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Jennifer Aniston

Nice Butler

3/29/2010 1:47 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's official ... Jennifer Aniston has been Butlered.

As Gerard Butler and Jen struck poses from the front, an enterprising photog got the real story from behind.

The pics were taken on the Seine River in Paris, during their tour hawking "The Bounty Hunter."

Looks like the hunter caught his prey.


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Sing Sing    

Any woman who worries herself about something as stupid as what you said, should just kill herself immediately. Guess what, the world census states there's more than one man on earth. Imagine that?

And get this, any man who has to prove anything to anybody by digging up his girlfriend's butt in public is a disgusting slob who should only date barn animals and other men, who enjoy taking it up the butt. Skippy, how's that for ya?

Posted at 12:11AM on Mar 29th 2010 by Wing Wing

Haha, you just proved my point. Uptight prude. Lighten up.

1647 days ago

Wife Advocate    

Aww Jenny, if it was your husband doing that, it wouldn't be so sad.

1647 days ago


Low class--both of them!

1647 days ago


What a trash guy he is at times. Butler has proven he has NO class(that was already a given), and acts most of the time like he's 12 years old and in middle school. I used to like him before I started seeing him on the talk circuit and in videos here and others. He's pretty brash, crude and seems to always act like an immature teeneager. Grow up Gerard; your behavior, mannerisms and crude language is not in the least cute, sexy or attractive. You mostly come across as an immature crude jerk. No wonder you can't get the right ladies or have a decent, respectful relationship. No one would want to put up with your fool behavior or language. Decent women like class and someone that is respectful and fun. Not you.

1647 days ago

Sick of Idiots lke Wombat    

For heaven's sake. When I was in high school I used to get my pics taken with a male friend and we would "cut up" by doing that to each other. It was completely innocent fun.

1647 days ago


OK, my favorite subject - Jen Aniston.

I dont think she is attractive ( she doesn't have a man or kids so that body should be toned, she can workout all day if she wants), she is a horrible actress, one note wonder " cutesy, dippy girl next door". She was so good at playing "Rachel" because she was playing herself, as she demonstrates in her awful movies she always plays the same character over and over with different co-stars.Co-stars that she apparently feels compelled to have sex with.All of them.Pathetic.

I have never understood why she married Brad, the guy said he was ready to settle down and wanted kids, she wanted to wait so that she could make movies with all that scary talent of hers.I feel Brad has grown up, still making great movies and with a real woman, Angie by his side , they are also using all that money they have to help rebuild New Orleans, and though out the world - not just money, but hands on help.Giving back instead of building a new house for herself, JA could live in a studio apt, its only her, alone.

I have no pity for her, if she stopped saying she was so happy and fulfilled alone ( which a blind person could see is not true)maybe one of these guys would take her seriously and try to have a real relationship with her, instead every guy shes dated leaves her and within a few months marries someone else. Whatever it is that's wrong is HER, all those guys could not be wrong.

And, that pic. they know the paps are always around, and maybe she thought it would make her look like she was " sexual napalm "
( John didn't say that about her). She has handlers- agents, PR people, someone should sit her down and explain that she is 40, and she looks 40, so she should find a passion in her life to fixate on and forget Brad, and stop trying to find someone like him, take what she can get stop f**king around with every guy. She seems like the type to decide suddenly that she really is a lesbian and did not want to come out because it would her her status as every mans fantasy ( like crazy Anne Heche ).

I am so tired of JA needs to go away for a year or two, let us miss you Jen..........

1647 days ago


BS - publicity stunt! Wrong hat color, wrong hair color - they could have been anyone!

1647 days ago


Yeah it is faked...the body and the hair are not good enough to be Jen imo and Gerard is taller than that guy and built better...and the obvious hat being a different color...please this is photoshopped and not very well either.

1647 days ago


The finger felt around the world. ROFLMAO

1647 days ago


I tell you, those cougars like it rough. I bet she likes it in the butt!!. Let's face it, she is getting desperate, she went from Brad Pitt to some barely known actor fingering her in the butthole. She must be proud.

1647 days ago


You people are such hypercrites! What is she doing but posing for a picture and Gerard is grabbing her a**!! She is not married and He is not married and if they are banging so what!! I don't hear you bitching because Angie is a herion addict and sleeping with married men or lickin some chicks c*nt!! There is so much more you can bitch about but yet you bitch about something that is not wrong!!

1647 days ago

Dew the Zelot    

Its all fake...Seems Jen falls for every co-star, They go out together and everyone wants to see the movie they made together. Then a month or so later its splitsville. I hope im wrong because it would be nice to see Jen find someone but she seems to follow a pattern!

1647 days ago



1647 days ago


They don't call him Gerard "Butt"ler for nothing.

1647 days ago


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1647 days ago
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