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Kate's Lawyer -- Jon's Move Is 'Pathetic'

4/7/2010 5:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate GosselinKate Gosselin's lawyer says Jon's attempt to wrestle custody away from his client is "pathetic."

Attorney Mark Momjian tells TMZ Jon's motives are transparent, saying, "He's never questioned her ability to provide for their children. He's out of the limelight, while 23 million people are watching Kate on 'Dancing with the Stars.'"

Momjian finds it ironic that Kate is effectively the only breadwinner, and when she goes to Hollywood to earn a living he turns around and says she's not in Pennsylvania caring for the kids.

Momjian says the legal docs filed by Jon are "incoherent" and so flawed that he fully expects the judge to throw his petition out ... stat.

Momjian says Jon is out for Jon, adding, "Do I think his motivation is the children's best interest. Squarely no."


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Excuse me?!?! I do not agree with the comments pertaining to me on here. I am pouring sweat to support my kids. I agree with most of the Jon comments but the ones about me are utterly false. I don't think any mother in America works as hard as I do to support my kids. If you have a better example, I'm all ears

Kate Gosselin

1668 days ago


John is trying to do the same thing to Kate as the Prez is doing to use, F*@# us every chance he gets.

1668 days ago


I have watched both Jon and Kate plus 8 and I'm a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars but now that Kate is on it I no longer watch the show. Kate is not a star....she is known for being a big mouthed mean woman that just happened to have 8 kids. I am one of 10 children and let me tell you what a real mother would do....shut-up and stay out of the media. If someone like Sandra Bullock can do it then certainly kate can. Problem is she can't stand being a good "normal" mom and is trying so hard to keep herself in the spotlight. We are over you kate and you definitely can't dance. Your 15 minutes of fame is over and nobody cares what you have to say anymore. And if you are going to continue to be in the spotlight then quit making that stupid face you always look like a pig.

1668 days ago


How is John paying 20K a month if hes not woring?

1668 days ago


I understand a mother wanting to support her family but come on, let's face it, she could at least work in the same city where her kids are. Her attorney's excuse is lame.

1668 days ago


Who cares!! Why is TMZ still reporting on these two idiots? STOP reporting about them and their celebrity status will die. It certainly isn't helping the kids any to see their mom and dad battling it out in the press and on national TV. It doesn't help the kids to see their parents made jokes of or being ridiculed either. I could care less for the idiot parents but help the kids by stop reporting stories and let the kids get back to a somewhat normal life.

1668 days ago


Clearly Jon is upset that he no longer is in the limelight. He is just using the kids as a way to have the camera lights turned back on him. Love Ya Kate.

1668 days ago


Thomas is right Obama is fixing to raise taxes on everyone. John need to go jump off a bridge

1668 days ago


Dear "Kate Gosselin" ---- Try working with no nannies, no big home, no extra $$$ for anything about the single mom's that work their asses of to put food on the table in their tiny rented apartments, they work harder than you could imagine...You are living in your own La La land and are truly pathetic....

1668 days ago


Kate, that statement proves one of the many points about you. You are so self centered that you would think there is no other mom like you. You are no June Clever, you are just that idiotic to put yourself through that abuse. Be honest, you know you aren't talented and really the only reason you are famous is because of your birthing abilities. Face it, no kids, no tv show and you and Jon would still be in that little house you bought together and where you both made your plans and dreamed together

1668 days ago


Well said steve

1668 days ago


First of all, let me start by saying I am not a fan of either Jon nor Kate Gosselin-However, in the end Kate appears to have signs of a narciscistic personality and not very warm at all. Ice actually- There is a reason why none of the negative press bothers her and she can cry at the drop of a dime (fake). I watched some episodes of the family reality show and I found that she was mean, degrading and did not appear very loving-Just ego driven. I think Jon was much warmer with the kids and showed a lot of love for them. So on the outside looking in- I would be on Team Jon. Also while I am at it-does she not understand how awful she looks trying to dance? If I saw a clip of myself dancing as she tries to-I would never go on the show again- But again-another case of her believing that she is just so special and above everyone else-Just my opinions

1668 days ago


I think this just gets funnier and funnier every time there is a story. Kate is hilarious. so funny.

1668 days ago


If it were just the DWTS stint, but I heard she's got a book tour and other things on tap, SO... since TLC/Discovery (which I no longer watch since the Gosselin debacle) won't let Jon go out an make any money, celebrity wise, BUT are letting Kate do WHATEVER, no matter HOW EMBARASSING SHE IS, I say let JON rather than a troup of nannies care for the kids. THEY NEED STABILITY.
Kate has EIGHT kids under ten, with SIX 6 yo's. They need stability or they might as well be in boarding school with visits from mom & dad. At this point, I think she needs to be home MORE than NOT. Get TLC to let Jon do celebrity work that will pay, OR let him be the caregiver/primary with HER visiting/seeing kids when she's not on the road. If Jon wasn't willing & able I'd say make the best of it Kate, BUT he is available. Better dad than NANNIES!!!!!

1668 days ago


Stay the course Kate. You are the champion for your children and a great Mom. Jon is a spoiled brat who needs to grow up and obviously is not mature enough to have custody of the kids.
From one Mom to another.
P.S. Try to relax and have fun on DWTS. Enjoy the experience.

1668 days ago
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