who refuses to use condoms and has lots of sex partners has AIDS? He could catch and spread it easily. Are you Tiger Woods? Don't know how you determine what your values are, but you're a weirdo. Just in case you're not aware, AIDS is permanently bad for your health.

1671 days ago


According to Team Tiger, we're supposed to respect someone who had sex with dozens of filthy prostitutes and porn stars and could have given the mother of his children, his wife, a very serious disease like AIDS, not to mention other diseases. We're supposed to overlook it, chuckle, and say "Boys will be boys". What unbelievable jerks.

1671 days ago


Who gives a s*** about this idiot? He's a douche bag and I bet he has HIV.

1671 days ago


Everything's been weird about how this story has been handled. Maybe that's it! Tiger has AIDS, gave it to Elin and basically everything is going to HELL? Is that it? Something that serious would help explain why the whole thing has been handled so poorly. How many mistresses caught AIDS? Time for some answers.

1671 days ago


Tiger is ranked #1 in two categories: lying and being a POS

The biggest freak show in golf, soiling the hallowed grounds of Augusta National Golf Club with his presence.

1671 days ago


Here's the question that needs answering: does Tiger Woods have AIDS? Everyone needs to know.

If so, Nike is probably sweating bricks in anticipation of how the public might react via Nike product sales to the news that their superstar has AIDS and spreads it around.

1671 days ago


Was this photo taken by Shaquille O'Neal?

1671 days ago


AIDS sometimes takes time to show up in a person's blood stream. It can be in the body for a period of time and can't be detected. Elin should have regular check-ups every year. This Tiger guy is one reckless, thoughtless, out-of-control SOB. Bet he uses mind control and mind games on Elin, probably learned from his father who I read was in the Green Berets.

1670 days ago


Okay,.....he's looking up at the helichopter,...probably thinking,....'WTF?!! You're making me sweat in my gold leaf underpants!'

Let's get this straight; He's still married to his hot sweedish wife who's putting up with the EIGHTTEEN affairs with some of the planets HOTTEST females of all history.
He's still got his BILLION dollars and cleans his earwax with his MINK q-tips, eating peruvian grapes by the pool and he's getting ready to TAKE another MASTERS.

So there you are Mr. helichopter camera dude,....nice shot.

1670 days ago
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