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Sandra Bullock -- Moving Out?

4/3/2010 1:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A moving van was spotted Friday afternoon in front of the home of Sandra Bullock and Jesse James.

Sandra Bullock

Here's what went down -- we're told the van pulled up at around 6:45 PM and stayed for about an hour. Two movers moved out a couch, a love seat and tons of boxes.

A man and a woman arrived to the place in a separate car along with the moving van. When they arrived, the movers took something out of the van and put it into the other car. The man and woman packed a few things into their car as well.

Jesse's mom's car was parked out at the house for most of the day, but wasn't there while the movers did their thing.


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1672 days ago


What the F is wrong with this slow-ass website?

1672 days ago


Where is the HELL YES SHE SHOULD LEAVE! button?

1672 days ago


Poor SANDRA NEEDS HER PRIVACY NOW! My thoughts are with her, I know this is really a bad place for her, I wish her well & happiness!

1672 days ago

Legally Bonde    

TMZ: Your question "Should Sandra Bullock move out"? That's a no-brainer!
Trick question,

1672 days ago


I still can't believe this whole saga. Jesse is a POS and just because he's in sex rehab doesn't make it okay! Is that the new fad now...cheating then going to rehab hoping it'll make what you did okay?? She doesn't owe him anything except being the best girl he ever had or ever will have.
I read Jesse rarely used condoms when he cheated so now, Sandra needs to get an extensive workup from a doctor to make sure she's clean.
I wonder what Harvey really thinks of him now. He covered Jesse and Cinnabun alot when she was lost and he really felt bad. I bet he feels like a jackass..

1672 days ago


"Low rent"? Ugly box? This is the rear of the home and it is located on a beautiful Southern California beach. Low rent...hardly. Ugly? Maybe, but remember, this is the rear and they all look like that in these areas. The beauty is in the beach and dramatic ocean views in front of every window. I guarantee 90% of you (including me) can't afford to live there.

1672 days ago


Sandra has really got a big problem. She shouldn't been married to Jesse James in the first place. But, she did it anyway five years ago. Jesse has been cheated before. If Sandra keep continue to hiding for long a time, she might have a nervous breakdown. Then movies company will not be asking her to make a films for them anymore and her fans will stop seeing her movies. And, she won't win another Oscar next year.

1672 days ago

And thats the truth    

Sandra is a strong independent woman. She has been by herself for many years. I do not think that it will take too long for her to become accustomed to being by herself again. She did a smart thing by keeping her house while moving in with Jesse. That shows that she had a back up plan "just in case". She is not only independent, she is a smart cookie. This will probably help her career (not that she needs help with that) because everyone is feeling bad for her. I am sure she does not care about that aspect at the moment, but, she will spread her wings and fly again someday.

1672 days ago


I don't get it. The whole issue of when a man marries a woman, he wants her to stay the way she is. When a woman marries a man she wants to change him. Generally it always works out the total opposite. A biker married several times before, and a woman never married. What did you expect? A total change obviously. Sandra needs to do what she needs to do. What I don't understand is how when a man cheats on his woman, he is considered trash, but when a woman cheats on her man, she is misunderstood and lacking in her relationship. Surely not enough to make headline news. People would much rather bash then really know what the hell actually happened. The fact is it is non of our business what happens in their lives, so get over yourselves, and judge only your own miserable lives..

1672 days ago


Sandra doesn't deserved the Oscar Award this year. And, she won't get another Oscar next year since so many things has happened to her now.

1672 days ago


Maybe they are getting rid of more "memorobilia" like the ss cap.

1672 days ago
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