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Jon Gosselin Goes After Kate in Court

4/6/2010 3:58 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Gosselin thinks "Dancing with the Stars" is damaging his kids, thanks to Kate Gosselin, and Jon now wants primary custody as well as spousal support from his ex ... TMZ has learned.

Jon's new lawyer, former assistant U.S. Attorney Anthony F. List, tells TMZ he's going to court to ask for primary physical custody. List calls Kate, "an absentee mom," which he says is no surprise to anyone.

List expects to use "DWTS" as evidence that Kate does not spend "quality time with the 8 kids."

List also thinks Jon is getting screwed in the child support department, claiming "$20,000 a month is ridiculous."

In addition to primary custody, List says he's considering asking the judge to reverse the support obligation and make Kate pay Jon. He did not specify the amount.

Kate tells TMZ, "I am and always will be a mother first, but as a single working mom I will do everything necessary to provide for my kids despite the opinions of others."


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Last time I checked, DWTS was a finite job and is not meant to last forever. This lazy jacka** won't do anything himself, so now he's going to beat on her for working and earning a living? Hasn't he mooched off each girlfriend he's had since the divorce? And people really think Kate's the b**ch. I think it's clearly him.

1669 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I don't really care for either of them but Jon is really a scumbag. Kate's been a total biotch from the VERY beginning of their little show, Jon was just shown as an idiot who LET himself be treated like the 9th child and acted like a doormat! She's never been a sweet person or a particularly nice person. At least she is consistent in her douchieness, which is more than I can say for him. Those kids are not going to hold their mother responsible when they are older and can see that their father was a lying, cheating dillhole who decided Ed Hardy t-shirts and partying became more important to him than his children. I cannot fathom why anyone let alone 20 year old college students would want to date this loser! He is just making a bigger ass of himself with this latest desperate attempt to gain an income off of someone else. As for Kate, I agree she should go back to work in a more stable job, she has a nursing degree....USE IT! Being a fame whore does not constitute as work let alone stable work with a stable income. Someone needs to sit both of them down and get that through their thick heads!

1669 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

he is an abusive meathead who lacks a sensitivity chip

it is disgusting what he keeps putting his kids thru, no good dad does this kind of bullshit.

he thinks he is entitled to money his ex makes, just like how he road her coat tails when the loser sat at home having to be yelled at in order to do anything for his kids

1669 days ago


Who did not see this coming?

1669 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

you dumbasses who are saying that DWTS is not a job, go to hell.

She is making some major INCOME (bringing income into your family is called A JOB!)

dumbasses are losers just like JOn

1669 days ago


#45 LAWRENCE ... is that really your name now, Jon??? ha! ha! ha! You must be Jon because no one in their right mind would believe this but Jon...she didn't change her name because of her fame? Did you ever think she didn't change her name because she has 8 children with the same last name, and, maybe just maybe, she wanted to try to spare them of the embarrassing questions as to why their mother has a different last name then them? DUH???? I bet if she could, she would change all of their names just so they could get this poor loser's image away from ALL of their lives for GOOD...the only thing he brings to his family is a "bad example" of what NOT to be as a parent!

1669 days ago



1) John is part Korean. He has brown eyes & brown is dominant in eye color.

2) Everyone was upset with Kate when the split first happened. Now it has reversed. She is working to support her children. Doing whatever it takes to put a roof over their head & food on the table. Good for her. Also, just a thought. . . She had in-vitro to have these children. Many stories have come out about Jon's little thingy. Maybe he wasn't man enough to help & needed medical intervention.

1669 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

from JonGosselin1 on twitter:
# Congratulations to Kate for joining the new season of DWTS. I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote. 1:59 PM Mar 4th via web


Yeah, looks like you really are supporting her on DWTS, you even congratulated her, now you are using this opportunity that she has to make some MAJOR money for her kids and herself, against her, because you want in on the $$$ and fame.

Jon Gosselin, you are pathetic!! There is no way a judge will rip the kids away from their mother, she has a house, and opportunities to support her kids financially!

He has no house, no income, no job, no opportunities and just wants to live off of his kids, he is hoping by having them that he will get opportunities. He sucks.

He will give his kids lung cancer with his chain smoking!

He is gross, immature and a deadbeat nobody.


Kate's attorney is going to pound this 2 inch dickhead into the ground!

He tweeted that to just look good, what a jackass to do this to Kate and his kids, they are happy and thrilled for their Mom, he is just trying to ruin their moment and mad that he is left out.

Fucking cry baby Jon, GROW THE HELL UP!

You suck as a role model to your kids, you keep hurting them!

1669 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

# Congratulations to Kate for joining the new season of DWTS. I am thrilled for her. She has my support and vote. 1:59 PM Mar 4th via web

from JonGosselin1 on twitter

what happened to you supporting her and congratulating her? Guess your tweet can be used against you in this court case now. You publicly announced that you had no problem with her being on DWTS, your problem is, that you were not asked to be on it, and she is in the headlines and you are not.

He just wants in on the money she is making.

He is a horrible parent.

Kate is the one willing to even embarrass herself on DWTS to make money for her children! She is willing to do whatever it takes.

Jon just lays on other people's couches all day long and racking up legal debt.

What a delusional POS.

1669 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I am in the distinct minority on this. It's not that I think Jon is dad of the year, or even a marginally good human being. My opinion is they are BOTH pretty despicable. In a nutshell, Jon deserves most of the criticism/derision thrown at him. Kate receives a comparative free ride for her many shortcomings as a wife/mother/person. She is so full of herself, it is laughable when she plays the mom card. "I'm doing this for all the moms out there". Not true. You're doing this for you and you alone. You just want all the moms out there to identify with you so you can obtain more self gratification. The poor kids are getting the short end of the stick regardless of which parent is in charge at any given moment. As far as spousal support is concerned, if Jon was raking in the dough, Kate would feel entitled to her share (on behalf of the kids, no doubt), but, if the situation is reversed, he's a pig for stealing money she earned (on behalf of the kids, no doubt). Assuming he's not raking in the big bucks (for whatever reason) $20,000 per month seems a little much. How could this dude earn that kind of money? In my opinion ANY money earned by EITHER of them should primarily benefit the children. Parenting time should be shared roughly equally. But what upsets me most is that I wasted time reading this nonsense and that I was stupid enough to document that I paid any attention to these two self centered buffoons. My apologies. The world is now dumber than when I started. I have but to look into a mirror to find the culprit.

1669 days ago


Doesn't matter if Jon or Kate aren't the biological parents of these kids.....they are their parents, so they need to shut up, grow up, and learn to parent these kids in a healthy and mature way!

1669 days ago


So am I an absentee parent because I go to work all day in order to pay the mortgage? Are all working mothers absentee mom's? Personally, I think the woman's movement was the death nill to happy family existence & I wish that our economy wasn't dependent on 2 incomes but it is. She appears to be a woman doing her best to provide (without government assitance)for the 8 children she chose to have. Are all the other women with children who work in television(and are even on the same show)absentee parents. God, I wish I was Kate's lawyer. I would love to fry his ass up for dinner & feed it back to him.

1669 days ago

Ha THE TEACHER was taught a lesson    

get off of TMZ Jon and get a job you pathetic LOSER!

Everyone hates you and thinks you suk as a parent, and the judge will too, we all see what you have been doing, cheating, lying, stealing, bar hopping, ho-ing around.

U R just jealous that Kate has opportunities and no one wants you on TV!

U just want a piece of the $$$ and the headlines.

Go away, do your kids a favor and stay away! U only keep hurting them with your antics and your motives. U won't be able to Manipulate and Lie to a Judge like you LIE and MANIPULATE Kate and your kids and anyone else. YOu have even lost friends because of what you have done to your family and the lies you told in the media.

I cannot wait until one of your ex bimbos shares how you lay on a couch posting online under articles with your name on it.

How pathetic.

Kate RULES U Drool!

LOSER, you are so delusional to think a Judge is not going to see through this. You have no house, no job, no means to support the kids, and no judge takes children away from a mother unless there is something major going on (that can be proven) and CPS is not involved, so save your money for child support instead of giving it away to attorneys.

1669 days ago


Wasn' t he an abesentee parent when he was off in Utah with his last girlfriend or running around New York kissing his girlfriend Hailey on a carriage ride when his divorce was not even finialized? This guy has a lot of balls! Get a real job and support your kids like a real man.

1669 days ago


1669 days ago
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