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Tiger Woods -- The Carnivorous Encounter

3/27/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Before Tiger Woods sinks his teeth into the field at the Masters -- dude is expected to sink his teeth into 5 different kinds of meats at a prestigious pre-tournament dinner just two days before tee off.

The event is called the Champions Dinner -- an annual event hosted by the guy who won the Masters the previous year -- and this year that guy is Angel Cabrera ... who's setting one of the most carnivorous menus ever.

Cabrera has announced that this year's menu will feature Argentinian Asado -- a 5-meat course consisting entirely of meats ... like fillets, short ribs and sausages.

We're told Tiger is expected to attend -- no word if he's bringing a guest.

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Ffern Bunwhacker    

Tiger Woods is disgusting. Now he's saying that no one in his inner circle knew what was going on. Looks like he's a pathologic liar in addition to a sex addict. These addiction clinics teach their clients to be brutally honest. Looks like the rehab failed.
Joslyn James has actual emails from Tiger's pimp, Bryon Bell, confirming flights and rental cars so she could hook up w/ Tiger.
Note to any remaining Tiger Woods sponsors: I will NOT buy anything he endorses.

1650 days ago


Damn good looking steak!!!

1650 days ago


t-bone for t-iger those two pictures are priceless..high-five tmz!

1650 days ago


Hope it was all natural certified Angus Beef, 'cos that what we raise here in Missouri ...no chemicals, no steroids, raised on all natural grass pastures and hay that we grow and bale ourselves! We know what go into our beautiful & gentle cows!

1649 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

25. Thanks for the update demies bicycle seat..you want a job working for tmz?
we need a donut fetcher....

Posted at 8:57AM on Mar 27th 2010 by harv

sure sign me up!

1649 days ago


TMZ is comprised of such dirtbags, I can't believe it!

1649 days ago


Boycott Nike!

1649 days ago

All your base are belong to us    

14. Such an extremely gross human.
Posted at 4:48AM on Mar 27th 2010 by hitt
People are STILL crucifying this guy?
Firstly, Jesse James had sex with MORE women than Tiger. And compared to Jesse, Tiger's women are miles ahead. It's been said that Jesse was changing the couch in his office every six months. Also, the media are asking for proof lest they be sued. Tiger was flying all over the place and had to co-ordinate his activities via text messages... so their is a trail of proof. However, it's also been stated that Jesse used to ride his motorcycle to the back door of strip clubs... pick up and bang a woman. His encounter with Misty Chastain at a Meineke last December is also a random pick-up and sex event with no text messages, e-mails, or DNA (that she kept), so the reported-with-proof tally for Jesse will be lower.

Anyway, while you continue to crucify the guy (yes, he was wrong) who had consensual sex with adult women, what do you think of the *priest* Laurence Murphy of Wisconsin who had sex with about 200 deaf boys??? This is the scandal in the news this week.

Plus all the other sex offence scandals that now even Sinead O'Connor is speaking out strongly:


1649 days ago

Just Now Blog    

What a boring story but I just had to laugh at Tiger's picture.
He looks like he's ready to barf.


1649 days ago


1) Tiger Woods misses the cut at the Masters.
2) On-course heckling is minimal due not to intent, but due to the severe difficulty of getting passes the gallery would rather keep quiet on that issue and not lose their own right to return again in the future. Tiger is never heckled if it means another golfer would be distracted. Outside the Masters, this level of containment will not occur. Some do heckle and are kicked out. They are effective and have the gallery's spiritual support.
3) More info about Tiger starts coming out and it's the ugly, dirty stuff; abortions, miscarriages, children out of wedlock, STDs maybe.
4) Presence in Augusta of past mistresses, massive gathering of protestors against Tiger Woods and Nike in general (not against him playing at the Masters).
5) Media given enormous amount of information by past mistresses, the news overwhelms media and Tiger's golfing scores become irrelevant.
6) Other golfers at the Masters show great talent and generate a lot of excitement on their own. Gallery and TV coverage catches it, Masters seen to be operating just fine without Tiger Woods.
7) Half the gallery roots for Jesper early on, no matter how well he does, he's the sentimental favorite. On the weekend, as usual, if he wants to win, he has to do it on his own, the gallery isn't allowed to help him putt, ha ha.
8) On one round, Phil Mickelson has a profound metaphysical realization about the game of golf, it helps him focus, and he shoots an 8 under par round as a result. It doesn't automatically mean he wins, but it will happen on one day.
9) Gallery does wear "Team Elin" buttons.

1649 days ago


nah. those rich old farts will be sucking up to him; you'll see. It's all about the money.
....like the rich guy I knew who invited OJ to be a golfing buddy after the trial.

1649 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Tiger is such a Pathetic Dimwit !!!! We could always tell he is a Control Freak but who knew he was such a Sex Freak? Oh, I guess all the women he banged. Nasty, ugly Tiger wouldn't have any women if he didn't have lots of money. He probably knows that, though.

1649 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

Tiger and Obama have the Biggest Egos in the world. Both are disgusting !!! But, Obama is doing us the most harm.

1649 days ago


Tiger is gaining weight now that he doesn't have so much extra curricular activity pounding the whores. At this rate he'll be a chubby in no time. Then he'll really have to give up his coveted bad boy persona, you know how he secretly wants to be a gangsta from the Crips or the Bloods.

1649 days ago


The SOUTH PARK has the tiger woods episode on demand at their website..lmao sideways with the game.

1649 days ago
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