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Elin -- The Double Date with Roger Federer

4/5/2010 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elin Nordegren hasn't been scared off from all world-class athletes -- in fact, the woman currently married to Tiger Woods brought her son Charlie to a nice double date with Roger Federer and his wife on Friday.


Whatcha think they talked about?

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Allen Ridak    

Probably talked about her lack of self respect.

1661 days ago


Good to see her out enjoying life- I really hope she leaves him- there really is no hope for them- I think she would be just fine- she would never have to worry about money and would have a chance to be with someone who appreciated her- how could she possibly trust him ever again-One indiscretion would be very tough for most people- I guess the trust is lost whether one or 15.

1661 days ago


Elin is so pretty. I'll bet Tiger is playing with her mind and making her think he's a good guy after all, just temporarily misguided or something. He's a brute who neglected her and his children while he spent time having unprotected sex with so many dirty women.

She is quite thin. I hope he didn't pass on the AIDS virus to her. He should be in prison for exposing her to a deadly disease. I hate to think of all the other nasty diseases he surely must have exposed her to. Why she is still with him is a mystery. She would have enough money for herself and the children, she doesn't need to stick around for more money and more abuse and degradation. C'mon Elin, you're making women look bad. Get away from the pervert and live a normal, healthy life! After all, Tiger DID tell his mistresses that his marriage with Elin was a SHAM.

1661 days ago


I applaud that Elin Nordegren is moving on with her life taking care of herself and her children. Elin is a caring and loving mother and she seems to have her priorities right. Her children need her most and she is the one who has been there for them all along. She looks happiest with her children and they are precious!

1661 days ago

oh yeah    

tiger i'll say it once again u should hav edated a sista ....but you have a self esteem problem so like the many other black men who do........... what the hell is a Caublasian anyways

1661 days ago


Tiger admitted that he didn't think he was doing anything wrong by cheating on her. He thought it was his right. A person who has this self absorbed attitude will never change. He is very likely cheating on her again right now. He has zero respect for her, has shown very little love for his children(parental meltdown!) and has asked people that Elin likely thought were her friends to cover for him.

She will get millions in a settlement. She needs to leave his sorry ass and move on with her life. Someone like him has no business being married. I don't know why he would want to be.

1661 days ago


How bad can life be for her?!
The guy's hornier than Thumper the rabit!!
Once married she probably did what lots of married women do and started the 'I've got a headache' routine.
Tiger: 'well I've got a billion dollars,....I'm getting laid!'

1661 days ago


Federer is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1661 days ago


ELIN !!! ELIN !!!

1661 days ago

Stupididy at its best    

Waow I am impressed !!!
Could you please tell me who knew who was Elin Woods before Thanksgiving 2009 ? Not many I guess. So why do you judge her if you know nothing about Elin ? Could you please explain that to me ?
I have been following Tiger's career for more than 10 years and I have never ever heard anything negative about this woman.
So you pretend to know her much more than anybody else. Leave this woman alone. She has been a giant, a true class act throughout this fiasco. Don't tell the contrary because this is the truth. This woman has beauty but also grace. All these sluts could never ever be compared to Elin in a millions years. That's why she's Mrs Tiger Woods. He chose an exceptional woman to be his wife not a slut or a hooker.
I hope they stick together because they owe you nothing !!!!

1661 days ago

sharon ottewell    

I wish people would get it right!!!! Charlie is not her son. Charlie is a girl!!!

1661 days ago


tmz i'm pretty sure tiger and roger are close, b/c he was one of the 1st people to say that he'd talked to tiger & he was fine; back when the media had no idea where the hell tiger was!!!

1661 days ago

sharon ottewell    

I got it wrong. Sam is the little girl! Charlie is Tiger's little boy! Cute kids. Sorry about this mistake.

1661 days ago


Certain people get super skinny when they get F-ed over. They are just so heartbroken they can't even bring themselves to eat.

1661 days ago


Maybe they do things different in Swenden where she comes from. Who knows maybe it's accepted there.Maybe the parents cheated. Maybe her background is being cheated on so she accepts this or cheats around also.

1661 days ago
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