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Tiger Woods -- The Carnivorous Encounter

3/27/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Tiger Woods sinks his teeth into the field at the Masters -- dude is expected to sink his teeth into 5 different kinds of meats at a prestigious pre-tournament dinner just two days before tee off.

The event is called the Champions Dinner -- an annual event hosted by the guy who won the Masters the previous year -- and this year that guy is Angel Cabrera ... who's setting one of the most carnivorous menus ever.

Cabrera has announced that this year's menu will feature Argentinian Asado -- a 5-meat course consisting entirely of meats ... like fillets, short ribs and sausages.

We're told Tiger is expected to attend -- no word if he's bringing a guest.

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The latest Tiger Woods mistress is Devon James.

1669 days ago


Hey common people... Now that he's trying to be clean of all the dirty sluts he ate... he still has got to have meat in his plate.

1669 days ago


A few years ago there was a broo ha ha at this dinner thing because the previous years winner who was hosting it said he was going to serve fried chicken and watermelon so tiger would be happy,I think thats how it went down.I wonder if at one of the up coming golfing events if all of his ex-girlfreinds are going to get front row seats at one of the holes so they can all be on tv.now that match I would watch

1669 days ago


Aside from all the Tiger stuff, A meal like that is literally a "heart attack on a plate" I like all those meats but on different days, if not weeks. Just sickening!

1669 days ago


Formaer Masters champions never bring guests to the Champions Dinner. A Masters "ticket" is called a "badge." A Masters badge is the most difficult "ticket" in all of sports to obtain. The face value may be around $200 for the four day tournemant, but the majority of patrons have paid hundreds of dollars more than that...over a thousand dollars --- this Masters, into the thousands of dollars. Many visitors and professional golfers rent local houses for the week, in lieu of staying in Augusta hotels. The waiting list for badges has been closed since the 1970s, with the exception of a recent allocation of badges to a few very lucky patrons. The Augusta National will pull badges from patrons who break any of the course rules during the week...forever and without thinking twice. Often, it is a badge that is being "borrowed" that is taken away from the owner of said badge.

If you are a celebrity, or famous, and you want to see some Augusta golf...you walk the course and blend in the best you can.

Clubhouse badges? There are no black market clubhouse badges. You wear your own, or you borrow one from a friend. Augusta National members are not fool enough to let those out of sight.

This information is not difficult to find, TMZ.

1669 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

21. A few years ago there was a broo ha ha at this dinner thing because the previous years winner who was hosting it said he was going to serve fried chicken and watermelon so tiger would be happy,I think thats how it went down.I wonder if at one of the up coming golfing events if all of his ex-girlfreinds are going to get front row seats at one of the holes so they can all be on tv.now that match I would watch

Posted at 7:30AM on Mar 27th 2010 by randy

it was after TIGER won and the golfer who said it was fuzzy zoeller

1669 days ago


Thanks for the update demies bicycle seat..you want a job working for tmz?
we need a donut fetcher....

1669 days ago


How about a couple of sides of "the Other" white meat????
Chow down el tigro.

1669 days ago


To all you judges: He's an ENTERTAINER and he is the best in his field!! His off stage antics are personal. I do not agree with what he did. I certainly don't agree with the media feeding his personal life to all of you. Role Model? Get over it.. you're the parent of your kid..do your job. Women - Get over it.. Males through history are hunters. Belly ache all you want - it wont change. Start with yourself and enjoy life. Most of you want to impose your beliefs on others.. get over it.. no one wants to be controlled.

1669 days ago


#17 --- Too funny. You're correct about Buddhists choosing to be vegetarians as eating meat is partaking in the killing of sentient beings.

#27 --- I thought he was an athlete. I don't want to impose my beliefs on others. I just don't think Tiger Woods should be given a pass considering he has a beautiful, classy wife and two small children whom he disrespected and ignored while he was making time with nasty prostitutes. He exposed his innocent wife to disease on a grand scale. Why you think this should be ignored points to your lack of concern to the innocent victims.

"Men are hunters" ?? That's your lame excuse for his lewd behavior as a married man and father? Wow, I'd hate to be the wife of someone with that philosophy. Why even get married and have children anymore.

1669 days ago


classy wife my big toe..she is staying with this clown for the money and selling out her kids in the meantime.what normal woman would be staying with her husband if he screwed the skanks this loser has bedded.all 20 of them.Classy thats a good one.She is a frumpy hoe just like all the other hoes and im sure she loves the golden showers he gives her....its the poor kids that will suffer in the long run

1669 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Lion you need to get your head examined !!!! Waow what a hated comment. What Mrs Woods did to you ? You know her personnally ? Are you one of her close friends ? Do you know what it is to be in her shoes right now ?
The answers to all these questions are a big NO !!! So shut your big nasty mouth and go back to your own business unless - and I highly doubt it - that your life is perfect and you have nothing else to worry about except a golfer's marriage.
I'm sick of this story and I'm even more fed up with the way you call Elin whore or ho. If she stays for the money why do you feel so concerned ? Is it your money ? I don't think so . She's a mom for God's sake so I assume every mother on earth is a prostiture. What this LADY is doing with her life HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF US including you. Would you like people to dictate you how to live your own life ? Certainly no and it applies to Mr and Mrs Woods. What they are going to do in their private lives is their business and will never ever have any effect on you or me or everybody else except two innocent kids.
I hope I was clear because at the end of the day WHO CARES ?????
And TMZ do you have some decency to post these stupid reports regarding a golfer's private life and printing children's pictures. You are insane like all the stupid media who are covering this SO STUPID STORY. Poor society.

1669 days ago


No guests at the Masters Champions Dinner. Only former Masters champions are admitted to the supper. ...

The Champions Dinner has been an annual tradition at The Masters since 1952, when Ben Hogan suggested and hosted the first dinner.

The idea is simple: Winners of The Masters are members of an exclusive club, so they get together each year on the Tuesday night of tournament week to welcome the previous year's winner to the club. That club is officially known as the Masters Club, but unofficially the gathering is called the Champions Dinner.

The previous year's winner gets to select the menu (and pick up the tab!). Over the years, the dinner fare has ranged from cheeseburgers to sushi to haggis* (if you don't know what haggis is, you're better off that way).

But the former champs aren't required to eat what the defending champion selects. If the reigning champ's taste isn't to the taste of other Masters winners in the room, they can order off Augusta National's regular menu (which includes steaks, chicken and fish dishes).

Our favorite Champions Dinner menu was the one offered by Tiger Woods in 1998: cheeseburgers, chicken sandwiches, french fries and milkshakes. Hey, Tiger was only 22 at the time.

It's difficult to find info on Champions Dinner menus from the early days of the event, but more recent menus are usually reported in the media in the weeks leading up to The Masters.

Here is a sampling of Champions Dinner fare (the source for most of the pre-2000 menus listed below is a 1999 article in The Augusta Chronicle by Emily Sollie):

Trevor Immelman, 2009: Bobotie (a spiced minced meat pie with an egg topping), sosaties (type of chicken skewer), spinach salad, milk tart and South African wines.

Zach Johnson, 2008: Iowa beef, Florida shrimp.

Phil Mickelson, 2007: Barbecued ribs, chicken, sausage and pulled pork, with cole slaw.

Tiger Woods, 2006: Stuffed jalapeno and quesadilla appetizers with salsa and guacamole; green salad; steak fajitas, chicken fajitas, Mexican rice, refried beans; apple pie and ice cream for dessert.

Phil Mickelson, 2005: Lobster ravioli in tomato cream sauce, Caesar's salad, garlic bread.

1669 days ago


Meatballs anyone?

1669 days ago

kooky the clown    

he's gonna eat MORE meat? i think he's had enough for a lifetime!

1669 days ago
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