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Michael Jackson -- The Eyes Have It

4/6/2010 4:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson's eyes could be powerful evidence in favor of Dr. Conrad Murray.

Michael Jackson -- The Eyes Have It

TMZ broke the story -- Dr. Murray's lawyers will argue Jackson accidentally killed himself by self-injecting a lethal dose of Propofol into his bloodstream. As we reported, Dr. Murray says he left the bedroom for a short time, came back in and saw Michael with his eyes wide open and pupils dilated.

Medical experts who spoke with TMZ say if a patient is sleeping and dies of an overdose, their eyes most likely would not be open. The defense position -- Jackson woke up when Murray was out of the room, became frustrated he couldn't sleep, grabbed the Propofol bottle and "pushed it" -- killing himself.

If a jury believes Jackson's eyes were open, they could also believe Jackson was awake and, perhaps, capable of grabbing the Propofol bottle which was on the nightstand.


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this is it    

How can anyone Believe that Big Liar Dr.Murray.He's a Crook and a Coward.Thay need to Fry his Punk Ass ASAP!Someone needs to Shoot him!Shame on you Lawyers who Represent Dr.M Karma's a Bitch and so is your Moms!HA!HA!WAtch And See!!!!!!!

1661 days ago


You're making all of this up.

1661 days ago


If it WAS true that Michael did it himself, why did the Dr. leave the medication and syringe within reach? Michael was supposed to be hooked to an he couldn't get up and look for it. It had to be within reach. Leave drugs in the reach of someone who has a history of drug problems??? Just another way the Dr. was reckless!

1661 days ago


and I still prefer the pic of Michael winking.

1661 days ago


I remember when tmz's so-called physician source for an IM injection decided it meant Demerol when everyone with half a brain knows IM stands for intramuscular.

tmz's expert sources are a bad joke. Must be someones grandma who believes chicken soup will cure pneumonia.

1661 days ago


Okay the more I read this BS, the more I WISH Conrad would go through with this move

F Conrad, F his children, F his mom & 7 generation!!!!
Murderer, this way or that way, YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is getting ridiculous by the minute
I wish they could give me 1 hour to interrogate this bit@# using any method I please!!!!!!! MURDERER! You should have ended up in your mom's mouth or face or aborted!!!!! You are a worthless worthless waste of oxygen!

1661 days ago


Ok so if he "Killed himself" with that injection check the damn surenge for his prints..Oh wait then he'll say he had on gloves or something.Michael's eyes have ALWAYS looked like that.....too late now it has probly been trashed to save the poor Dr's ass...Go to jail already and move on with a story..This is getting old......Michael's been gone for almost a yr...

1661 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

Murray never said that he saw Michael with his eyes and mouth open. That was Alvarez's account.

1661 days ago


His nose is made of putty. What did it really look like?

1661 days ago


if this is tried in downtown L.A., they will get an O.J. jury pool who will believe anything. all it takes is one juror as Harvey pointed out in TMZ's 4/5/10 tv show. the good doctor made 3 calls to Arnie Klein, M.D. when he saw MJ was non-responsive. approx. 80 mins. went by before calling 911. seems like a slam dunk but not with a downtown jury. i don't think this will be tried in the BevHills courthouse. even if it is, all it takes is one juror to buy into the defense's crap.

1661 days ago


This may have been the case had Michael Jackson actually died.

1661 days ago

just an observation    

OMG you really expect us to believe this lol

1661 days ago

Lee Lee    

BTW....this isn't the best picture....(and not like TMZ to post a bad one..yea right ).....But Michael had the most beautiful eyes.

1661 days ago


It will take more than Doubt as it is NOT a murder charge..A doctor can`t be charged with murder.They don`t have to prove attent..all they have to show is the doctor was`nt doing his job and that is a given.They than can sue for damages after this trial..just like the CBS flash MOB parents did to MJ for millions for thier child HO HO`s programmed.He was`nt doing his job that is what the charge is and tiz tmz knows that but is hyping for MORE money from MJ for viacommies same old sop as forever.Billions will be made off MJ and those billions with go into the hands of SONY CBS FOX VIACOM AOL same sop as before his death.Doctor will get slapped and back to his kilroy SS island HAMMER LEGS? voodo doct not a doctor at all

1661 days ago

And thats the truth    

I am thinking that your muscles keep your eyelids shut. When you die, all of your muscle control is gone. That is why your bladder empties and the colon as well. My aunt died in her sleep and I remember my Mom saying her eyes were open as well as her mouth, so that is a crock of sh*t. I am sure the prosecution is going to have expert medical witnesses. I think they are grasping at straws here.

1661 days ago
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