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Jesse James - Cops Grab Tape in Vandalism Case

4/2/2010 2:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse James - Cops Grab Tape in Vandalism CaseVideo of a violent run-in between Jesse James and a paparazzo -- video that could become the smoking gun in a criminal prosecution -- is being reviewed by the violent crimes unit of the Long Beach P.D., TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us detectives paid a visit to Mark Haushalter, lawyer for the photog. Cops took a copy of the footage the photog shot last week when James approached his car with a friend -- and allegedly went on a rampage, damaging the vehicle.

As we previously reported, Jesse and the photog placed each other under citizen's arrest.

Haushalter tells TMZ, "Any allegations by Jesse James that my client was stalking him are laughable and completely lack any merit."

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Then....why was the dude "shooting footage" of the shop and JJ? Isn't that video taping without permission? Harrassment? Stalking?

1635 days ago


i think the tatto on his mistress forehead speaks a lot of him
nice one

1635 days ago


He has eyes like a pitbull.

1635 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

This photog was at Sunny's school in the morning that day. He's SCUM. Jesse tried and tried to ignore him until he stepped on to school property and was screaming comments that Sunny shouldn't hear at Jesse. Then he moved over to West Coast Choppers-and that was enough for Jesse. I don't blame him ONE BIT. This photog should be arrested for sure.

One last thing. I've seen Jesse and he's drop dead gorgeous. I know you all want to hate him for what he's done here but it wasn't to YOU. I am a wife that's been married 40 years but I am not silly enough to hurl childish things at somebody like that. I don't care for what he did in the least but I am decidedly more rational and older and wiser than almost all who come here or are employed at TMZ.

1635 days ago


Stop being so immature and critiquing his appearance. I've seen him and he's incredibly handsome, intelligent and kind. I don't know why he did this and I'm not backing up his actions. I just think some of you are out of control.

1635 days ago


Good, maybe he can be up on some criminal charges too as a result of his personal debauchery, and disregard to all the innocent in his life to include; family, employees, wives, kids, friends, the public...What a simply horrible human being he turned out to be---its making me wonder day by day the more bad things that come out about this person (dog fighting) that Sandra could be all that innocent...she had to have known...speak up Sandra or ready yourself for career backlash from all of this---silence is complicity, even the Nuremberg Trials of the 3rd Reich proved that out.

Jail him if found guilty.

1635 days ago


The paparazzo in question is good people. I had to honor of working with him on the Jesse James case in the days after it broke and we shared some time exchanging war stories while waiting for Jesse to come out of his den of sin. "U" is good people and shared good solid dope (intel) with me and the other paparazzo's working the case. "U" is not your typical pap and wouldn't gang b*ng Jesse as he came out of work. He'd sit across the street and stay out of Jesse's way and hose him down from inside of his explorer while the other paps chased him down and got in his face. Jesse f'd up on this one.

1635 days ago


Watching jesse & kid rock in "Motorcycle Mania 3" on HD Theater this weekend ........ bragging about how hard it would be for them to upgrade their the end he's having the Janie tattoo removed from his hand ........... LOL

1635 days ago

Not a BLinK FaN    

Never liked this guy...

1635 days ago


Ok tmz you wonder why some one is violent with your douche bag camera man? I would beat the f***k out of one of your camera b**ches... Also who the f**k is anyone to judge what kind of pathetic american hasnt done something wrong or EVEN WORSE?! So that being said dont judge....

1635 days ago


Alot of you people are commenting that " Sandra must of known he was a racist"....or...." she had to know what he was like before they got married, so I have to question her belief now too"
I call bull**** on that, men can, will and do hide some very very significant beliefs from the their wives, both before and during the marriage. Just ask any woman who has been married to a man lets say for more that 10 years just as jumping off point, if she knew her husband was gay the whole time they were together..........Just something for you all to think about, before you all jump on the blame Sandra too, bandwagon.

1612 days ago


I wouldn't be surprised if Sandra Bullock is not behind all this trouble and if she is then she is lying about the love she has for the kids she has lied in the magazines I have read and sort public sympathy herself. When Jesse married Sandra Bullock he married the paparazzi. My thoughts are with all the kids that are involved in this. Hollywood has some real double standards you dislike Jesse but when one of your film directors aged 43 sleeps and gets pregnant to a 19 year old boy thats alright. Jesse needs to get rid of Sandra once and for all.

1588 days ago
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