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CHP Investigates NFL Brutality Allegation

3/30/2010 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The deputy who arrested NFL star Joey Porter is under investigation for alleged brutality ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

As we previously reported, the Arizona Cardinals linebacker was busted during a traffic stop at a Taco Bell in Bakersfield, CA over the weekend.

Porter was busted for allegedly slapping the deputy's hand away as the deputy tried to unlock Joey's car door. Joey claims the deputy manhandled him, striking him in the face.

Now we've learned CHP has launched an Internal Affairs investigation into the deputy's conduct.

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with Porter's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, who tells us, "It's unfortunate that Joey has to endure the negative fallout surrounding this investigation."

Sperbeck added, "Joey has always been respectful and supportive of law enforcement in Bakersfield; the fact that one officer acted inappropriately will not change his views. We are confident that Joey will be exonerated from any wrong doing after all the facts have been reviewed."

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Dick Whippler    

Looks like the idiot is gonna get away w/ his assaulting of a peace officer. I am tired of hearing how EVERY black person is mistreated by the police, maybe if you just comply w/ what your being told and not fight the commands given you won't end up w/ busted up soup coolers!!!!!

1671 days ago


Sounds like the Cardinals need to hire this police office, since he "manhandled" Mr. Porter.

1671 days ago


BS...good luck with that one! Porter lies and the Deputy gets investigated. Another athlete not taking responsibility for their actions, trying to deflect attention elswhere...

1671 days ago



1671 days ago

miss sheree    

So, Jesse James gets a pass from the CHP for clearly VIOLATING the law, and Joey Porter gets harassed by the po po for not wanting the officer to inappropriately getting into his car.

Don't we as citizens (regardless of race) have the right to deny the police entry to our vehicle without our permission?

And don't police simply ask you to 'step out of the vehicle' for this reason?

Double standards....once again.

1671 days ago

El Monte Justice    

Why is CHP investigating something a "deputy" did?

1671 days ago


Hey what's new? Did anyone really think that a white cop could actually make an arrest on a black jock? The cop will get fired and the black thug will become a bigger hero in the hood. What's new???

1671 days ago


CHP investigating a deputy's action??????? CHP employes officers, not deputies. Which is it TMZ??????? If you don't even know the difference in who departments employ, how the heck are we to believe anything you guys post??????

1671 days ago

Mac Daddy    

WAS it a NFL slap.....Or the way he is holding his lip's, like BIG MIKE on American Idol does quite often while signing. Or was it a California BITCH SLAP...

1671 days ago


as the World Turns...yet another episode in the soap opera of NFL players.....

1671 days ago

eddie s    

First of all was a Bakersfield Deputy or a California Highway Patrol Officer?? If it was the CHP, I will side with the CHP 99 times out of 100, they are not out there to harrass people but to save peoples lives...The County Deputies,,that's another story...

1671 days ago


we need to check all the racist cops and all the racist people at this time...they are trying to pick us off one by one...let stand together and defeat the crackers!

1670 days ago

Peggy Zachary    

First of all , your report states it was a Deouty that made the arrest. It was not a Deputy but a CHP officer. Deputy,s don't make traffic stops. CHP &City Cops make the traffic stops. And the CHP stopped another vehicle , not Joey's car. Joey was parked watching was was transpireing. Read the Bakersfield Californian Newspaper if you want a mor accurate accounting.

1670 days ago

Dirt Burger    

Alot of Cops are high school bullies who never grew up! They love the fact that they get paid to push people around. Probably were threatened by the fact that Porter is a real stud and doesn't have to walk around with a gun and a taser to feel like a big shot.

1670 days ago

Your Momma    

Damn look at dem lips!! Perhaps he should have put them to use and the cop would have let hem go? hmm...

1670 days ago
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