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Jackson's Demanding Personality On Trial

4/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It sounds crazy, but Michael Jackson's Coca-Cola addiction may become a building block in Dr. Conrad Murray's legal strategy.

TMZ broke the story that Dr. Murray's defense will be that Michael Jackson caused his own death by pumping a lethal dose of Propofol into his own body during the time the doctor was out of the room.

Sources familiar with the defense strategy tell us one of the missions is to show that Michael Jackson was a demanding celebrity who wanted what he wanted when he wanted it, even if it posed a danger to himself.

One of the ways the defense will prove its point is with the famous soft drink. Jackson consumed massive quantities of Coca-Cola, knowing full well it was laden with caffeine and would make it next to impossible to fall asleep.

Our sources say the defense has numerous examples of situations where Jackson hyped himself up with caffeine from soda and then used drugs -- including Propofol -- as the ultimate sleeping solution.

The upshot -- Jackson was a guy who wanted instant gratification ... so the notion that he would wake up when Dr. Murray was out of the room, become frustrated and self-medicate with Propofol is consistent with his personality.


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My guess is that the first three letters of her username are the second, third, and fourth letters of the word nASTy.


1628 days ago

Dr. Murray is a Hero    

I have a sleep disorder and I know better not to drink caffeinated beverages before sleep or in large quantities during the day.
No doctor can help you if you do not want to help yourself.

1628 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

Who cares of that Muscular woMAN,Madonna, Megastar? Well see when she croaks off her steroids and see if all the world and media stops for her.

She is a Old fart who needs to.. HANG UP, her dancing shoes.

1628 days ago


The only time I ever have any sympathy for this doc is that moment when he realized he killed the king of pop, major suck moment.

If cameeras show a flash mob all falling down at once would get some attention or an accidental spill on his suit of some common substance

with the earthquake and tiger this is not news where it is going on and it should be

1628 days ago


394. Who cares of that Muscular woMAN,Madonna, Megastar? Well see when she croaks off her steroids and see if all the world and media stops for Black Widow

what about human growth hormone, is that a steroid/ seems to be the rage with the older celebs

1628 days ago


Thanks Tellit.

1628 days ago


In Was Michael Jackson A Pedophile? we dismissed the idea that
Michael Jackson was gay and the unlikeliness of his being a clinical
pedophile along with being an autogynephile. So what was he?

The idea behind erotic identity disorders—that sometimes the
sexual object can be inverted into the self—was first proposed by
two important Canadian sexual scientists, Kurt Freund and Ray
Blanchard. In their seminal paper, they focused on a series of real
cases of pedophilic sex offenders who each appeared to be erotically
aroused by the idea that they were children. Two of the pedophiles
enjoyed putting on boys' gym clothes and pretending to be boys, while
masturbating. Another fantasized about being a 10 year old boy
whenever he fondled children. Another requested a consultation with a
plastic surgeon in order to make his penis look more childlike. These
men might be called "autopedophiles." Like autogynephiles (who want
to become women and are attracted to women) and apotemnophiles (who
want to become amputees and are attracted to amputees),
autopedophiles have the sexual desire to become what they love,
namely children.

Freund and Blanchard noted that none of the pedophiles they studied
had erotic identity disorders as intense as typical autogynephiles
They speculated that perhaps "aspirations of paedophiles who wish
they could be children are simply more limited by surgical

The night of Michael Jackson's death, one television news show
focused briefly on Jackson's nose. A commentator speculated that the
evolution of Michael Jackson's nose was unconsciously motivated to
reduce physical similarity with his father's. In its final form the
disastrous nose was indeed very different from his father's (and his
own, original) nose, but that speculation ignores the equally odd
remainder of Michael's face. I am not expert enough in plastic
surgery to speculate about the precise procedures that Jackson had,
but one only has to look at a chronicle of the evolution of his face
to be convinced that the surgeries were vast. Indeed, his autopsy
report declared that he had had at least 13 plastic surgeries.

Normal people would hate to look like Michael Jackson did near the
end of his life, and so normal people tend to assume that the
surgeries were a series of big, compounded mistakes that Jackson must
have regretted. Bad plastic surgery surely happens. But when it does,
it is generally recognizable as a poor rendition of an aesthetically
pleasing goal. Not so, Michael Jackson's face, which resembled
nothing in the actual human, living world. Moreover, it has seemed to
me that there was something coherent about the redesign of his
face—coherent, not normal—suggesting that there was method in his
madness. If so, the 13 surgeries may be explained by something other
than 13 different errors of judgment.

Even if Michael Jackson's face had never seen a scalpel, even if one
were simply to listen to an audiotape of him talking (not singing),
one would have to conclude that he was one strange dude. The high,
breathy voice with the hyper-sincere tone was not his natural manner
of speech. Reportedly, when he got mad or surprised, he manifested a
"big deep voice." This suggests that the former, his public voice,
was an affectation.

The face and the voice were both unnatural, and he went to a lot of
trouble to have them. What was he trying to say and show with them?
told us, quite directly, the most likely answer.

"I am Peter Pan," he said, more than once. He lived in Neverland.
His second wife, Debbie Rowe, said that in order to get in the mood
to have sex with her, Jackson dressed up as Peter Pan and danced
around the bedroom. She said: "It made him feel romantic."

Jackson and I are about the same age, and I remember the Disney
cartoon Peter Pan quite vividly. According to Wikipedia, in the
Disney cartoon "Peter appears to be in late childhood, between 10 and
13 years old." I recently reexamined the cartoon version of Peter
Pan, and sure enough, some of the facial features matched: the nose,
for example. Peter Pan had pointed ears. Sure enough, a photograph
of Jackson exists showing an ear that was described as "mangled by
plastic surgery" but looks like it just might be a surgeon's attempt
at pointy.

Some things don't quite match between Michael and Peter, however.
Cartoon Peter Pan's voice was more masculine than Jackson's public
voice. (Jackson's voice is more similar to Mary Martin's, the woman
who played Peter Pan on Broadway and in a television special.) And
Jackson's long hair—apparently a wig over a nearly bald scalp—is
a clear non-match.

Am I suggesting Michael J

1628 days ago


*sighs* I guess it never would have worked out with MJ & me since I like Pepsi...LOL

1628 days ago


STFU susie

1628 days ago


377. I agree. There was no way he was going to get through even a few songs full out with dancing and singing. Just one of his songs was about 12 minutes of non-stop aerobics.
The only way MJ could make this kind of money without performing would be to fake his death. The movie grossed over 220 million and now the 200 mil deal with SONY.

Or the only way to pull it off would be with voice overs, lip synch, back up singers, multiple dancers and dazzeling special effects to distract from the man behind the curtain.

Posted at 1:07PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Jodi

Jodi.. How right you are!
I was going to write the same thing! Yes, MJ could have done total lip synch, and basically just stand there..the 3D version he had prepared at Culver Studios could have been used for Earth Song, Thriller which would have been spectacular.

1628 days ago


Dr. Conrad Murray, who's been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson, is scheduled to appear in an L.A. courthouse today The court hearing has been scheduled to assign a judge to the case as well as to set a preliminary hearing date.

So this is not even a preliminary hearing date??
ET will be live streaming it at 12 CA time, likely tmz too so a while to wait yet and not much meat if it is just a scheduling hearing.

1628 days ago



1628 days ago

Inquiring Mind    

what about human growth hormone

, is that a steroid/ seems to be the rage with the older celebs

Posted at 1:32PM on Apr 5th 2010 by Sandra22

Read more:

Whatever it is, she needs to lay off of it. whatever happened to plain old excercise, surprised KaBlahBlah allows her to use such crap.

1628 days ago


Good god this is about the worse pic of MJ I have ever seen.

1628 days ago


Black widow is just jealous of Madonna because Black Widow's A$$ is so FAT, she can't get up off the couch so she stays @ the computer to watch Jerry Springer and go on TMZ.

1628 days ago
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