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'Dancing' Judge -- Kate Gosselin Is 'Crap'

4/8/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Dancing with the Stars" judge Bruno Tonioli just unloaded on Kate Gosselin, calling her ballroom skills "dreadful," "a catastrophe" and "crap" ... but added it's all "in a good way."

Bruno Tonioli: Click to watch
It all went down on "Lopez Tonight" where the judge also compared Kate to one of the most feared disasters of all time.

Gotta respect the honesty.


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It is true, she is crap. Her dancing is crap as is her personality!

1656 days ago


Awesome! She is a class A b*tch.
sadly, though, just heard she got her own new show.

Now Jon needs a show for himself; "how to survive living with a huge b*tch"

1656 days ago


She better get used to those kids because that woman will be alone for many many years to come. Who else would be stupid enough like Jon, who is no saint himself, to tolerate her attitude. My goodness that woman has got serious mental problems - she is a nasty nasty controlling woman with a personality of a tree stump. I believe her relatives want nothing to do with her - BIG SURPRISE. She really does think she is "ENTITLED". Going to be spending many many many many years alone - guaranteed.

1656 days ago


That was as stupid as them slamming Buzz cause hes old. I thought it was for amatuers? I thing she is doing fabulous for never dancing in her life professionally. As far as leaving her kids. Isnt Pam, Brook all of them mothers? They are all working to make a living why cant she? She gets put down for everything when she is the best mom. All you haters need a life. This is what single moms do to support their children when the dads wont or cant!
Team Kate all the way

1656 days ago


I guess it has become a trend to hate Kate in America lol. That was very disrespectful of him to say this on national tv on a completely different show. Never have I had to read or hear any other judge do this. And as far as saying she is an attention whore and all that other crap you have got to say that about every other celeb out there with children if that is the case. It does not matter if they have 1 or 10 kids. And very few celebs or rich people at that raise their kids alone without a nanny. Kate has a perfect excuse to do so considering she is a single mom with a pig of a husband. If you don't think so, karma is crap. I doubt you'd say any different if it were you.

1656 days ago


Whatever Kate does up on the isn't dancing. She is just awful. When will America stop supporting no talent reality stars just because they happen to produce multiple eggs in their ovary's at the same time?

1656 days ago


Kim Kardashian couldn't dance her way out of a paper bag & i think was voted off the 2nd week....but Kate is truly the worst dancer
ever on DWTS!

1656 days ago


When all's said and done and the kids are grown up a bit and they look back on this time in their lives, who will they be more proud of - their mom, who humiliates herself on a televised dance show in order to provide for them, or their deadbeat dad, who can't get a job, embarrasses his family, and spends their support money whoring it up with one ho after another? My guess is on Kate. And I give her credit for doing DWTS - I took one tango lesson and was a mess, and all tango is is WALKING. Go Kate.

1656 days ago


unfortunately, especially in light of Jon's latest move regarding custody etc., people are going to feel sorry for Kate & she will probably not get voted off for a while, when others who CAN dance will be gone!

1656 days ago

i love tmz    

she's a bad mom and a bad dancer

1656 days ago


He said too much, does he know what being polite and discreet means?????

1656 days ago

terry Siegle    

Shame on her..if it wasn't for those poor kids...she would be a no body. Great mother...where??? No mother lives off the lives of tiny children...forcing them to live in front of the whole world. Bid deal she has a litter...she thinks it's makes her a star??? Give us a break Kate.. you have NO talent, no personality- your own family wants nothing to do with you because you are a BIG mouthed RUDE person. You really believe you are someone special - wake up and smell the coffee lady we are all sick of you get a life like a normal person. GET A REAL JOB. Even help you have had (hired help) say you were a total BITCH to work for. You are going to grow old alone and those poor kids are going to look at you and shake thier heads..they are human not toys children need a stable home not a mother that wants her face on TV and magazine covers. You are in love with your self and we all see it me me me me thats all you care about.GO AWAY !

1656 days ago

La Toya Jackson    

Back to me !!! Me me me and who? ME !!!! I'm the greatist star, I am by far but no one knows it!! .. Who? ME !!!!! BACK TO ME

1656 days ago


I thought the point of this show was not necessarily to have excellent dancing moves to begin with!? When you take people who don't dance for a living and put then against those who do dance for a living, of course they are going to look bad! I don't think the cirticism is fair. AND she is not a bad mom, maybe a bad wife, but you take care 8 kids yourself, before criticizing this poor woman. Her Husband is a fraud, he's broke, and this is his way of trying to make a buck by getting the kids, getting money for the kids, and spending it on himself! She practices in the basement, so obviously she's doing her best to NOT be abscent from her kids.

1656 days ago


i thought what the hell is she doing there. are my not seeing right.
the worst dancer ever.
moves like she got dipped in a starch.
very stiff
i can go on and on.....
i could do better dancing with a maneken. let her please go home and take care of the kids. 'AMERICAN WONDER".

1656 days ago
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