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Sean Penn Sued

Photog Claims Death Threat

4/5/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0405_seanpenn_ex_2Sean Penn threatened to kill a paparazzo if he ever ran into him again ... this according to a new lawsuit filed by the photog.

Jordan Dawes alleges he was filming a documentary about paparazzi last October in Brentwood, CA when Penn suddenly began "kicking and punching" him.

In the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Dawes says Penn broke his camera and then said "the next time I see you, you will be in a box."

As we first reported, Dawes said he had to have knee surgery ... the result of the alleged attack.

Penn was charged with criminal battery and vandalism over the incident back in February. That case is pending.

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No Avatar

Bring 'Em Young    

Sean thinks he's so tough. If I was in a jail cell with him, I'd give him head until he was dead.

1663 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Sean thinks he's so tough. If I was in a jail cell with him, I'd give him head until he was dead.

1663 days ago


How does one measure the degree of miserableness? Which character is worse? Sean or the pappa? As much as I dislike Sean Penn the pappa deserves whatever he got.

1663 days ago


If you don't like the spotlight, you got into the wrong profession! Violence is unacceptable, even provoked. You need help, have for a long time. Didn't you tie Madonna to a chair and have a mini standoff with police, back in the 80's? Yeah, that was unacceptable too, but it shows you've had violence issues for a really long time, that you've never dealt with. You deserve to be arrested for the assualt against the photog. You came after him, it's all on tape. Apologize, pay up then shut up.

1663 days ago


Paps are fair game. Dispose of them wherever they are found by any and all means available!

1663 days ago


Sounds like these photogs need to take a Jiu Jitsu or MMA class that whip some ass when attacked by these self indulgent, ego maniac so called "stars" attack them.

Can you imagine how funny it would be if this guy caught this kick and executed a single leg take down, mount, and then ground and pound Penn's ass! Hey.....It's self defense!

1663 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Dude, u got pwn'd by Spiccoli. Why are paps such pussy's. The minute someone assaults you, fight back. I guess it pay's more to be a bitch than a man...keep snapping away while you're curled up in a ball getting a beat down.

1663 days ago


sean penn is an irrelevant loser- i can't believe anyone would want to take that hack's picture. maybe he should get the photag- then we might get a break from that ugly mug of his.

1663 days ago


Just PAID for what you did Sean, well deserved, maybe this is my revenge as Venezuelan citizen! is easy to support Dictatorships while you life in luxery!!!

1662 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Oliver Stone uses the power of the 'Big Lie' , as fellow Socialists often do. The Big Lie is Justified as long as it is done for a collective socialist good. 'Deny the past to enable a future' is a ideal of Socialist today and before. Billionaire Oliver Stone has promoted Socialist Hugo Chavez who currently is seen as Latin America's 1st Fascist who has either killed or put in jail most of his political opponents. Oliver Stone ,also, is uses the power of the Big Lie and is claiming fellow Socialist 'Adolf Hitler' was a "Scapegoat" by the west. Both Hitler and Chavez have much in common Not only do they have loyalty from main stream directors and Pure Socialist Ideals, But both Claim that Jews Own all the world's wealth (Chavez stated this in 2006 & Hitler stated throughout the 1930's- 1940s). Oliver Stone knows Socialism or Communism has produced 'Horrific' consequences but in the collective mind the ends justified the means (Big Lie theory) in order to obtain a pure collective 'loyal' society.

1662 days ago

Angry Democrat 'Sky Blu' from LMFAO attack GOP Romney on Purpose .    

Attention to all allies of Mega Millionaire Sean Penn,Violent Dictator Hugo Chavez also thinks Barack Obama is the devil like George Bush. (see comment below).....

"it still smells like sulfur"Hugo Chavez said about Obama. Chavez called Bush the devil and now Obama who is left wing . Chavez Bullies Obama, who bullies the USA ?. Chavez has removed (By Gun) most of his democratically elected political opponents (like Rosales) , over 3,000 missing political activists in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez is Anti-Semitic & Anti -Catholic (calls Catholics "Liars & Perverts"), Unspeakable acts of real torture towards political dissents, Chavez 1st fascist in Americas.

1662 days ago


Why would he do that? What an idiot, he thinks he is all hard.

1662 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

Don't forget the then-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin accepting all that charity in the form of heating oil from Venezuala when you complain about Hugo Chavez since you think there must be something we need to fear about him. Republicans are always cherry picking.

1662 days ago

Bring 'Em Young    

3,000 missing political activists? Facist? Rosales? Something smells like B.S.

1662 days ago


I literally saw this guy make a death threat about sean penn on Stuff was scary.

1658 days ago
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