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Kate Gosselin's Lean

Jon's Mean

4/6/2010 6:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon Gosselin and his attorney are "mean-spirited" and "reckless" by suggesting she's become an absentee mom by appearing on "Dancing with the Stars."

Kate Gosselin's Lean, Jon's Mean
Mark Momjian is reacting to TMZ's story, that Jon and his lawyer, Anthony F. List, will file legal papers asking for primary physical custody of the couple's 8 kids as well as child support.

Momjian says Jon's move is, "downright offensive and outrageous," adding, "Kate has been the primary parent of these kids since they day they were born." Momjian says "DWTS" is not interfering with her ability to parent, and that "she is devoted to her children."

And this parting shot from Momjian: "I can't believe anyone would take their claim serious, but consider what we're dealing with."


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Two two are a couple of turds. Jon is lazy and Kate is obsessed with fame. They both need to go away.

1624 days ago

M Murphy    

These people are the entire country's "bad neighbors down the street". I am sick of hearing about them. All she cars about is fame. All he cars about is finding someone who will treat him better than she did and the would be anybody. WHO CARES ANY MORE. STOP forcing them down our throats.

1624 days ago


He won't get the kids, probably lawyer put him up to it. Just a publicity stunt because she is in the news he is not. Boo to him, please move on.

1624 days ago


Someone has to make money for the family.....Jon certainly isn't bringing home the bacon. Kate may have an attitude....after seeing how Jon is I understand why. He isn't stepping up to the plate in the dad department. He only wants them for child support. If he was presented with the opportunity to do something like DWTS he would jump at it.

1624 days ago


The only reason why Jon even wants the kids now is because he has no one to carry him. The kids were not important before this. He is a loser.
As for Kate, I think that it is great that she is still on DWTS. Even though she is not a great dancer, she is trying. What a good example to teach the kids. Plus DWTS is about learning. Every season they show the "fighting" between the stars but I guess because it is Kate it is different.
Gee if I could have my basement turned into dance studio so I could be home for my kids (when they get home from school!) and get paid to learn something new - I would jump on it too! For that much - I bet the kids enjoy the dancing in their own basement too! People are just so eager to judge. Go Kate!

1624 days ago


I'd rather see Jon raising the kids, Kate is awful. Team Jon!!

1624 days ago


No - most of America hates Kate, just not you. She's a loser, with only a few week minded insecure woman that follow her. She's mean to her kids too, ding dang, she's mean to everyone. The reason DWTS is doing so well is because of Pamela & Erin, not that witch.

1624 days ago


Jon has no Home..No money, and No life, so why not ruin his kids life, just to gain what he feels is his, but didn't want until his last Girlfriend threw him out to the street. Jon is a Bad EX husband joke. I sure would hope the courts see right through his fake intentions....Kate is the bread winner...responsible parent, cuse she's dancing with the awhole lot better than sleeping with every female in site.. and living off them... Kate sure has a lot of Fans pulling for her and Im one of them! Jon can go fall into a black hole and stay there.

1624 days ago


This link made my opinion of them (but mostly Khate) drop even more.

In my state a couple can have joint custody and 50/50 placement and no money changes hands for child support. If Jon and Khate did this they could drop the nanny expense since he would be there when she is not. Then she would need alittle less money. If she downsized to a more affordable home she would need less money. If she stayed out of the nail/tan salons, spas, and plastic surgeons she would need less money. Take the kids out of private school. More money saved. If she really wanted to make it she could do it on less money and be home more for her kids.

Many people focus on the time she has spent on DWTS away from her kids for what 2-3 wks? What about the book signing coming up, many talk shows she has been on, hours getting extensions put in etc. Oh and her comment on a certain magazine about a mom having fun? I had more fun with my 3 kids than I did going without them.

I think they had problems long before any word of the break up. They didn't look like a couple who were thrilled with renewing their vows. (they danced like 2 friends would, not a couple in love) I think Jon was beaten down and going through a depression or lack of self esteem and just took the wrong road with partying and girls. Not the right thing to do but in cases like that people don't always do what is right. Also if it is Khate's discretion to refuse visitation he was down even more. I do hope he has been smart enough to get a vasectomy before he adds even more kids to his life!!

BTW She is not 'working'. She is just clumping around the DWTS stage for a quick buck. If she was practicing all those hours she would not be getting worse and getting a belly. I would bet anyone that she will get eliminated now since her book tour starts April 13. (another reason to leave her kids)

I would just like to see the truth somewhere but as long as TLC takes care of the PR we won't. (Looking forward to the first book someone writes someday about them...)

1624 days ago


oh and for those who say they are proud of her for being willing to try to learn how to dance.... I WOULD TOO and HUMILIATE myself on TV for the money she is making! (she would have never done it for free or she could have paid for lessons on her own in private) I heard something like 200,000 in one place and 75000 per episode in another. I make 20,000 a year so YES I would do it even if I looked as bad as her.

1624 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Give me a break. Kate may be out promoting her books and stuff, but that doesn't mean she can't still parent. What does Jon do? He parties with hoochies! jon is a loser plain and simple. He just sees that Kate is making money and he wants to live off her income.

1623 days ago


Did anyone see Nancy Grace last night?? Jon is sleeping on his brother's sofa in Maryland because his last girlfriend kicked him to the curb. He does NOT have a job. He had a job on TLC, but once he found out they were changing the title to "Kate plus 8", because of his public behavior (all the sleeping around, etc) he demanded that his children be off the show. Since he was the one that broke the contract, not Kate. She was paid out for the remaining contract. He was being paid $5,000 per month for the remaining contract, the TLC settlement. One of the stipulations with the contract reads that he cannot seek employment on other TV networks, not that anyone would hire him now. So to blame Kate for his inability to get a job is bull***t. He has a background in Computers so why isn't he looking for employment in that field ? Because it is easier to drag his hard working ex-wife through the mud, demanding full custody, and spousal support. It is reported that DWTS pays $200,000. She has eight kids to provide for, everyday expenses, activities, college.... She has every right to pursue the advantages that will earn her the highest pay. This is a woman who shops with coupons, stretched every dollar, to provide home cooked, organic meals for her family, mopped her kitchen floor after every meal. She may be a lot of things,(we all have our own baggage) but bad mother/parent is not one of them. It is because of her thriftiness that her children all have college funds in place. We can see that Jon spends every dollar he earns, since he is now broke. The only reason he has the money to pay his court ordered child support, is his share of the marital assets was placed in a trust, so the money would be there for his children. I guess Kate knew what she was dealing with. I am a flight attendant. Being gone from home three days a week does not make me an absentee parent. I get my hair cut/colored every 2 months, yes I get my nails done every 2 weeks, yes I rely on babysitters. Does that make me a selfish, unfit parent???? Come on people.... Kate is just every other mother, trying to provide for the 9 people who live in her house. She has no idea when her next opportunity will come, so she has to take the opportunities when they come... Give the single mom a break...

1623 days ago

Love It    

@THE HATERS - I'm sorry, I'm confused. Why are you so defensive of Kate? I think the people who hate on her hate on her for reasons based on cold hard fact and not for the entertainment of being "vile". Did you watch her show? She was the nastiest person I've ever personally seen in my life - and that's in private or on television. If that's how she is while the cameras are rolling I can only imagine what she must really be like... Yes, you are right, her book did sell well and if that doesn't enrage you, again, I'm confused. DID YOU WATCH HER SHOW? You honestly think that she should be giving ANYONE parenting advice? You can't name off 5,000 other mothers, at least, before her who are being robbed of money from a parenting book being that she's allowed to write one? Women who the universe saw fit to have kids? I mean, I'm wondering if there was a reason Katey wasn't fertile. Maybe its a personal thing for me especially because my aunt has eight kids and they are all sweet and lovely and actually like her and she actually pays attention to them and she managed to keep her husband around too by treating him like a person and not a..I can't even give an example of what Kate treated Jon like, even a dog would have been appreciated I'm sure. I'm assuming you can defend her because she's just under so much stress though right? It's rough to have a team of nannies and all that money and a gig on Dancing with the Stars I'm sure.. And even if she was under the stress she claims to be its still not really an excuse for being nasty. People who used to be able to smile when the going got tough used to be admired and now we all admire weak a-holes for some reason - probably because you are one yourself and when people call them out for what they are you take it as a personal attack. And I'll make it one - anyone fervently defending this woman is a disgusting loser. Hopefully she hasn't been voted off DWTS because some people merely find it entertaining to watch a train wreck. As a woman myself, this defense of neurotic, selfish, nasty women has to stop. Merely making sure your kids are fed and bathed or under someone else's care is not "parenting." We're going to have a seriously disturbed generation coming up on us if everyone keeps this up. The main indicator that Kate is ridiculous to me might seem silly but I stand by it. The woman has always had fake nails done to perfection. I have zero kids (let alone EIGHT), but I work a full time job and try to actually work at my relationship and even I don't have time for that. BTW @jello. Yup. Your memory of Jon is correct. Actually, he did work, and he did more for the kids then she did on her a$$ all day until Kate realized people were watching her show and pretended to help more too when the cameras were rolling while her kids seemed surprised and asked for daddy. I don't even know why I've seen their show as much as I have. I would just get sucked in in complete shock really. The first time I saw it was Years ago, before anyone talked about them. I grabbed my mom and my sister in awe to watch "this woman." I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I debated, since I'm not far from PA, finding her house, driving up to it, walking to the door and punching her in the face. That she had a TV show while I watched seemed like the biggest injustice of life.

1623 days ago

Love It    

@Diane - Kate has actually only begun to be even remotely bearable since she became a single mom so actually that's not really her problem. Her problem is that she's a nasty, neurotic, B. I really don't feel too sorry for her that her husband left her because she basically forced him out the door. If I were him my revenge on her would have been WAY worse then dating around after being chained down in h*** for so many years. Hey, he had money and was on the dating scene and took advantage of it, so what. Money he didn't even want, because if you've ever watched their show he Never really wanted his kids on it.
And yeah, If you rely on babysitters the way a lot of women with small children who always have their nails done do, then, yeah, I'll be real with you, you are probably a bad parent. I used to nanny for these women and their kids called me mom. If you fervently believe you aren't a bad mom I'm guessing you also don't have Eight kids under the age of ten...
People need to stop projecting their personal situations onto Kate and she needs to go away. She doesn't know when her next opportunity is gonna come up? Then maybe she should, like, go find a permanent job. Like the rest of us who actually pride in being good people have to do. If we keep rewarding this kind of c*** in society we're all going to regret it.

1623 days ago

Love It    

And @Diane once again too... If you honestly believe that the mopped floors and organic meals make her a good parent...? Maybe she should give the nannies a night off every now and again and use the nanny fund on a maid. I'm sure that the obsessive mopping has more to do with her neurotic control power complex then it does her kids anyway. And her organic meals more to do with her obsession to keep her figure. A good mom knows that what a kid really needs most of the time is just a hug, or his/her mommy around when she/he's feeling sick. Not that women shouldn't be successful but my nanny days were Seriously disturbing. I don't know that people really understand what some of these women do or how upset and screwed up their kids are. It's proven psychologically that if a kid is detached growing up he never gets that attachment ability back. This whole Kate thing just really, really makes me mad.

1623 days ago
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