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Nike Resurrects Tiger's Dad for New Commercial

4/7/2010 7:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods is being scolded by his father from beyond the grave -- in a new Nike commercial that can only be described as an artsy PR effort to humanize the golfer.

In the ad, Tiger stands stoically as the voice of his deceased dad, Earl Woods, urges his son to reflect on his life.

As we first reported, Tiger shot the commercial on March 25 on the Isleworth Country Club golf course in his neighborhood in Windermere, Florida.

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Posted at 8:39PM on Apr 7th 2010 by JUSTSAYING

Me and a whole lot of others!!! That's who!!!
I am not going to throw stones at Tiger, when I live in a glass house myself!!
What Tiger did, that is now his lot in life; and I can assure you it will be revisited upon him. That's just Karma!
Nobody influences me to boycott a thing, unless human life is at stake, like 'blood diamonds' or 'child labor'. But Tiger's infidelity?? I don't think so!!

1625 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

I don't like the ad. However, it won't prevent me from buying Nike products.

1625 days ago


Well, wasn't that nice? Good grief... Give me a break. Hey, Nike, read my lips... I will never buy another one of your products again. Shame on you, Nike, for getting behind this ass clown and his pathetic lifestyle.

1625 days ago


How sick. But would it give Earl Woods a posthumous Emmy for Best Actor in a Miniseries?

1625 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

We dont care if you Non-sports playing Homos like NIKE well guess what it isnt for you!Nike will always be on top thanks to Jordan,Tiger,Kobe,Lebron so Fuck off and go watch Hockey or WWE you know something that for you!!!!Tiger still getting Money Stunt on the Haters!Hi Hater!!!

1625 days ago


Did Nike just had a brain fart?
Or did I miss something?

1625 days ago


His father was a cheater too and is probably pissed at how careless & stupid Tiger is.

1625 days ago

J D    

Tiger is a piece of trash! He makes all us men look bad!He's Trash and nothing better than trash!!!!

1625 days ago


No, this goes WAY BEYOND tacky to GHOULISH.

1625 days ago


Earl, he learned that porn stars have herpes. and that they burrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...

1625 days ago


I noticed that too! I guess when you are a serial liar not only your nose gets bigger but so does your lips!
I don't like this one.

1625 days ago


Boy, oh boy----they have to call up the poor DEAD to try and make Tiger look sorrowful and regretful. How sad. It's all PR CRAP! The ONLY thing Tiger is worried about is $$$$$$$! This getting back to his Buddhist beliefs etc. is CRAP- to put it mildly. He's been coached well by someone to put on this act, but I don't believe that he is sorry for a minute. He's sorry he got caught and lost that income, but that's about it.

He might be a great golfer, but as a HUMAN being, he sucks!

1625 days ago

Thunder Thighs    

I am definately boycotting NIKE for the way they are up his ass.
Do they think we are all really THAT stupid. First in this econmy Nike shit is WAAAAAAAYYYYYY overpriced. Secondly, Tiger is a liar and the fact that a Nike was positioned in the front row with his mother at the first press conference he gave is just pathetic.
Asking forgiveness??? So we can buy the shit he endorses????

I don't think so.

1625 days ago


This is disgusting, typical of Tiger in that it avoids authentic involvement in the issue, and typical of NIKE in that it's a product of the jungle children's sweat camp thuggery instead of being a product of a mature, responsible, integrated adult mind.

We all know that Tiger Woods is overly simple and quite stupid. NIKE is obviously in full control here. This would never have been created if the problem person (Tiger) was full in control of such a personal and deep inner conflict. Instead, we get TOTALLY BRAINLESS grandstanding.

This is a major insult to Earl, Elin and the kids. It's also an insult to anyone who watches it.

If there is an afterlife, let's hope Earl comes through in the next couple days to teach Tiger a lesson. With Gene Sarazen along, just for kicks.

The ad shows no involvement by Tiger whatsoever, and that's always been the problem; Tiger is an irresponsible, aloof, manipulative sociopath who uses, abuses and destroys. This ad is further evidence that Tiger is in no way concerned about changing, he's committed to the old path of chasing tail.

Good for the Augusta National today, to get themselves in position to be rejecting Tiger in the future if this BS behavior persists. Very good move, but sadly, I can so easily see Tiger not changing and this will be his last Masters tournament!

Earl! See you tomorrow?

1625 days ago


How can Mr. Woods get back to his "Buddhist" roots if he never had them in the first place?? Has he been to a Buddhist temple since he said that? Does he meditate daily? Has he turned into a vegetarian? Has he stopped lying? Has he decided to be an honest, honorable man who is kind to his wife and children? A person can't just turn 180 degrees in a few weeks after being found out, you know. How can he be sorry about something he did year in and year out, before and during his marriage. He's only sorry he got found out.

1625 days ago
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